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->''"[[Literature/TheLittlePrince My favorite children's book]] is about a little prince who came to Earth from a distant asteroid. He meets a pilot whose plane has crashed in the desert. The little prince teaches the pilot many things, but mainly about love. My father always told me I was like the little prince, but, after I met Adam, I realised I was the pilot all along."''
-->-- '''Beth Buchwald'''

Adam Raki is a twenty nine year old man born with UsefulNotes/AspergerSyndrome living [[LonersAreFreaks alone]] in Manhattan after his father's death. He has difficulties communicating with others, the only real friend he has is his father's old {{black|BestFriend}} war buddy Harlan who is the only one who knows [[BigBrotherMentor exactly how to deal]] with him. Adam works as an electronic engineer at a toy company, and spends his free time indulging his love of space exploration. Beth Buchwald, a school teacher and aspiring children's author, moves into the apartment above his. They meet doing laundry and from there they tentatively begin to form an awkward friendship- that leads to something more. During the movie [[DaddysGirl Beth]] has to deal with her father being indicted, facing a jail sentence, and revealing a confronting secret which throws their relationship into turmoil; Adam has to deal with being fired, finding a new job and making his relationship with Beth work.

!!Related Tropes:
* AllergicToLove: Adam finds it very difficult to talk to Beth because of his Aspergers.
* AlliterativeName: Beth Buchwald.
* AllWomenAreLustful: When Beth starts her relationship with Adam, they agree to take it slowly. ''Two dates later'', she decides to have sex with him.
* ArchnemesisDad: [[spoiler:Beth's father]] looks like a stand-up guy, but then [[spoiler:his affair and his disapproval of Adam comes out, Beth's mother practically pushes Beth out the door once Adam shows up in order to save her from her deceptive father and so the couple can be together. It doesn't stick]].
* BitchInSheepsClothing: [[spoiler:Beth's father]] looks like a stand-up guy, but then [[spoiler:his affair and his disapproval of Adam comes out, Beth's mother practically pushes Beth out the door once Adam shows up in order to save her from her deceptive father and so the couple can be together. It doesn't stick]].
* ArtisticLicenseAstronomy: Averted, Adam knows a lot about astronomy. Clearly, the writers have ShownTheirWork.
* BerserkButton:
** Don't insult Beth's Father, [[MoralMyopia even if yours just died]].
** Adam really dislikes being lied to.
* BigApplesauce: The movie takes place primarily in New York City.
* BigBrotherMentor, BlackBestFriend & MagicalNegro
* BluntMetaphorsTrauma: Thanks to Adam's Aspergers, it's hard for him to get metaphors.
* BoyMeetsGirl: Not in the typical way.
* BrutalHonesty: Adam, thanks to his social blindness from Aspergers.
* CannotTellALie: Adam, thanks to his social blindness from Aspergers.
* CannotTellAJoke: Adam and the way in which he delivers his joke about "Queens, where everybody goes to die because they can't tell the difference".
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: Beth's father Marty is accused of being one.
* DaddysGirl: Beth was raised as an only child.
* DidNotGetTheGirl: [[spoiler:Resulting in a BittersweetEnding.]]
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: The bedroom interview rehearsal scene.
* ExtremeDoormat: ZigZagged with Adam depending on what the script requires at any given time.
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* ForegoneConclusion: ZigZagged. Beth is told early on that people with Asperger's are ''bad'' romance material, but ultimately strikes up a relationship with Adam. Then they break up, then she has second thoughts and then finally [[spoiler:they break up again]].
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* {{Joisey}}: "I don't understand people from New Jersey." (girl at the baby shower)
* LiteralMinded: Adam, thanks to is Asperger's.
* MagicalNegro: Adam's family's old driver seems to have nothing better to do than give him advice, and look bemused, of course.
* ManicPixieDreamGirl: Adam and Beth each have elements of this toward each other. They both have some sort of dark past (Adam's dad dying and Beth's ex-boyfriend). On top of that, Adam learns a lot more about how "normal" people work, and Beth gets to learn about Aspergers.
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* MisplacedKindergartenTeacher: Really a misplaced children's book author. This woman has never heard of AS before, but feels she's prepared to date Adam after briefly asking one of her fellow teachers about it's effects ''on children''. After one or two awkward dates [[spoiler:she decides to sleep with him anyway.]]
* MistakenForPedophile: Adam, when he's waiting outside the school for Beth to get out. PlayedForDrama.
%% * {{Nerd}}: Adam.
* OneWordTitle: As its the first name of the protagonist, making this a ProtagonistTitle.
* OnlyChildSyndrome: Beth tells her Dad that she must scare people off because of being an only child.
* PsychopathicManchild: [[spoiler:Adam, according to Beth, in [[WhatTheHellHero one awkward argument scene]]. Apparently, [[InsaneEqualsViolent Autistic Equals Violent]].]]
* ProtagonistTitle: The title is the protagonist's first name.
* {{Pun}}: "When in Rom." (referring to the waiter named Rom from the earlier scene)
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* SceneryPorn: Some of the closing shots of Flintridge, California. The snow in central park also counts.
* SesquipedalianLoquaciousness: Adam, when he gets onto the topic of astronomy.
* ShoutOut: "I'm not Film/ForrestGump, you know."
* ShownTheirWork: Even though it's far from "100% accurate" (Aspergers differs greatly from case-to-case anyway), it's clear that a good deal of effort by the filmmakers and actors has been put in to depict someone living with Asperger's Syndrome in a fair light.
* SpotlightStealingSquad: Even though the movie is about a guy with Asperger's Syndrome, the subplot about Beth's father and the court case sure takes up a lot of time.
* SuperOCD: Adam has a very strict routine... and diet.
* SupportingProtagonist: Beth narrates.
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* YourCheatingHeart: [[spoiler: Both Beth's father and her ex-boyfriend. Not with each other.]]