A 2010 film directed by Creator/MikeLeigh. It looks at a year in the life of Tom and Gerri, a HappilyMarried elderly couple working and living in London; they garden, they work, they feed their friends and they're in love. Throughout the film we're introduced to the people around them. Single-and-looking Mary, who works at Gerri's office; their activist lawyer son Joe, who has yet to settle down, their old friend Ken, Tom's brother and widower Ronnie.

It's a very slow-paced, conflict-free SliceOfLife film, that makes use of incredible acting, natural dialogue, wonderful writing and subtly dark humour to carry the itself.

!!This work provides examples of:

* AndStarring: Creator/ImeldaStaunton get this, although she only appears for about five minutes in the beginning.
* BlackSheep: Ronnie's estranged son.
* CoolOldGuy: Tom, the guy part of the main couple.
* CoolOldLady: Gerri.
* ExpospeakGag: Tom, Gerri, Joe and Katie talking about Tom's work.
* {{Foil}}: Mary's single, and her desperate attempts at joy is a harsh contrast to Tom and Gerri's easy happy life.
* GenkiGirl: Katie, to the nth degree.
* HappilyMarried: Tom and Gerri, very much so.
* HardDrinkingPartyGirl: Mary
* MrsRobinson: Mary tries to start a relationship with Joe, but he's made uncomfortable by her flirting.
* OldMaid: Mary, single and looking for a guy, is concerned with her age and fears becoming an Old Maid might be in her future.
* OneSceneWonder: Imelda Staunton only appears in the opening scene as a deeply unhappy woman seeking Gerri's help (Gerri is a counselor) for her insomnia.
* PunnyName: Tom and Gerri. They gladly acknowledge this.
* TheQuietOne: Ronnie
* SliceOfLife