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!! Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* Porygon [137]
* [=Porygon2=] [233]
* Porygon-Z [474]

!! Notable Biology


'''Porygon''' may very well be one of the most remarkable Pokémon to date, being artificially engineered autonomous AI programs and one of the first artificial Pokémon made in the modern world. They were first designed by Silph Co. as a personal utility for managing large computational operations that their employees would need to use. Indeed, Porygon can handle, store, and sort enormous amounts of data.

With the proper technology (which can easily be integrated into a standard Pokéball), Porygon can "project" their basic equations into a tangible form from surrounding molecules, resulting in a blocky, computerized-looking creature. This is not the "true" form of a Porygon, which is in fact an intangible mass of binary. Every copy of Porygon is encrypted with a [[CopyProtection Silph copyright protection code]], preventing duplication through electronic means. It is meant to resemble a bird.


The '''[=Porygon2=]''', an upgraded model of software, debuted to much fanfare and proved to be superior than its predecessor. It was designed for assisted space travel to other planets; however, as it cannot propel itself in air or the vacuum of space, it was not able to measure up to those promises. Unlike Porygon, [=Porygon2=] was not confined to its programming as it was capable of learning. Furthermore, any Porygon could quickly be upgraded into a [=Porygon2=] through a computational process resembling traditional evolution, triggered with the installation of an issued Upgrade disc and induced evolution through trading. Any device that communicated wirelessly could potentially store a [=Porygon2=]; this new model possessed the ability to email itself wirelessly onto any device, and, by compressing and zipping itself, it can even fit itself onto a Pokédex.

Much concern was initially raised about this controversial feature from some sources; soon after Silph Co. released a firewall program that can block a [=Porygon2=] from entering. In addition, like its predecessor, it has the ability to project itself into the real world. A [=Porygon2=]'s projected form is much smoother and sleeker than a Porygon's, more resembling a bird than before. Online, however, [=Porygon2s=] can change their appearance to suit the tastes of their users; an unfortunate consequence is that some users often have their [=Porygon2=] take the [[AllMenArePerverts appearance of scantily clad women]] or [[{{Squick}} worse]].


The '''Porygon-Z''' is an unofficial modification of [=Porygon2=], rather than a licensed full-on upgrade. Nonetheless, it's treated like and acts as a traditional evolution, which is induced through trading. It was created for the possibility of traveling between [[AnotherDimension different dimensions]] and solved [=Porygon2=]'s inability of sustained flight, but the unofficial software resulted in an erratic, glitched Pokémon, and like [=Porygon2=] and its promises of reaching other planets, Porygon-Z is unable to travel through alien dimensions. Its body and head are in awkward positions and somehow, unlike its predecessors, is capable of displaying emotions. The mod has since been deemed illegal by Silph Co., though one can obtain it by subjecting their [=Porygon2s=] to certain amounts of data [[DigitalPiracyIsEvil pirated from underground sources]]. Ownership of a Porygon-Z is not punishable by a lawsuit, but willful distribution is enough for a claim to be made. Although they are prone to freezing up or "glitching" out on the arena, Porygon-Zs are still usable in both computational programs and in battle, being much more powerful than a normal [=Porygon2=] yet more fragile, similar to an Alakazam, [[GlassCannon trading stability for processing power]].

!! Habitat

Porygon usually exist within computers or other advanced computer devices. A [=Porygon2=] can cram itself into any device that has more than 7 GB of memory. Recently, Professor Birch has discovered a bizarre phenomenon--occasionally, Porygon will go missing from their computer, only to reappear hours or even days later, completely unchanged.

A recent theory put forth by a famed scientist is that the continuous wireless communications and quantum entanglement practiced by today's incredibly advanced machinery may indeed have somehow created another plane of existence reliant on the rapid transference of quantum information and balancing of equations, a sort of "digital world", often abbreviated to "the Digiworld hypothesis". Some believe that Porygon can upload and later download themselves into and from this hypothetical world, though exactly what sort of conditions or life-forms exist there, or even if this world is real at all, is still unknown. Recently, [[Franchise/{{Digimon}} a group of children claimed to have entered this world]] and befriended the local life-forms; they are all currently under psychiatric evaluation.

!! Diet

None, though if given food, it will eat.

!! Hazards

The physiology and personality of Porygon in themselves are not harmful at all; they are friendly and enjoy working with their masters, whether in day-to-day life or in competitive battles. However, many have exploited their Porygon for less-than-honorable purposes. A trained hacker can insert a virus into their Porygon's system, despite most models having a rapidly-updated firewall system. [=Porygon2s=] can email themselves from machine to machine, spreading this virus onto another computer's native Porygon. The largest such outbreak is believed to have been started by Team Rocket and infected at least 300 Porygons and [=Porygon2s=], in addition to taking down the computers of multiple Pokémon centers, banks, and homes. In addition to this, a faulty Porygon can cause seizures for those who look at a screen that is connected to a device it is occupying. This bug was fixed with the release of [=Porygon2=].

Porygon-Z, as mentioned before, is inherently unstable, and while still has loyalty programmed in it, it may glitch out and display erratic actions that may prove harmful to its user.

!! Courting and Childrearing

None, however Porygon (and all of it's evolutions) are classified under the "Mineral" breeding group, and (with the help of a Ditto) mate and create a physical Porygon egg, which will hatch much like a normal egg, it is unknown whether Porygons have any parental behaviors coded into their psyche or how the Ditto parent can mate using Binary code.

!! Social Structure

Porygon, [=Porygon2s=], and Porygon-Zs are all capable of interfacing with one another and uploading or downloading data into one another's systems. Networks of up to a hundred [=Porygon2s=] have been formed, capable of handling and sorting of upwards of 100 petabytes of memory.


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