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!!Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* Sableye [#302]

Sablye is a small, dark purple Pokémon with long three-clawed arms, small legs, and a bulbous head. It has no obvious features other than a pair of blue crystalline formations over its eyes and smaller blue and red crystals on its chest and back; however, its mouth, when opened, is large and full of triangular white teeth. Sableye also has small spines on its arms and head, which are formed of the same material as most of its flesh.

!!Notable Biology

Sableye's body is mostly composed of interweaving rigid fibers of unknown composition. The substance repels any sort of internal scans, so dissection will be necessary to examine Sableye's internal organs. However, the fibers can also turn intangible, giving the Pokémon a natural defense against most predators. The ability is retained even after death, rendering any physical examination by medical tools impossible at the current time.

Although most of Sableye's body is formed of the unknown material, a few spots are formed out of a solid crystalline substance, including covers for Sableye's large eyes. The reason for the adaptation is unknown; although the crystals over the eyes might contribute to the Pokémon's ability to see in the dark, the regions on the chest and back serve no such purpose. Unlike other parts of Sableye, the crystals do not turn intangible at will. Chemical analysis of the body-parts reveals traces of iron, aluminum oxide, and many other minerals.

Due to their large heads and long arms, Sableye always are hunched over, sometimes even dragging their claws against the ground. They constantly sway their body and often suddenly move in short, jerky motions, indicating a higher metabolism. The senses of Sableye are mostly unknown. Their large eyes and the crystalline lenses upon them reflect inside all available light, indicating an advanced eyesight that would be useful for a cave-dwelling Pokémon.


Sableye always live in caves with a high content of edible minerals, due to their dietary requirements. They prefer the darkest regions of such caves, as their night vision gives them a natural edge over Pokémon and their coloring allows them to blend in. Sableye will often dig tunnels in the walls for transportation and to search for the various substances they devour. The only times Sableye will leave caves are when all minerals are exhausted; they will then migrate across open-ground in large swarms to reach a new home.


Sableyes consume minerals that are common to crystal formation, especially corundum. These minerals are typically ingested in the form of gemstones, which the Pokémon excavate with their claws. A Sableye will spend any free time it has to this task, other than when non-Sableye intruders are in the vicinity. Although Sableye are equipped with very sharp teeth, they swallow their food whole; the fangs are presumably purposed for self-defense and aggression.

A rather disturbing circumstance happens when a Sableye is wounded or killed. Because the Pokémon naturally eats minerals and converts them into the crystalline growths on its body, other Sableye will be quick to descend upon their fellow and devour the specific parts of its body, absorbing the nutritional benefits of the original. This does not occur with healthy Sableye, indicating a preference towards opportunism. Although a few other Pokémon also carry edible minerals, no observations have been made in the wild and testing is prohibited for moral reasons.


Miners inevitably come into conflict with Sableye. Frequently, a drill will uncover a burrow or cache, provoking the creatures. Even the mere sounds of digging can anger them. In response to the growing threat of contact, most miners carry at least one Pokémon that can protect them against Sableye attacks. A less dangerous, but still serious problem is the direct competition between Sableye and mining. The creatures will devour any exposed caches, creating massive delays and losses. Most corporations attempt to avoid tunnels with high Sableye populations, due to the various dangers involved. Many miner unions and organizations support the total extermination of the Pokémon.

Sableye are very mischievous, and enjoy aggravating any people or Pokémon who enter their territory. These tricks range from smashing lightbulbs to pushing boulders onto the unsuspecting heads of its victims. Complex machinery is almost always the first target of Sableye attacks; it is unknown whether they hold an animosity for the equipment they destroy, or whether they simply enjoy the chaos they create by breaking the most important tools.

Sableye pranks sometimes turn into full-on attacks. Their sharp teeth and claws can leave bloody lacerations that quickly become infected, and a few victims have even lost fingers. The tricksters often ambush from side-tunnels or the shadows, only to disappear quickly and strike again from a different spot. A few Sableye even employ paranormal abilities, such as attacks of pure darkness or shadow. Due to their intangible flesh, Sableye are immune to most physical attacks. Their minds also cannot be detected or accessed by telepathy, rendering psychic abilities useless and psychic Pokémon easy prey. High caution is to be used when bringing children or certain types of Pokémon into mines with high Sableye populations, as the creatures seem to enjoy attacking those who cannot fight back.

Because of its eerie nature, there are many urban myths and legends on the sort of threat Sableye poses. Some rumors say that Sableye will follow their targets outside caves, harassing them further; a few even tell of Sableye repeatedly visiting the houses of their victims and watching them. Miners call the Pokémon "La Lechuza del Infierno, " and believe it can steal souls into the crystals in its eyes; for this reason, the gaze of a Sableye is considered terrible luck. One famous story is about a Sableye in a pitch-black cave, who convinced a traveller it would give him whatever wish he desired; when the man wished to see in the dark as well as he could see outside, the trickster gouged out his eyes. None of these stories are confirmed, and most attach an actively malicious nature to what is most likely just a natural prankster. A few myths could be attributed to other Pokémon with similar physical features, such as the prolific Noctowl.

!!Courting and Childrearing

Before courting a mate, both male and female Sableye devote all their energy to devouring any corundum they can find. They metabolize the extra minerals into enlarging the crystals on their bodies; the large, glittering jewels tend to impress mates. Sex itself does not seem to be akin to anything in vertebrates; indeed, many Sableye merely stand next to each other without physically touching.

After mating, the two separate to search for yet more minerals. The males indiscriminately hunt for any edible jewels, while the females look only for corundum to eat, presumably to construct the egg's shell and the baby's crystals. When ready to lay an egg, the mother digs a small hole and lays it inside. The male embeds the gemstones he found into the walls of the pit. They then leave their offspring and continues on with their life. An infant Sableye hatches fully formed and in a nest lined with enough food to allow it to develop large mineral reservoirs. They have all the behavior of adults, eliminating any need for parenthood.

!!Social Structure

Sableye are loners by nature, and avoid contact with most other Pokémon other than in pranks. Individuals tend to ignore other Sableye when they do happen upon one another, the only exceptions being when they are ready to mate or when they spot an opportunity to cannibalize another's crystals. No territorial boundaries are set, so the creatures often congregate in small groups clustering around gemstone deposits. Interspecies conflict is nonexistent, even when competition is detrimental to the survival of the Pokémon. Curiously, mature Sableye will always ignore the crystals lined around a nest-hole; the behavior might be linked to how parents will never eat their own nest's food supply.


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