A BMovie starring Creator/BillMaher, Creator/ShannonTweed, Creator/KarenMistal, and Creator/AdrienneBarbeau.

America's avocado supply is threatened when [[CannibalTribe tribes of cannibal women]] who live in the Avocado Jungle ([[HollywoodGeography located east of San Bernardino]]) begin stalking and killing (and eating) men who come into the jungle to harvest avocados... and it's getting dangerously close to the SuperBowl.

Facing the crisis of a SuperBowl without guacamole dip, the U.S. Government commissions ultra-feminist professor Dr. Margo Hunt (Tweed) to infiltrate the jungle and negotiate with the tribe. She takes along her airheaded student Bunny (Mistal), and hires male-chauvinist adventurer Jim ([[PlayingAgainstType Maher]])--the only man brave enough to enter the Avocado Jungle of Death--to be their guide.

Along the way they encounter the [[Creator/PhilDonahue Donahews]] (the only male tribe that the Cannibal Women allow to live in the Avocado Jungle); the Piranha Women, led by former feminist professor [[Film/ApocalypseNow Dr. Kurtz]] (Barbeau); and the Barracuda Women, a rival tribe at war with the Piranha Women over whether men should be eaten with [[SillyReasonForWar guacamole dip or clam dip]].

!! This movie contains examples of the following tropes:
* AttemptedRape: The Donahews try to rape Bunny soon after Jim introduces them to beer.
* CannibalTribe: The Piranha Women and the Barracuda Women.
* GenreBlind: Jim doesn't realize that he's being StewedAlive by the Piranha Women.
* HumanSacrifice: Bunny is asked to sacrifice Jim for her initiation into the Piranha Women.
* ImAHumanitarian: Naturally.
* MusicSoothesTheSavageBeast: Jim is able charm Bunny into not sacrificing him by humming her favorite song.
* ShoutOut:
** Jim is dressed like Character/IndianaJones and tries (unsuccessfully) to use a bullwhip
** Dr. Kurtz is named for [[Film/ApocalypseNow Colonel William E. Kurtz]].
* SillyReasonForWar: The Piranha Women and Barracuda Women are at war over which is the best dip to eat men with.
* StewedAlive: Jim is given a bath in a cauldron, as various Piranha Women slice vegetables into the broth.
* SwordFight: Doctors Hunt and Kurtz get into a very BMovie one.