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''Coyote Ugly'' is a 2000 comedy-drama produced by Creator/JerryBruckheimer and directed by David [=McNally=] about songwriter Violet Sanford (Piper Perabo), [[FishOutOfWater who moves to New York City to try to make it big with her music]]. She ends up getting a job at the eponymous woman-run bar, which prominently features scantily-clad bar-dancers teasing the male patrons. She eventually comes out of her shell with the help of her Australian boyfriend (Adam Garcia) and the girls at Coyote Ugly.

Notorious for its [[TrailersAlwaysLie bait-and-switch trailer]], which led viewers to believe the movie would be 90 minutes of T&A and sexy adventures, while the actual movie is a ChickFlick through and through.

!!This film includes examples of:

* AmbiguouslyBi: After mistakenly thinking that Violet was hitting on her, Cammy explains that she isn't a lesbian, saying that she 'played in the minors, but never went pro', indicating some past history with women that she did not commit to.
* BachelorAuction: First, Violet auctions off her boyfriend to repay a fine she'd caused; then, at the movie's end, she uses another Bachelor Auction as an excuse for her father to hook up with a cute redhead in whom he's interested and who's there with him, but whom he's too anxious about asking out.
* BarBrawl: On a couple of occasions, during one of which the jukebox is broken at the climax.
* BareYourMidriff: Everyone does this
* BeerGoggles: {{Discussed|Trope}} when Lil explains the meaning of the bar's name to a patron.
* ChekhovsGun: The pizzeria owner at the start notes that he feels the wall filled with 20 years of girl's signatures who quit and left to try and make it in New York is 'jinxed' as none of them appear to have. Late in the film, Bill 'buys' Violet's signature off the wall and Violet then succeeds.
* ColdCash: Violet's friend tosses a wad of cash in her freezer 'in case of an emergency' (apparently not realizing that that's one of the first places burglars search, as Violet later learns the hard way).
* CountryMouse: Violet.

* DarkestHour: In a literal few minutes, Kevin sees a patron dancing with Violet and brawls him, which leads to them breaking up and Lil then fires Violet on the spot because of her 'no boyfriends in the bar' rule. Soon after in the film, Bill is hospitalized in a car accident. With all that happened Violet almost gives up and moves back to New Jersey.
* DeadpanSnarker: Several characters but especially Lil, the bar owner.
* DiscreetDrinkDisposal: Cammy teaches Violet a trick to help her cope with the shots that customers keep treating her to: "chase it with a beer," which is to say spitting the alcohol back out into a beer bottle while pretending to take a swig. Keeps everyone happy, as long as nobody loses track of their spit bottle.
* TheDitz: Cammie
* FailedAuditionPlot: Violet mails her demos to various record labels after moving to New York to pursue a career in the music business, only to have them all returned with no sign of interest. Working at the ''Coyote Ugly'' helps to give her the courage she needs to continue trying.
* FanserviceWithASmile: The bar seems to run on this.
* FauxYay: The coyotes play up everything, including how physically intimate they are with one another, for example, Cammy and Violet sliding against one another and embracing during a bar performance of "All She Wants To Do Is Dance".
* FlairBartending: Played straight with the veteran barkeeps who have been doing the job for a while. It's averted for comedy with Violet/Jersey, whose attempts fail whens she tries.
* HometownNickname: Violet is nicknamed 'Jersey', after her home state, when she begins working at the bar.
* MaleGaze: Might as well have been called "Male Gaze: The Movie".
* ManicPixieDreamGuy: Kevin fits a lot of these qualities as an upbeat, comic-collecting Australian with a MysteriousPast including inexplicable exotic dancing skills whose main job in the story is to help Violet overcome her stage fright.
* MarriedToTheJob: Lil. She admits it to Violet in one scene, telling her, "I'm married to that bar."
* MeaningfulEcho: During Violet's initial job interview with Lil, Lil jokingly asks about Violet's home town: "Lemme guess: Piedmont, North Dakota?" [[spoiler:As she later reveals to Violet before swearing her to secrecy on penalty of death, Piedmont is actually Lil's home town.]]
* MeaningfulName: Violet.
** The violet is the state flower of New Jersey, the heroine's state of origin.
** She's also a ShrinkingViolet at the beginning of the movie.
* MrFanservice: In addition to Kevin's strip scene, we see him on the bed after his love scene with Violet with his crotch only just out of shot.
* MundaneSolution: Violet's stage fright magically disappears even knowing people are watching her when all the lights in the room are turned off.
* NaiveNewcomer: Violet, when she moves to New York at first.
* NonActorVehicle: Arguably, Leann Rimes. Though she only appeared in the film for a short cameo, the film very prominently featured her music, to the point where it seems to be a vehicle for her sound.
* PerformanceAnxiety: The main plot arc for [[ShrinkingViolet Violet]] Sanford, who is a talented singer in private but struggles overcoming her nervousness in front of a crowd.
* ThePlace: The setting of the story is almost exclusively in the city's [[CoolestClubEver very popular bar]], Coyote Ugly.
* PluckyGirl: Violet saves her own job at the bar twice and rescues Rachel and Cammie from being caught in a bar fight with acts of ingenuity and/or bravery.
* ReallyGetsAround: Cammie
* RealPlaceBackground: Coyote Ugly is an actual chain of bars. How closely the movie represents the actual atmosphere is left to the reader.
* RipTailoring: Violet's first shift at the bar begins with Lil, the owner, ripping off her sleeves and the bottom two inches of her shirt, leaving her in something much more revealing and appropriate to the bar.
* SuffersNewbiesPoorly: Rachel. Early on, she tries to get Violet fired (and very nearly succeeds). Then, at the end of the movie, when another new coyote is having trouble mastering the art of FlairBartending, she declares "Hey, Lil! I don't think your new girl's gonna hack it!", before smiling at Violet as if to say "You, on the other hand, are all right in my book."
* TheUglyGuysHotDaughter: Violet's father is played by overweight Creator/JohnGoodman.
* WorkHardPlayHard: Lil enforces her rules for the bar with an iron fist, and fires girls on the spot for breaking them. On the other hand, she was so impressed with Violet's idea to auction off Kevin that she herself placed a bid even though Violet had to do it because she put ''Lil'' out of pocket.
** The other Coyote's too, since dancing and exuberance is part of the job.
* YouCanLeaveYourHatOn: Both the male and female version. During the BachelorAuction, Kevin removes his shirt and partially removes his pants. Later, Violet performs a striptease in the privacy of her bedroom to explain what stage fright feels like for her.