Amusement is an American 2008 horror film directed by John Simpson and starring Creator/KatherynWinnick, Laura Breckenridge and Jessica Lucas. The film went direct-to-video in January 2009. It is the last film to be distributed by Picturehouse Entertainment.

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!!Tropes presented by this film:

* AbsurdlyIneffectiveBarricade: Tabitha uses one in the form of a cupboard. The Laugh effortlessly pushes out the drawers from behind and climbs straight through.
* AllAccordingToPlan: For a while, it seemed that The Laugh had every move planned out to completely trap Tabitha. [[spoiler:Then the truck stalled]].
* BondOneLiner:
--> "Now ''that'' was funny!"
* CreepyBasement: The one in The Laugh's cabin is ''so'' creepy, many fans mistook it for ''[[Literature/HarryPotterAndTheChamberOfSecrets Chamber of Secrets]]''.
* CreepyChild: The Laugh, again.
* CreepyDoll: [[spoiler: Subverted by having the doll actually be The Laugh sitting very, very still.]]
* TheDollEpisode: Tabitha's Babysitter plot in Act 2.
* EvilLaugh: The film's calling card, so much so that the villain is credited as "The Laugh"
* EyeScream: [[spoiler: Happens when Tabitha stabs the Laugh in the face with his own weapon.]]
* ForTheEvulz
* HellHotel
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: The Laugh [[spoiler: gets killed by his own weapon, while looking through his peephole to taunt Tabitha no less]].
* PowerTrio: Tabitha, Shelby and Lisa.
* MadnessMantra:
-->"''It's funny... right?''"
* MonsterClown
* NobodyHereButUsStatues: [[spoiler:The Laugh pretends to be a (large) clown doll in a room full of clown dolls.]]
* UrbanLegends: The film is practically a rehash of popular urban legends mashed into a single storyline. the 'clown doll' story in the second act is a particularly notable example.