->''Willpower. Horsepower. Firepower. At 180 miles per hour.''

''Army of One'' (aka ''Joshua Tree'') is an American action film from the year 1993.

Creator/DolphLundgren stars as Wellman Santee, former race-car driver and currently a criminal. He is double-crossed during a routine assignment of hauling stolen cars and his friend Eddie is shot. A police officer is shot during the incident and his death is pinned on Santee.

He later escapes from a botched execution attempt by {{dirty cop}}s and sets out to get even with those who betrayed him. Along the way he kidnaps an undercover police officer Rita Merrick and things start to develop between the two...

The film was originally released as ''Joshua Tree'', but due to the popular Music/{{U2}} music video at the time the name was changed to the more recognised ''Army of One''.

Not to be confused with the upcoming fact-based Iraq war satire of the same title, directed by Larry Charles (''Film/{{Borat}}'') and starring Creator/NicolasCage as an average guy who takes it upon himself to find and assassinate Osama Bin Laden.
!!Tropes within the film:

* BlackDudeDiesFirst: Poor Eddie.
* CoolCar: The red Ferrari which Wellman steals from Severance's garage and later the black Lamborghini that Severence drives. Both of them were actually replicas, but still.
* DirtyHarriet: Rita is working as one prior to her kidnapping.
* DoggedNiceGuy: Michael.
* {{Homage}}: The warehouse shootout is one to John Woo's HeroicBloodshed films.
* InformedAttribute: It's mentioned many times that Severence was "like a father" to Santee, but this notion isn't explored any further. Plenty of Santee's personal traits are like this, like his sense of honor.
* MsFanservice: The movie takes every excuse it can to focus on Rita's crotch, rear or cleavage, going as fae as to get her pants a size too small just so it can focus on her tightly denim clad nethers while she's trying to button up.
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* PoliticallyIncorrectVillain: Rudy.
* RailingKill: In the warehouse shootout.
* RuleOfCool: The warehouse shootout was extended for the "sake of action".
* SayMyName: Wellman wakes up from his nightmare by [[CatapultNightmare bolting up]] and screaming Eddie's name.
* ShowerScene: Rita (actually her actor's body double) goes to shower while she is staying in the motel with Santee.