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* Thundurus [#642]

!!Physical Description

Thundurus closely resembles the two other members of its trio, FanonPokedex/{{Tornadus}} and FanonPokedex/{{Landorus}}, being a little over two meters tall and having a similar ogre-like upper body and cloud-like lower body. His skin is electric-blue, with darker blue spots that resemble typhoons and a patch of similar dark blue on its chest. He has a spiky white moustache above his small mouth and a long, jagged plume of white hair, resembling a thunderbolt. He has a large single horn on its head the same color as its spots, and bulging eyes with yellow scleras. His tail, which extends from the cloud wreathing his lower body, resembles a string of spiked black beads, from which Thundurus fires lightning bolts.

When communication with Thundurus using Psychic-types has been attempted, Thundurus has referred to himself as male – unusual for legendaries, but consistent with the rest of his trio.

!!Lore and History

Unovan culture has two somewhat contrasting views on Thundurus, based on different aspects of his personality. He is viewed partly as a destructive force, for he can leave charred ruins in his wake when rampaging and firing off lightning bolts. However, he is also viewed as a trickster, and is reputed to startle livestock and scare people with random thunderbolts out of the blue for fun.

A long – running legend among Unovan children is that if they don’t cover up their belly buttons when trying to sleep through a thunderstorm, Thundurus will steal them and then [[WesternAnimation/EdEddnEddy eat them]].

Many legends involve foolish humans mistaking Thundurus for a “genie” and asking it to grant wishes; Thundurus just tricks the human into thinking it can, then loosely “grants” said wishes in a [[JackassGenie twisted way]], leaving the person worse off than he or she was before.

However, Thundurus has some benevolent aspects to his reputation. He is said to have benefited humanity on several occasions by pranking other legendaries, and one legend even says that he gave early Unovans fire though his lightning bolts. And scientists studying the charred remains of farmlands and forests burned down by alleged Thundurus rampages have found that the charred soil and plant remains are highly fertile.

Legends tell of less successful ventures as well, though – such as trying to flirt with female humans or Pokemon. Another describes an incident where Thundurus “stole the sun,” which may be derived from a historical conflict with a [[{{FanonPokedex/Larvesta}} Volcarona]].

Thundurus and Tornadus often work together, and their collaboration creates massive amounts of destruction, as Tornadus’ winds and rain power up Thundurus’ lightning bolts, and vice-versa. However, they both will submit to their more powerful “brother,” Landorus, once the two have been defeated by him in combat. For this reason, rampages with the two of them together are mercifully rare, for it is often said that when Tornadus and Thundurus are together, Landorus will soon show up to prevent them from causing too much harm, especially if the two others are in a place that’s sacred to Landorus.

!!Known Sightings

Thundurus roams all across Unova; folktales say he ranges northwards later in evenings and at night, and southwards in mornings and afternoons. These tales have been backed up by patterns in sightings. Thundurus-watchers often take note of unusual flash thunderstorms in areas not heavily inhabited by humans – they’re usually a sign that Thundurus is close by.

Like some other legendaries (including Tornadus) Thundurus tends to flee when it encounters humans (especially those with Pokémon) directly; it only attacks when severely threatened or when somehow trapped (usually by certain moves used by a Trainer’s Pokémon). Those who pursue Thundurus are often tormented by lightning bolts that just barely miss the pursuer. Some continue to pursue regardless, but doing so is heavily discouraged, since it can enrage Thundurus and send it on a rampage, which will cause wide scale destruction.

Two areas are particularly well known for Thundurus sightings. The area just north of Mistralon City is a common place to spot him, as is Milos Island off the coast of Driftveil City, where shrines to all three members of his trio exist.

Thundurus legends usually don’t feature him interacting with non-Unovan legendaries, but one of the major exceptions is the Myth of the Warrior, where he did battle with [[{{FanonPokedex/Rayquaza}} Rayquaza]] and won. Though whether Thundurus truly is capable of such a feat is hotly debated, the myth is widely told and accepted among the people of Unova, and Thundurus is certainly not to be underestimated.


Thundurus [[ShockAndAwe has the raw power of lightning at its disposal]], and doesn’t hesitate to use it. his power rivals that of Zapdos and Raikou, and may be enough to even compare to Zekrom. He can adjust the voltage to deliver whatever kind of shock he wants – from small sparks to massive bolts of lightning that can destroy skyscrapers. Lightning isn’t his limit, though – he can also use his powerful fists, blasts of Aura, a strong bite, pulses of “darkness”, plant control, globs of sludge, rocks, mental enhancement of its power, small flames, thievery and even psychic powers when he engages foes.

Thundurus also enjoys taking its enemies by surprise by using non-offensive powers before those it’s battling can strike. This trait is similar to one seen in normal Pokémon like [[{{FanonPokedex/Sableye}} Sableye]], where it is reffered to as “Prankster” by trainers. This has made Thundurus particularly valuable, and warnings have been issued to Unovan trainers to avoid trying to capture it, lest it start a rampage.


Thundurus usually interacts with humans in one of two ways: It plays pranks on them, or it sees them up close and flees. However, when someone gets Thundurus angry, he fulfills his reputation as a force of destruction to great effect. His lightning bolts fire in rapid succession and at full power, and entire cities have been blasted to smithereens by Thundurus when he is outraged. When Tornadus joins him, the devastation is indescribable. Fortunately, they tend to calm down quickly, and when they don’t, Landorus usually arrives on the scene to stop them. The last time they rampaged together was on Milos Island in 19XX, where the storms they created were powerful enough to change the island's entire landscape and wipe out most of its houses. The two legendaries have been relatively calm since then – though they could easily start up again.


Unovans have a long tradition of telling stories where Landorus brings gifts to good children during the region’s harvest festivals, but Thundurus buries bad ones in mountains of coal.

Thundurus is often seen in artwork alongside his counterpart and fellow trio member Tornadus, usually causing either destruction or mischief. Both are also often depicted with Landorus, with statues of all three being a common sight in Unovan shrines.

A heavily anthropomorphized version of Thundurus with a signature straw hat was a common sight in the cinema of certain non-Unovan countries; this eventually led to that version of the legendary becoming a heavily recurring character in a series of [[MortalKombat bloody fighting games]]. Additionally, he was the namesake of a sidekick of a minor antagonist in a [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII popular RPG]] from a long-running series of such.

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