!!Poison Touch

!!Description of effect
May poison targets when the Pokémon makes contact.

!!Physiological Response- Biological
Pokémon that possess the Poison Touch ability have the ability to coat their skin in a poisonous substance which is then able to poison others by entering their bodies through even the smallest of openings including pores when the Pokémon with the Poison touch ability makes physical contact with them.

!!Physiological Response- Physical
This ability has no known effect on the Pokémon's physical appearance.

!!Psychological Response
This ability has no known effect on a Pokémon's mental processes or abilities.

!!In battle Response
When a Pokémon with the Poison touch ability makes contact with an opponent in battle with a move such as Brick Break there is a roughly 30% chance of the target being poisoned.

!!Environmental Response
This ability has no known effect outside of battle.

!!Further Research
Scientists and Pokémon researchers are doing much research on the poisonous substance produced by these Pokémon in the hopes of producing stronger, faster acting, more versatile, more effective and more cheaply produced antivenins for both people and Pokémon. Some Unovan scientists are also doing research into why this ability is only found as a common ability in one species of Pokémon and it is the only non-poison type on the list. There is also research being done into comparing the poison these Pokémon produce and the poison found on the arrow heads and other weapons used by certain cultures around the world.

!! Pokémon with this ability
So far only 5 of the known Pokémon species been discovered to be able to have this ability with only one species having it as a common ability, the other four species can only have it as a rare sub-group known to trainers as the ‘Hidden Ability’ due to the rareness of members with this ability. The Pokémon with this as a common ability is [[{{FanonPokedex/Tympole}} Seismitoad]]. The Pokémon with this as a ‘Hidden ability’ are [[{{FanonPokedex/Grimer}} Grimer, Muk]], [[{{FanonPokedex/Croagunk}} Croagunk and Toxicroak]].

[-Written by {{@/Shadow6666}}-]