! Trainer Card

!! Purpose

The [[http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Trainer_card_(game) Trainer Card]] is the official license for training Pokémon. It certifies that the bearer has passed an exam in elementary animal care and has demonstrated common sense in handling a Pokémon.

!! Uses

While not strictly required to train Pokémon, a Trainer Card is needed to enter Gym matches, official tournaments, and most unofficial tournaments. In addition, modern Pokéballs require a trainer ID to tag their captures with, making a Trainer Card mandatory for purchasing them. Also, certain high-dosage medicines require additional certification for purchase, which is signified by a Trainer Card annotation.

In practice, a Trainer Card is one of the easiest to obtain forms of official identification- the test is typically passed on the first try, and with parent/guardian consent a card may be issued as soon as one's tenth birthday. Thus, even most non-trainers get a Card.

!! Features

Like any ID card, the Trainer Card sports the name and photograph of its bearer, along with a registry number. The back has space for a signature.

Furthermore, the Card may carry annotations, including:

* Official receipt of Gym Badges (though most Trainers prefer to carry the physical badges anyways)
* Pokémon League Champion (in the deputized agent sense, not statistical ranking sense)
* Lab Research Assistant
* Potent Pharmaceuticals License