[[caption-width-right:320: A Fairly Odd ''Film/TheSantaClause'']]

The second live-action made-for-TV movie based on Creator/{{Nickelodeon}}'s ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddparents'', and also, as the title suggests, the series' third ChristmasSpecial (the first two being the episodes "Christmas Every Day!" and "Merry Wishmas"). It premiered November 29, 2012 on Nickelodeon.

When we last left the now-23-year-old Timmy Turner, he found true love with his {{victorious childhood friend}} Tootie, had been allowed to keep his beloved fairy family under the provision that he only made unselfish wishes, and had begun running a business named Wishful Thinking. Unfortunately, with Timmy using Cosmo and Wanda's magic to grant wishes for the less fortunate, it's left SantaClaus with nothing to do this Christmas. To make matters worse, while Timmy and his companions are paying a visit to the North Pole, Santa accidentally gets injured, and now Timmy must [[SubbingForSanta fill in for him this year]]. Unfortunately, since he has been placed on Santa's naughty list, Timmy will need to go on a dangerous journey to find Elmer the Elder Elf, the keeper of the naughty list, in order to clear his name. As if that wasn't enough, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof do not get along well with Santa's elves due to a feud, and Timmy's EvilTeacher, Denzel Crocker, is still on the loose...

Followed by ''Film/AFairlyOddSummer''.
!! Tropes that will be present in this movie:

* AnthropomorphicFood: The gingerbread men.
* BigDamnMovie: If [[Film/AFairlyOddMovieGrowUpTimmyTurner the previous movie]] wasn't this, this one certainly is.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Poof does this at the end of the movie followed by Wanda giving viewers the {{no animals were harmed}} speech. See example below.
* ContinuityNod: Santa mentions that he gave Tootie a chemistry set when she was eight. In the original series episode "Merry Wishmas", Tootie did indeed receive a chemistry set from Santa.
* CreatorCameo: Creator/ButchHartman as a Christmas caroler. The only one in the group who has a speaking line.
* EasyAmnesia: [[spoiler:SantaClaus gets amnesia an accident caused by Timmy.]]
* EskimosArentReal: Crocker doesn't believe in the North pole, or polar bears. Till he ends up in the North Pole and chased by a polar bear.
* [[FeudingFamilies Feuding Magical Beings]]: Carol and Dave (the two main elves in the movie) and Cosmo and Wanda have been feuding for centuries over a borrowed power drill.
* ForeShadowing: Well, for those who didn't see the trailers, [[spoiler:Crocker eating one of the gingerbread men]] at the beginning of the movie.
* TheGrinch: Crocker is one of these early on. Additionally, in the one scene she appears in, Vicky is also one of these, so much so that when the Christmas gloom overtakes Dimmsdale, it has the opposite effect on her.
* HeyWait: The first elf Crocker meets after the teacher [[PaperThinDisguise disguises himself as an elf]] does this because he noticed Crocker's ears weren't pointed.
* MisplacedWildlife: There's shown a penguin in North Pole.
** PolarBearsAndPenguins
* MythologyGag:
** An instrumental of "I Wish Every Day Could Be Christmas" plays when Timmy suits up as Santa toward the end of the movie.
** Cosmo and Wanda have already showed their dislike of elves in "Channel Chasers", during the [[Creator/RankinBassProductions Christmas show segment]].
** It wasn't the first time Crocker used [[PaperThinDisguise a hat]] to pretend to be a magical creature. He passed himself as an imp in the first ''WesternAnimation/JimmyTimmyPowerHour''.
* [[NoAnimalsWereHarmed No Fairies Were Harmed]]: At the end of the movie, Wanda says this, followed by Cosmo [[InvertedTrope contradicting]] it.
--> '''''Wanda''''': No fairies were harmed during the making of this movie.
--> '''''Cosmo''''': I've got a paper cut!
* NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished: Turns out Timmy granting kids' wishes had a few unforeseen consequences.
* NobodyPoops: Inverted, Crocker is sent to scoop up the reindeer poop that are purple rocks.
--> '''''Crocker''''': Who knew reindeer poop is so sparkly.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: While unintentional as he was just trying to be generous, the problems of the movie start with Timmy using the fairies power to grant some wishes for kids. This winds up messing with Santa's list and the North Pole losing power. When Timmy comes down to the North Pole to correct that problem, [[spoiler: he accidentally knocks Santa into a wrapping machine and gives him amnesia... just days before Christmas.]] And due to ''this'' act, he ends up on the naughty list and can't fix this mistake until he clears his name off of it. Sheesh, talk about DisasterDominoes.
* PaperThinDisguise: Crocker puts on an elf hat and an elf mistakes him for an actual elf, despite the fact David Lewis is twice as tall as the elves.
* PieInTheFace: When Christmas gloom hits, Timmy's mom hits her husband with a pie he just made.
* PurelyAestheticGlasses: Crocker confessed he only wears glasses to look smart.
* RopeBridge: Wanda comments on how derelict it is and the gingerbread men have the task of cutting the rope.
* SavingChristmas: As usual.
* ShoutOut: Poof at the end of the movie:
--> '''''Poof''''': [[Literature/AChristmasCarol God bless us everyone]].
** And his dabbing at the screen to make it flash is a nod to [[Disney/PeterPan Tinker Bell.]]
* SpeaksFluentAnimal: Tootie apparently can speak Penguin.
* SubbingForSanta: Timmy has to do this.
* TookALevelInKindness: [[spoiler: Crocker at the end of the movie. He becomes Timmy's friend, after him saving his life.]]
* UnderTheMistletoe: [[spoiler:Timmy and Tootie]].
* UnwantedAssistance: Timmy by the fact that he [[spoiler:was so generous with his ''Wishful Thinking'' business that it left Santa with nothing to do]].