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!!Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* #438 Bonsly
* #185 Sudowoodo

!!Notable Biology

The entire family is a dull brown with green orbs either as the 'fingers' of the adult Sudowoodo or three on a small growth on the head of the Bonsly, as they lack arms. This growth becomes a kabuto-horn like protrusion upon evolution and loses the 'leaves', leaving it to seem somewhat like a broken branch.

Sudowoodo are roughly four feet in height, while Bonsly is only a foot tall. Despite having bodies similar in composition to petrified wood, they are relatively light at around 80 pounds for Sudowoodo, 30 for the juvenile form.

What makes the species unique among Pokemon is how hard they were to classify. Its appearance as a tree, coupled with its preference for forested areas and ability to use a wide variety of moves, led many to believe it was a Grass type. It's only recently due to a close study of its physiology that it has been labeled a pure Rock type.

Bonsly is capable of learning the move Mimic, which is indeed necessary for proper evolution into Sudowoodo. This was the cause of much frustration for researchers, who would often only use one or two types and have them use generic moves such as Water Gun or Vine Whip, the latter only exacerbating the myth of the family as Grass type as the Sudowoodo or Bonsly would merely mimic the move back in defense.

Both species prefer camouflage and hiding to confrontation, using their plant-like forms to blend in with the flora of their home. Because of this instinct, they often find themselves in human gardens, hedge mazes, orchards, and various other similar locations.

This ends in disaster, as the whole species suffers from acute hydrophobia beyond anything other Rock types express; indeed, they are even more hydrophobic than most Fire types as well. There are records of accidents where, not knowing a Bonsly had slipped into the berry garden for a treat, people began to water the garden with a hose or can and soon found themselves on their back with a bruise (or, in some rare cases, cracked ribs) from the rushed escape of the panicked Pokemon.

There are those who still believe it to be Grass type related, at the very least more so than other Rock types. Some theorize that long ago, the family were full Grass types, able to use various moves connected to the type. Then, some strange event, possibly a virus or bacterium that originally infected Rock types, caused crystallization in the species. Those strong enough to live and breed eventually combined the DNA into their own, over time causing the Sudowoodo of today.

This is supported by Sudowoodo being the sole non-grass type able to use the highly dangerous move Wood Hammer, and is also able to use it to full effectiveness. The Rock Head ability will prevent recoil damage, and the majority of Sudowood's competitive threats (Water and Ground) are extremely vulnerable to such a technique.

Others think that the creature is of supernatural origin, actual petrified wood that was taken over by the spirit of a Rock type due to the similarity to regular stone and the past ability to hold life making it easier to animate than rock.

However, these are all mere ideas, and the true origin, as with the majority of Pokemon, is shrouded in the veils of time.


The Sudowoodo family are rather uncommon yet hardy, able to live comfortably in all the major regions should they be relocated from their natural homes in the Johto and Sinnoh regions. Forests are prime living for both stages; Sudowoodo able to blend with the trees and Bonsly as shrubbery. Due to their popularity as cute pets and decent battlers, many people go to local breeders and declare "Bring me a Bonsly!", eventually culminating in a movie about King Arthur and an order of knights demanding one be given to them in order to continue his quest.


As with most Pokemon, Berries provide an easy and nutritious food for wild and tamed Sudowoodo alike. Dried berries are especially preferred, as anything too juicy makes them wary. Note that young Bonsly, however, need fine mash in order to properly digest. A common solution is to blend a very thick berry smoothie with vitamin enriched powders and spoon feed it to the baby. In the wild, however, they often must make due with what they can, leading to the young Pokemon having to risk choking on large berries or actually drowning in juicier varieties

It is hypothesized that this early age choking/drowning hazard is what causes their aquaphobia, as Bonsly raised in captivity are less frightened of water, and are merely as cautious as a Rock type should be around the liquid.


The entire line is extremely shy and cautious, though Trainers and Breeders willing to work through it are often rewarded with friendly, loyal companions for life. Masters of hiding in plain sight, the accidents mentioned above are somewhat common, though thankfully diminishing greatly with the advent of automated sprinkler systems which scare off the Rock type long before a human encounters them in developed areas. It does remain a large risk for those who garden by hand, and as such one should always take care to double check your garden rows for any extra 'plants'.

Outside of accidents, Sudowoodo are effective competitive battlers, able to use a wide variety of moves such as the previously mentioned Wood Hammer, Double Edge, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Earthquake, and Hammer Arm. This wide type coverage is sadly ignored by Trainers, as Sudowoodos often aren't as strong as other Rock types. Nonetheless, they find happy homes with some more insightful Trainers who are careful to focus on its strengths, and being solely Rock type greatly increases the survivability of Sudowoodo even against dreaded Water types.

!!Courting and Childrearing

Mostly reclusive in the wild, it is rare to find more than a few Sudowoodo gathered in any given forest. Should they find members of the opposite sex, mating is done quickly and without any commitment, as the parents don't raise the child. The egg is laid discretely and coated in a very sticky sap-like secretion, then covered in dirt, leaves or gravel to disguise it. After that, the mother leaves, and the child hatches some time later. The Bonsly wanders and grows without a family, sometimes crying false tears to garner attention from some motherly figure to help feed it. Often, this instead attracts a predator, though the Bonsly's rocky skin prevents most from doing more than scaring the baby.

!!Social Structure

Completely reclusive in the wild, in captivity they will become soldier-like loyal to a Trainer if they are raised properly, treating their owner like a commander or at the least a strict parent.


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