!Team Rocket

''The one constant throughout human history is the desire for power, and the presence of those willing to go any length in order to attain it. Pokémon, regardless of any other qualities they may possess, have vast amounts of power; therefore, one must go to any length necessary in order to control Pokémon, as both a source of power and as tools to attain more power.''

While the exact phrasing and wording has changed over the years, the above maxim has remained the central tenement of the terrorist organization known only as Team Rocket since the group’s inception half a century ago. A vile organization surrounded by terrible rumours and worse truths, Team Rocket's primary goal is the acquisition of political and military power, possibly even to the extent of world domination, which it strives to achieve by enslaving and experimenting upon powerful Pokemon.

! Activities

Though headquartered primarily in the neighbouring regions of Kanto and Johto, the organization also exerted its control over the Sevii Islands and was believed to maintain at least a marginal presence in all other regions of the world. Team Rocket’s known crimes were diverse and far-flung; they ranged from the silly, such as harassment of children and disturbing the peace, to more serious offenses such as racketeering and extortion, the harvesting and distribution of Pokémon organs as narcotics, the corruption and recruitment of minors, and kidnapping, to the extreme crimes of torture and enslavement of Pokémon, employing Pokémon as weapons of war and intimidation, invading the main office of Silph Co. and holding the entire company hostage, hijacking the Johto Radio Tower and curtailing the right of free speech, and performing illegal genetic experiments on captive Pokémon and humans alike.

! Organization

One factor which permitted this vile organization to escape justice was their decentralized command structure. Field agents operated in small cells consisting of a few grunts and two or more higher-ranked executors who received instruction from their faceless superiors via dead-drops; thus, grunts from one cell would not be able to recognize grunts from another cell when not in uniform, and executors would only be able to give away the names and locations of one or two other executors if they were caught and interrogated by the authorities.

Agents only gathered en-masse at the behest of Rocket Administrators and Executives, who handled the legislative and bureaucratic duties necessary to keep such a large organization up and running, or at the command of The Boss, the organization’s unquestioned leader. The Boss would send instructions to his executives and Administrators via untraceable e-mail or carrier Pidgey, and rarely appeared in person unless an operation warranted it; as such, few among team Rocket’s upper echelons ever knew the identity of The Boss, and those who did remained alive only as long as they remained loyal and useful to the organization. The last and only known Boss prior to the group’s dissolution was Giovanni [[MeaningfulName Terre]][[GratuitousItalian moto]], a wealthy industrialist and the former Viridian City Gym Leader.

! History

Although much of Team Rocket's early activities remain unknown, recent investigations have uncovered startling information. Team Rocket, before it became known as such, was originally a black-ops division of the Kanto-Johto intelligence agency. Formed during a time of mounting tensions between Kanto and Hoenn, the organization was created, without official government sanction, to capture and study Pokemon for use as soldiers, saboteurs and siege weapons in the event of a World War, and to train the populace as guerrilla fighters.

Although the war Team Rocket's founders predicted thankfully never came to pass, by the time peace had been solidified Team Rocket had taken on a life of its own, and its members went to ground, continuing to study and experiment on Pokemon with the backing of a number of wealthy individuals who stood to profit from the outbreak of hostilities. [[MotiveDecay Eventually the goal of preparing for a war was completely forgotten]], and Team Rocket became the terrorist organization most people are familiar with today.

[-Written by @/SullenFrog, with some grammatical correction by @/{{Luigifan}}.-]