[[caption-width-right:300:Rising from the ashes...]]

''Dante's Peak'' is a 1997 DisasterMovie directed by Roger Donaldson, about a volcano set in the [[TheOtherRainforest Pacific Northwest]] named, obviously, Dante's Peak. At its foot is a town, also named Dante's Peak.

United States Geological Survey Vulcanologist [[IgnoredExpert Dr. Harry Dalton]] (Creator/PierceBrosnan) is sent to the area to check out the volcano; after a few incidents involving par-boiled skinny dippers and some flirtation with Mayor Rachel Wando (Linda Hamilton), he tries to send the town on alert. Unfortunately, he is [[WeNeedToGetProof shut down by his superior]]. The town [[TemptingFate happens]] to be second place in the 'most desirable small town to live in the US' list, and they don't want any "crazy" accusations scaring away the tourists, which the town's economy depends on. Besides, there's [[MillionToOneChance a million to one chance]] that it could go off. [[WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong What could happen]]?

[[ChekhovsVolcano Surprising everyone except Harry, it erupts]].

Unlike so many other disaster movies, ''Dante's Peak'' is noted for its relative scientific accuracy, although they did [[RuleOfCool embellish a little]] for the sake of the action. [[http://www.geol.umd.edu/pages/facilities/lmdr/dante/dante.htm Some geologists]] say they enjoy this movie because they get to see volcanologists in the field and some factual science along with their explosions.

!!This film contains the following tropes:

* AbandonedMine: Graham uses it as a hideout/clubhouse, and when the volcano erupts, it's where Harry and the Wando family hole up until help arrives.
* ArtisticLicenseGeology: Volcanic activity is indeed known to turn lakes acidic, enough so to kill wildlife. However, this is still acidity in the range of a standard soda, nowhere near enough to create chemical burns, much less to dissolve a boat.
* AttackOfTheTownFestival: The volcano ''just happens'' to wake up during the Pioneer Festival where the town receives the "Second most desirable place to live in the US" award.
* BareYourMidriff: Lauren Wando's outfit in the scene where they playing dominoes.
* BittersweetEnding: The movie is quite happy to show that the Dante's Peak town, the namesake snowcapped mountain and everything around them is reduced to an uninhabtiable hellscape by the eruption.
* BlatantLies: What you tell children, all facts to the contrary, during a volcanic crisis [[JustifiedTrope to keep them from freaking out]] and making an already bad situation that much worse.
--> '''Graham and Lauren''': Is the boat sinking? Is the boat gonna sink?
--> '''Harry, Ruth and Rachel''': No, sweetie. The boat's not gonna sink.
* ChekhovsVolcano
* ChekhovsGun: The E.L.F. global tracking device, the mineshaft.
* CloserThanTheyAppear: Dr. Dalton keeps an eye on the pyroclastic flow in his driver's side mirror while attempting to outrun it. However, there's no "objects in mirror are closer than they appear" label.
* ConvectionSchmonvection: Dr. Dalton manages to drive a car over a flow of magma and manages only to melt the tyres, and lava flows into the living room of a log cabin and only catches the immediate area on fire. The commentary on the DVD says the lava-crossing sequence was mostly done for real. Wait... [[BigWhat WHAT?]]
* DeathByMaterialism: When the volcano is erupting, a helicopter pilot is bribed by the would-be investor (and would-be alternate suitor for Rachel) to get him out of the danger zone. Against his better judgment the pilot takes the money, but the volcanic ash in the air fills up his engines and every occupant dies in the crash.
* DisappearedDad: The Wando children's father left Rachel and them. Ruth, his mother, holds Rachel responsible for that, and their relationship is adversarial as a result.
* DisasterMovie
* DisasterPorn: [[spoiler: The final eruption of the volcano, which sends a ''massive'' eruption column into the sky, and then sends a pyroclastic flow that levels the town like a giant volcanic bulldozer.]]
* DisposableWoman: Harry's fiancee, Marianne, a really gung-ho geologist, refuses to leave until dragged bodily by Harry. She suffers death by volcanic projectile only moments into the film.
* DoomedContrarian: To be fair, [[spoiler:Dr. Dreyfus was only trying to prevent Dr. Dalton from [[MyGreatestFailure repeating his mistake with Mammoth Mountain]]]] and had some good points. Also [[spoiler: Ruth]], who was just an irresponsible, cantankerous pain in the ass.
* DoomedHometown: That town had "doomed" written all over it.
* FightToSurvive: It's a volcano! Run away!
* HassleFreeHotwire: Harry Dalton can hotwire a pickup in about two seconds.
* HellishCopter: The helicopter pilot attempts to take off in the middle of the ash storm. The ash is ingested into the turbines, the engines seize, and the chopper crashes to the ground.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler: Ruth.]] Cracked [[http://www.cracked.com/article_18838_the-5-most-easily-avoidable-movie-deaths_p2.html points out]] some major flaws in the logic of this.
* HollywoodScience: Although it's known for being scientifically sound, it's still an action movie.
** Volcanic ash should have all the main characters either dead or dying because it's incredibly fine and will get into their lungs and kill them. But seeing as this is just a disaster movie, this is excusable.
* IgnoredExpert: Dr. Dalton, although the movie does subvert how the trope is usually played - Dr. Dalton ''doesn't'' have enough conclusive evidence, and the economy of the town could be ruined if he was wrong. The second Dr. Dalton finds proof that is more concrete, it's immediately taken seriously; the town was in the middle of a town meeting discussing the evacuation plan when the volcano started erupting.
* ImprobableCover: Harry, Mayor Wando and her kids escape the eruption of the titular volcano by hiding in a mine.
* InfantImmortality: Oh like you ''really'' believed the kids or the dog would die...even though Harry's team advised him against going after them. On the other hand, this movie did give [[spoiler: grandma]] third-degree burns...
* ItsPersonal: Dr. Dalton's first warnings aren't taken wholly seriously because he's a bit too tightly wound, thanks to losing his fiancée in an eruption.
* JerkAss: The helicopter pilot. He complains about working over lunch, refuses to embark on a search and rescue mission without hiking his rates, and extorts desperate townspeople trying to evacuate on his helicopter for all their money. [[HoistByHisOwnPetard In the end all he gets is himself and his passengers killed.]]
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Ruth blames Rachel for Rachel's husband (Ruth's son) leaving her, stubbornly refuses to leave the mountain despite pleas for her to go, and is just a belligerent ass in general. But she treats the kids kindly, pulls off a HeroicSacrifice to save Rachel, Harry and the kids and one of the things she says to them before she dies from her injuries is an apology to Rachel for how she acted to her.
* JumpScare: The thought of seeing a kid almost jumping into the very same hot spring where two people were [[CruelAndUnusualDeath boiled alive]] really hits home.
* TheLabRat: The USGS guys.
* LaserGuidedKarma: The greedy helicopter pilot -- shown earlier in the film demanding overtime for flying through lunch and extra pay for emergency services -- tries to air lift people out of town in exchange for an extortionate $15,000 fee when his engines become clogged by volcanic ash, killing him and his passengers in a fiery crash.
* LoveTriangle: Elliot -- Rachel -- Harry. Elliot loses, and is a poor sport about it.
* MustHaveCaffeine: "Coffee! Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee! Cappu-'''cci'''-no!"
* NeverMessWithGranny: Ruth saves everyone by [[spoiler: jumping into a lake of sulfuric acid and pushing along a boat ''with four people in it'']] so they can get to the docks. God''damn''. It actually makes up for the fact that she was the reason they were there in the first place.
* OfficialKiss: Harry and Rachel have been attracted each other for the whole couple weeks he's been in town. The night they agree to have a go at taking the relationship to the next level is the night Harry gets his evidence the volcano will erupt. They don't have another moment together until they're rescued -- at which point they kiss, each glad the other is alive.
* OutrunTheFireball: More like outrunning the ''pyroclastic flow''.
* PercussiveMaintenance: How Terry "fixes" the survey robot.
* PrettyLittleHeadshots: Harry's Fiance gets hit in the head by a Lava Bomb early in the film that was able to punch through the roof of the truck she was in like it was nothing, and yet only has a little blood on her head to show for it. In reality, such an impact would've turned her head inside out, with the rock coming to a stop somewhere in her stomach (if it didn't go all the way through her and continued through the rest of the truck]])
* PropheticName: ''Dante'''s Peak. As in, the author of [[Literature/TheDivineComedy the Inferno]]. Doubles as IDontLikeTheSoundOfThatPlace and overlaps with TemptingFate.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Dr. Paul Dreyfus, despite being a bit of a CommanderContrarian, is a reasonable boss who respects Dr. Dalton. While he is the most vocal in shutting Dalton's initial calls to evacuate Dante's Peak, the moment he sees irrefutable proof of an impending eruption, he immediately give the go-ahead for an evacuation and apologizes to Dalton for doubting him.
* RedemptionEqualsDeath:
** [[spoiler:Ruth. She spends the whole movie hating on her daughter-in-law for driving away her son and abandoning her grandchildren. And then she pooh-poohs the danger of the volcano because the daughter-in-law is dating the geologist. But once things prove to be deadly, she performs a HeroicSacrifice and saves everyone, living only long enough to apologize.]]
** [[spoiler:Dr. Dreyfus. Though he had sound reasoning, his guess was wrong and it cost lives. Once he realized an eruption was imminent he volunteered himself to stay behind. He brings up the rear in the USGS evacuation and is their only lost member.]]
* RomanceEnsues: Between Dr. Dalton and Rachel.
* RuleOfCool: See HollywoodScience.
* ShaggyDogStory: [[spoiler:The main characters go up the mountain in order to rescue Ruth, but she ends up dying anyways.]]
* StuffBlowingUp: Not just the volcano, but also a helicopter and a gas station.
* ShownTheirWork: Although not perfect, it does get a lot more of the science right than usual, maybe 60% to 70% of it. That's a ''good'' percentage for Hollywood.
* SuitWithVestedInterests: Elliot, the man who was going to invest in the town as a tourist attraction (and who was also interested in Rachel before Harry showed up). He bails on the town immediately upon realizing there's a significant chance of the mountain erupting, and is the one who paid the chopper pilot fifteen grand to fly him out.
** Paul actually invokes this on the town council who were taking the threat seriously until he points out the damaging effects on tourism.
* TemptingFate: Dante's Peak receiving their award for being such a great town to live in.
* TooDumbToLive:
** [[spoiler:You'd think a trained pilot would know better than to attempt to take off in the middle of an ash storm. There's a good reason civil aviation grinds to a halt when there's a major volcanic eruption. Now he's the richest man in the cemetery.]]
** [[spoiler:Rachel's two kids steal her truck so they can drive up the mountain to rescue grandma. [[LampshadeHanging Even they realize that it's a dumb idea]]. Dr. Dalton and Rachel save them before the lava flow can kill them, making this a subversion.]]
** [[spoiler:Grandmother Ruth refuses to listen to the warnings of a member of the ''[=USGS=]'' and stays on her mountainside home, and is still there long after it's started to erupt, to the point of actively denying that it's even erupting when it's raining ash all around her home. Subverted because Dr. Dalton and Rachel then come to save her. Then double subverted when Ruth sacrifices her life to save Dalton, Rachel, and the kids, which wouldn't have been necessary if she had left in the first place. It's even [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] by her in her last moments.]]
** [[spoiler: Harry's coworker at the beginning of the film. Seriously, if she'd just left earlier, they'd have missed being in the path of the rock that killed her. Although, considering that lava bombs were unpredictable and falling everywhere, it may have been more shit luck than anything. But it still counts due to the fact that she wanted to ''stay behind and record results while everything was going to hell''.]] Not wise.
* TwoPersonPoolParty: A pair of skinny dippers who decide to wash up in a hot spring, and are boiled when the volcano starts venting.
* VeryLooselyBasedOnATrueStory: Kind of. While the movie is obviously fictional and doesn't make any claims otherwise, several plot elements are clearly inspired by the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. In particular, Ruth is a female version of [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Randall_Truman Harry Randall Truman]] (not to be confused with [[UsefulNotes/HarryTruman the president]]). Also, the scene in the crater was actually filmed on Mount St. Helens. And just to hammer it in ''even further'', the volcano's post eruption state looks ''exactly'' like that of Mt St Helens post eruption too, all they need to do to make it identical to the real thing nowadays is add a smoking lava dome. Nevertheless, the movie mentions the 1980 eruption, indicating that Mount St. Helens exists as itself in the movie's universe.