->''A Gruesome Orgy of Human Mutilation!''

''The Ghastly Ones'', also known as ''Blood Rites'' in the UK, is a 1968 {{horror}} {{film}} and [[VideoNasties video nasty]] directed by Andy Milligan, the so-called Shock King of Staten Island.

When three couples gather in a Victorian-era private island on the Husdon River their only concern is the reading of a will that will reveal which one of the deceased's three daughters is entitled to inherit his estate. Little do they know that a crazed killer stalks the grounds of this very island and systematically murders and dismembers the six visitors as they try frantically to escape his wrath...

Creator/StephenKing referred to it in his book ''Danse Macabre'' as "''the work of morons with cameras''".

Not to be confused with [[Literature/BloodRites the Dresden Files novel]] of the same title.

!! This film provides examples of:

* {{Gorn}}
* LateToTheTragedy: The lawyer, who arrives at the very end after most of the people have been messily slaughtered.
* LockedInARoom
* NonindicativeTitle: While there's lots of blood, none of the killings are ritualistic in nature or could otherwise be considered to be "blood rites".
* TenLittleMurderVictims
* [[VideoNasties Video Nasty]]: The second oldest one on the list after ''Film/BloodFeast''.
* YouAllMeetInAnInn