->''The reason why I'm here is because a buddy of mine who'd been in 'Nam took his own life today. This is kind of a funeral service. And I'm here because I'm trying to tell people, man, if we want to commit suicide, we have plenty of reasons to do it right here at home. We don't have to go to Vietnam to find reasons to kill ourselves. I just don't think we should be over there.''
-->-- '''Luke Martin'''

A 1978 film directed by Hal Ashby, ''Coming Home'' starred Creator/JonVoight and Creator/JaneFonda, both of whom won [[UsefulNotes/AcademyAward Oscars]] for their roles along with the filmís screenplay.

Housewife Sally Benderís (Fonda) husband Bob (Creator/BruceDern) goes off to ĎNam, so she decides to volunteer at a veteranís hospital. There, she meets with an old classmate, Luke (Voight), now a paraplegic after his tour of duty. She fills the deep void in her life by having an affair with Luke. Things get really complicated when Bob comes home and Luke takes up protesting the War.

!!This film feature examples of:

* DrivenToSuicide: Bill Munson
* ReturningWarVet: Luke.
* UsefulNotes/TheVietnamWar