''This page is intended as a joke, even by the standards of the Fanon Pokédex. Do not take it seriously.''


! Pikablu Line

!! Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* Piblu [152]
* Pikablu [153/183?]
* Pikared [154/184?]

!! Notable Biology

Pikablu is a rodent Pokémon, blue in coloration except for aqua stripes along its back. It has round ears, unlike the pointy ones of its close relative, Pikachu, and its tail is thin and colored a dark black. Its body is nearly spherical, and it has difficulty walking. It has a radius of about one foot. Pikablu has been commonly mistaken for Marill.

When given an Ultimate Stone, Pikablu evolves into Pikared. Pikared is 1.3 meters tall, with far better muscle definition. It now has red fur, with an orange belly. It has sharp teeth that can bite through anything, and glowing eyes. Its ears are very spiky. Despite this (and the obvious coloring), Pikared is commonly mistaken for Azumarill.

!! Habitat

Pikablu are not found in the wild. You have to walk around the roof of the Celadon Department Store a hundred times and then trade a Metapod to the girl by the vending machines for her to give you one.

!! Diet

Piblu and Pikablu feed on Farfetch'd leeks. If you feed them a Rare Candy at level 50 they learn [=TeaM51=], one of the strongest moves in the game.

!! Hazards


!! Courting and Childrearing


!! Social Structure