Autumn Marathon (Осенний марафон) is a 1979 Soviet ComedyDrama directed by a famous Soviet director, Creator/GeorgiDanelia, a winner of 1979 Venice Film Festival, San Sebastian Film Festival and 1980 Berlin Film Festival awards in the best director and best actor categories. It starred Oleg Basilashvili as a main character - a married man going through mid-life crisis, trying to find ends in his complex tangled relationships with his wife, mistress, neighbors and co-workers. Cast included such notable Soviet performers as Yevgeny Leonov, Natalya Gundareva, Marina Neyolova, Borislav Brondukov, Nikolai Kryuchkov, and Galina Volchek.

!!The film provide examples of:

* TheAlcoholic: Buzykin's neighbor Kharitonov.
* CryingWolf
* DownerEnding
* FunnyForeigner: Bill Hansen
* LoveTriangle
* PlayingAgainstType: Oleg Basilashvili as a weak and spineless Buzykin, Yevgeny Leonov as an alcoholic Kharitonov.