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[[caption-width-right:300: No clothes either.]]

->''"The very first actual scene, the one that plays over the credits, is Anderson dancing around and flopping out of her top on a strip club stage... One of the most vocal patrons calls her 'babe' and she severely injures him by throwing her shoe at his forehead. I can only guess all the paying, theater-going viewers of this film, seeing everything they had paid to see, left right after the credits."''
-->--'''Chris Sims''' and '''Matt Wilson''', ''[[http://comicsalliance.com/barb-wire-pamela-anderson-movie-review-part-1/ ComicsAlliance]]''

A 1996 soft core porn film disguised as an action film. So when you're watching it, and your mom walks in, you can just point to some of the explosions and claim it's an example of female empowerment... or something...

The movie stars [[Creator/PamelaAnderson Pamela Anderson Lee]] doing what she does best - running around with the minimal amount of clothing on, and the opening credits involve a prolonged scene with Pam wet-dancing on a trapeze. There's also no small number of other women wearing very little as well, but honest to goodness mom, look at all the explosions and Pam kicking the asses of all those men; it's just packed with female empowerment!

Anyway, apart all the boobage - err, the explosions - this was Pam's attempt for her to bridge her career from television to mainstream Hollywood film. And quaint as seeing her toting vast amounts of guns in skin-tight black leather is, it kinda failed. It has earned its reputation for completely ripping off the plot of ''Film/{{Casablanca}}'' in a way that makes ''Film/OverdrawnAtTheMemoryBank'' look like ''Film/CitizenKane'' (to stretch a metaphor beyond the point of logic). Has been SnarkBait for [[http://www.agonybooth.com/recaps/Barb_Wire_1996.aspx many]] [[http://channelawesome.com/nostalgia-critic-barb-wire/ a reviewer.]]

The film is based on the series printed by Creator/DarkHorseComics.

!!Tropes Include:
* AbsoluteCleavage: Gene Siskel scoffed most of the drama came from whether Anderson's breasts would topple out of her outfit or not. (Creator/RogerEbert [[MaleGaze didn't mind.]])
* ActionGirl: No matter how much of Pam got showed off, Barb Wire is definitely a hard-up, bad-ass action girl to be proud of.
%%* AntiHero: Barb Wire is a Type IV.
* AntiVillain: Police Chief Willis. He may be a corrupt, lying asshole who makes Barb's life difficult, and a pawn of the oppressors, but he's not actually ''evil.'' For one thing, he knows his men are thugs and idiots, but they're still ''his men''. He doesn't agree with the murder of Barb's blind brother, and at the end he saves them all by not handcuffing Barb and giving her a grenade to use.
* ArtisticLicenseBiology: A character fools a retina scanner using colored contact lenses, which actually might've worked if it had been an ''iris'' scanner. Evidently the writers didn't know retinas are at the ''back'' of the eyeball.
* BerserkButton: "Don't call me ''Babe''!" (Which led to many jokes about [[Film/{{Babe}} talking pigs]].)
* BigBad: Colonel Pryzer.
* BigBraToFill: Inverted. Pam's breasts were actually larger in the movie than the original comic character.
%%* BikerBabe
* CaptainObvious: Police Chief Willis deliberately does this near the end of the film.
--> '''Willis:''' "Look out, she's got a grenade!"
** The beauty of this line is the almost monotone way he says it. It is, after all, the grenade he gave Barb.
* CombatStilettos: While not doing as much hand-to-hand combat as usual for this trope, she does enough fighting in them to justify it.
** And also, [[ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice she throws one in a guy's head.]]
* CuteBruiser: Barb and also the young leader of the resistance within Steel City.
** Technically this can also cross with BadassAdorable and LittleMissBadass
* CutHisHeartOutWithASpoon: Colonel Pryzer is good at these. He makes two threats.
-->"Let me make this perfectly clear. If Cora D escapes, I will personally rip your heart out of your ass, and shove it back down your throat."
-->"Goddammit Willis, I'm gonna rip you in half!"
* DisproportionateRetribution: Barb once shot a person for calling her a "babe."
* DisneyVillainDeath: Colonel Pryzer, when Barb drops his forklift.
%%* DullSurprise: "God damn it!"
* EvilLaugh: Barb Wire hears the villain do it for at least two minutes as ''[[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 he tries to kill her with a forklift!]]''
* {{Expy}}: Since the plot completely rips off ''Film/{{Casablanca}}'', pretty much everybody is an Expy of somebody. The most obvious though, is the corrupt but on-the-side-of-good Police Chief Willis as Captain Louis Renault.
** The Fat Man is played by.... a really fat man!
* ExtendedDisarming: Barb has one of these sequences when she and her friends get caught.
* EyeRemember: Stupidly attempted on a ''blind man''.
%%* FanService
* FatBastard: Big Fatso.
* FeministFantasy: Almost a parody of one. {{Fanservice}}-style.
* ForkliftFu: Pryzer does this to Barb in the final battle.
%%* GenderFlip: Several of the Expys.
%%* GuiltyPleasure
* GunsAkimbo: Barb on a couple of occasions.
%%* IBrokeANail
* InNameOnly: So far that it's an interesting existential question whether this movie can be considered based on the Dark Horse comic book at all.
* LockAndLoadMontage: After Barb decides to help out the Resistance, she gets one of these.
* MadeOfExplodium: Things blow up very easily.
* MsFanservice: Guess who?
* NakedOnArrival: Barb isn't exactly fully clothed during the credits when the audience first sees her and later, she meets her ex-husband's fiance' just after getting out of the bath.
* PuttingOnTheReich: Colonel Pryzer.
* RecycledInSpace: ''Film/{{Casablanca}}'' in a semi-apocalyptic Detroit; With Boobage.
* ShoutOut: A villain named Big Fatso, an obvious allusion to "The Fat Man" played by Sidney Greenstreet.
* SlipIntoSomethingMoreComfortable: The gentleman in question decides to slip into something ''less'' comfortable; a gimp suit. However for Barb this pretty much seems to be wearing almost nothing at all.
* TheissTitillationTheory: TheMovie. Creator/GeneSiskel outright invoked the trope, stating that the entire film was about whether [[MsFanservice Anderson's breasts would pop out of her outfits or not.]]
%%* TooKinkyToTorture
%%* VictoriasSecretCompartment
* VillainousGlutton: Big Fatso