->''"...being the story of two bet-on-anything guys who happily discover something called a winning streak."''

The tagline isn't quite accurate, but this 1974 Creator/RobertAltman film is nonetheless full of gambling, gambling, and more gambling.

Charlie Waters (Elliott Gould) and Bill Denny (George Segal) ride the highs and (mostly) lows of cards, ponies and general hustling. Mostly remembered for its innovative approach to sound mixing, the film features a witty script and excellent acting from the two leads.

!!This film has examples of the following tropes:

* TheGamblingAddict: Both main characters could adequately be described thusly.
* HookerWithAHeartOfGold: Not just one, but two.
* LoanShark: The film's writer, Joseph Walsh, has a terrifying turn as a bookie who only seems nice.
* ThePianoPlayer: Phyllis Shotwell, an actual Reno casino pianist/singer, whose songs are interspersed with the action and serve as the film's score.
* UsefulNotes/LosAngeles: And what a strange town it is.