In this film SpinOff of ''Series/DaAliGShow'', Creator/SachaBaronCohen takes his Ali G character [[TheMovie to the big screen]], though this time the comedy is completely scripted.

Alistair "Ali G" Graham is a middle-class white kid from Staines, a sleepy little suburb, who lives with his grandmother. He spends his time pretending to be a gangsta with a couple other prep-school types from around the neighborhood. He has a running rivalry with the crosstown East Staines Massiv, though all the Staines gangstas are so straight-laced that they won't even exceed the speed limit while street racing. The closest thing Ali G has to a job is volunteering at the town leisure center, teaching kids how to "keep it real" by educating them on gangsta rap cliches. When he learns that the leisure center is about to be closed, he decides to go on a political campaign to keep it open. A nefarious Deputy Prime Minister persuades him to run for MP, and due to a fluke he wins. Ali G gets into a variety of FishOutOfWater shenanigans as his horn-dog, pot-smoking personality clashes with the stuffy politicos. Ultimately Ali G must rally all the suburban gangstas to save Britain from the evil Deputy Prime Minister.

The first movie based on ''Da Ali G Show'', ''Ali G Indahouse'' was later followed up by ''Film/{{Borat}}'' and ''Film/{{Bruno}}'', which gave the same big screen treatment to Kazakh journalist [[FunnyForeigner Borat Sagdiyev]] and fashion designer [[CampGay Brüno]]. Interestingly, ''Indahouse'' is Baron Cohen's only film to ditch the show's {{Mockumentary}} format entirely, incorporating a full cast of fictional characters (and quite a few recognizable actors) to prop up Ali's antics.

In addition to Baron Cohen himself, the cast includes Creator/MartinFreeman as [[HeterosexualLifePartners Ali's best friend Ricky C]], [[Film/HarryPotter Michael Gambon]] as the Prime Minister, and Creator/CharlesDance as his scheming Deputy PM.

!!This film provides examples of:
* BigDamnMovie: The show is a {{Mockumentary}} series about Ali trying to scrape by as a talk show host, and conducting improvised interviews in amusing locales. In the movie, he gets elected to Parliament and has to fend off an evil plot to depose the Prime Minister of Britain.
* BigRedButton: Ali G tricks Parliament into thinking he'll push one that will destroy the world.
* BilingualBonus: The Spanish in the dream sequence.
* TheCameo: [[ActingForTwo Sacha Baron Cohen's]] brief cameo as [[Film/{{Borat}} Borat Sagdiyev]].
* CriticalResearchFailure: [[invoked]] In-universe. Ali somehow manages to get religious conflicts in Northern Ireland mixed up with religious conflicts in Northern India, thinking that the fighting in Ireland is between "Hindus and Islams".
* TheDogBitesBack: When Ali G has to drive a golf cart because his car is vandalized, the old guy he cut off earlier in the film steals his parking space and flips him off - with a wooden hand.
* FishOutOfWater: Ali G in Parliament? Oh, my medication!
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Rico uses some pretty colorful Spanish: "Hijo su chingada madre." There's funny stuff in there too.
* IdiotHero: Well for as much as Ali G can be called a hero.
* IWasHavingSuchANiceDream: Ali G has a dream that ends with a beautiful woman performing oral sex on him. He wakes up to discover his dog licking him in an intimate place.
* TheMovie: Ali G gained popularity as a television character before the film.
* PokeThePoodle: The Staines gangstas think they're pretty hardcore for flipping off cops when they can't be seen and street racing while obeying all traffic laws.
* PoliticallyIncorrectHero: Ali mistakes a feminist group for lesbians and promises to "lower taxes on strap-ons" if elected.
* PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy: Ali G and all the other gangstas in the film are middle-class suburban kids who model themselves after what they hear in gangsta rap. Not all of them are actually white, however.
* SpringtimeForHitler: The [[BigBad Deputy Prime Minister]] plans to use Ali G as part of this sort of scheme repeatedly in order to cause a crisis of confidence and allow him to become Prime Minister: first he plans for choosing Ali G as their candidate to lose them a safe seat in a by-election, then when that fails he plots for Ali's incompetence to bring down the Prime Minister directly.
* TrailerSpoof: One teaser pretended to be for the biopic ''Film/{{Ali}}''.
* YouCalledMeXItMustBeSerious: Julie only calls Ali "Alistair" when he pisses her off.