''A Christmas Carol: The Musical'' is a 2004 Made for TV movie that is based on a stage musical production that ran at Madison Square Garden from 1994-2003.

!! This film provides examples of:
* ActingForTwo: The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future have earthly forms. They are a lamp lighter, a charity show barker, and a blind hag, respectively. Their lines when interacting with Scrooge even hint at which ghost each one will be:
-->'''Lamp Lighter:''' You'll be sorry, sir, ''when you look back.'' \\
'''Show Barker:''' ''Life will pass you by in just a while,'' sir, and it may be later than you know. \\
'''Blind Hag:''' ''Come the future,'' you'll remember me!
* AdaptationExpansion: The Past sequence shows Scrooge's father being sent to debtor's prison, Scrooge rejecting the Fezziwigs' application for a loan, and the death of Jacob Marley.
* CaliforniaDoubling: Shot in Budapest, Hungary.
* DarkReprise: The Christmas Yet to Come sequence is a medley of dark reprises: "Jolly Good Time", "Link By Link", "You Mean More to Me", "Nothing to Do With Me", and "God Bless Us, Everyone".
** The last two songs, along with "A Place Called Home", get a TriumphantReprise when Scrooge is reformed.
* EconomyCast: As in the corresponding stage play, members of an ensemble play a number of roles.
* IAmBecomingSong: Scrooge's pleas to God and the Ghost of Christmas Future, in "Yesterday, Tomorrow and Today".
* ItsTheBestWhateverEver: Tiny Tim calls what would have been his last Christmas "the best Christmas ever".
* LetThereBeSnow: It starts to snow just in time for the final number.
* TheMusical
* TheOner: Used in the opening to show many characters who will feature later.
* RecurringRiff: "A Place Called Home", "Christmas Together", and "God Bless Us, Everyone" function as overarching themes, rather than isolated songs.
* ShoutOut: The director used the dance scene from ''Theatre/WestSideStory'' to inspire a romantic scene at the Fezziwigs' ball.