! Pallet Town

!! Background

Pallet Town is a relatively new housing development in the southern Kanto Region. Founded some 25 years ago during the construction boom of the era, Pallet Town is well known for the quality and high technology of its houses. In addition to this, it is the home of the famous Professor Oak and his laboratory, regarded as one of the top Pokémon authorities in the nation.

!! Geography

Pallet Town is a coastal town, and is only a short distance away from Cinnabar Island. A Trainer with a skilled Water Pokémon can make the trip in about an hour. Though there is no full-time ferry service to and from the two currently, recently there has been talk of installing one. To the north of Pallet Town, accessible by Route 1, is Viridian City, which has a gym led by Professor Oak's grandson Blue.

!! Industry

At one time, Pallet Town was a home of primary industry, but this has dried up since most manufacturing has been moved to Saffron City. At present, many Pallet Town residents work from home and telecommute for large corporations like Silph Co. and Devon. In addition, many people work as assistants and aides for Professor Oak and his lab, and help to take care of the myriad Pokémon that come and go every day.

!! Tips for Trainers

Many, if not all, aspiring Kanto Trainers will visit Pallet Town at least once in their careers. In fact, most will begin their journey by visiting the area to receive one of three free Starter Pokémon from Professor Oak. Native Pokémon of the area are relatively tame and easily caught, providing a quick and easy addition to any team.

!! Native Pokémon

Pallet Town has generally been cleared of the wilder inhabitants that live in other parts of the country. The meadows surrounding the town are well-kept. Occasionally, a larger Pokémon from farther afield may be found in the area, such as Pikachu.

Pokémon normally found on Route 1 include:

* [[{{FanonPokedex/Pidgey}} Pidgey]] (#016)
* [[{{FanonPokedex/Ratatta}} Rattata]] (#019)
* [[{{FanonPokedex/Caterpie}} Caterpie]] (#010)

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