A 1996 American action comedy film. Archie Moses (Creator/AdamSandler) is a small time street thug for a large drug importer and car dealer Frank Colton (Creator/JamesCaan), who is befriended by an undercover cop named Rock Keats (DamonWayans). The latter is naturally seeking evidence against Colton. During a raid on Colton's warehouse, Archie accidentally shoots Jack in the head but he miraculously survives and makes a full recovery. Archie then flees the state, and is subsequently arrested later. Jack is assigned the task of returning Archie to testify against Colton.

If you came here looking for a trope, you want ImmuneToBullets.

!!Tropes include:

* DontTellMama: Keats goes along in lying to Archie's mother in order to help reassure her.
* MoeGreeneSpecial: Moses shoots one of Colton's guards right through his sunglasses and follows it up by saying "Gross right in the fucking eyeball"
* OddCouple: Keats (Cop) has to spend much of the picture protecting Archie (Criminal), and bringing him in to testify
* {{Parody}} Archie singing the song from ''The Bodyguard'' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHR0G4O-I_U here]]