The 2010 Western comedy follow-up to ''Film/BigMoneyHustlas'', ''Big Money Rustlas'' was written by, produced by, and starred the Music/InsaneClownPosse. Unlike ''Big Money Hustlas'', which was an extremely low-budget direct-to-video feature, this had a somewhat modest budget and limited theatrical screenings, primarily aimed at Juggalo audiences.

Set in the Old West, ''Big Money Rustlas'' follows the ancestors of the main characters of Creator/PsychopathicRecords' previous feature film. The town of Mudbug is ruled by the corrupt Big Baby Chips (Violent J). The heroic Sugar Wolf (Shaggy 2 Dope) returns to his former hometown to take over the role of town sheriff and bring Big Baby Chips to justice. Also appearing in the film are Psychopathic artists Music/{{Twiztid}}, Music/AnybodyKilla, Music/BlazeYaDeadHomie, Music/{{Boondox}} and DJ Clay. Jason Mewes and Mark Jury appear in supporting roles, and cameos include Music/VanillaIce, Tom Sizemore, porn stars Ron Jeremy and Bridget Powerz, Brigitte Nielsen, Todd Bridges, Terry "Sabu" Brunk, members of the Music/KottonmouthKings and Wolfpac, and Jimmie Walker.

The film's major influences were Creator/MelBrooks' ''Film/BlazingSaddles'' and classic Warner Bros. cartoons.


!!This movie uses the following tropes:

* AnachronismStew
* BadBoss: Big Baby Chips.
* BiggerOnTheInside: Suger Wolf's mother's house. The outside resembles an outhouse, the inside a mansion.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: One of the most notable examples is when Sugar Wolf's deputy points out to the bad guys that [[spoiler:him getting shot and killed isn't in the script. They shoot him anyway]].
* TheCameo
* CampGay: Fruity Sweet Wolf.
* CountryMusic: Violent J's real-life girlfriend, Sugar Slam, sings a country song called "Near My Butt (The Pecker Song)" in a saloon scene.
* CreativeClosingCredits: Play over a comedy gunfight.
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bqifW_4Uxk This scene.]]
* FamousLastWords: [[spoiler:I'M THE FOOT, BITCH!!!]]
* {{Fingore}}: Poor Dirty Sanchez. Also the guy near the begining of the film who was caught cheating by Big Baby Chips.
* GreekChorus: The man running Mudbug's population sign.
* [[spoiler:LukeIAmYourFather]]: See TheReveal.
* PapaWolf: Averted.
* TheParody
* RecycledINSPACE: Other than the Old West setting and a few minor changes, it's a straight ''Big Money Hustlas'' remake with a budget. The plot is almost identical, character names are barely changed, and several jokes are recycled.
* TheReveal: As in ''Big Money Hustlas'', Violent J's character has his makeup rubbed off. Here, Big Baby Chips is revealed to be...[[spoiler:Sugar Wolf's father, Grizzly Wolf.]] If you feel the need to point out that that doesn't at all make sense, you are missing the point.
* SonOfAWhore: Suger Wolf.
* ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill: [[spoiler:Suger Wolf's deputy getting gunned down by Big Baby' henchmen, who apparently have access to automatic weapons!]]
* ThisIsForEmphasisBitch: [[spoiler:The Foot]] says it for his slogan.
-->"I'm [[spoiler:The Foot]], Bitch!!"
* TitleDrop: Happens near the end when [[spoiler:Big Baby Chips' face paint is removed]].
-->"Well, I guess that about sums that shit up. [[spoiler:My father]] was nothin' but a big money rustla."
* [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair You Gotta Have Pink Hair]]: Sugar Wolf's mom.
* UnflinchingWalk: When Sugar Wolf finishes off [[spoiler:Tank]].
'''''Dedicated to the Butterfly'''''