A trilogy of CGI movies based on the WesternAnimation/ActionMan toy franchise.

In the first movie, '''Robot Atak''', Doctor X's henchman No Face, disguised as Action Man, kidnaps scientist Professor Moran, so Doctor X can force him to develop a mind control gas. Action Man and Action Force (Flynt and Redwolf) must clear Action Man's name, defeat Doctor X's robot army and stop his mind control plans.

The second movie, '''X Missions''', is a retelling of the Franchise/GIJoe movie ''Valor versus Venom'', but with the Action Man cast of characters. Doctor X kidnaps citizens and takes DNA samples from zoo creatures to create an army of man-beast hybrids.

Third and last, '''Código Gangrena''', only available in Latin America, has Professor Gangrene freeing Doctor X and No Face from prison and later betraying them. Action Man and Action Force then have to stop Gangrene's plans.

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!!Tropes applying to these films:
* ArcherArchetype: Redwolf
* BroadStrokes: Despite the then-recent CGI TV series, the movies seem to follow the 90s animated series, albeit in broad strokes.
* CaptainErsatz: No Face's appearance and Modus Operandi make him an evil version of Film/{{Darkman}}.
* ClearMyName: Action Man must do this in the Robot Atak movie, after No Face impersonated him to kidnap Professor Moran.
* FunPersonified: Flynt.
* MadScientist: Profesor Gangrene.
* MasterOfDisguise: No Face.
* MechaMooks: the X-Robots
* PowerTrio: Action Force.
** Redwolf is the Superego (calm and collected, though with some sense of humor)
** Action Man is the Ego (as the quintessential action hero, sometimes he makes good planning, but other times he takes impulsive actions to keep the world safe)
** Flynt is the Id (impulsive and fun-loving)
* SixthRanger: Rebel in the X Missions movie.