Film/CastawayOnTheMoon is a 2009 Korean film written and directed by Hae-jun Lee. Kim Seong-Geun is a man with no hope left in the world who decides to kill himself by flinging himself off a bridge into the Han River. When this suicide attempt doesn't go as planned, Kim tries to make the best of it by living on a deserted island in the Han River. Meanwhile, a young {{Hikikomori}} woman who looks out her window at the moon every night finds him in her telescope one day and a strange relationship begins to form between them.[[quoteright:188:]]

The movie is currently available subtitled on Netflix instant.
!!Film/CastawayOnTheMoon contains examples of
* AtomicFBomb: Written on the sand
* BilingualBonus: Though the majority of the film is in Korean, all of the interactions between the main characters, both written and spoken occurs in English
* BungledSuicide: Jumping off a bridge didn't go as planned, but it serves Kim in giving him his own home and a new life.
* CompanionCube: The scarecrow and duck paddle boat both serve as as stand in friends and consultants for Kim.
* DesertedIsland: The way Kim tries to describe it over the phone and his home for several months
* GoodSmokingEvilSmoking: The cigarette smoked by Seong-Geun's ex-girlfriend in the flashback adds to her character's callous nature, while Seong-Geun later enjoys one himself without the same connotations.
* HoldingHands: the movie ends before they go any farther than that
* InnerMonologue: The majority of Kim and his pen pal's thoughts are conveyed this way
* LoveBeforeFirstSight
* RightUnderTheirNoses: Kim's "desert island" is in the middle of the city and is right under the bridge over the Han River.
* {{Robinsonade}}
* UnkemptBeauty: both the leads