! Numel Line
!! Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* Numel [#322]
* Camerupt [#323]

!! Notable Biology

A typical Numel is a quadruped that bears a striking similarity to a dromedary camel. It is rather girthy, being about as wide as it is long, and weighing in at 24 kilograms, or 52.9 pounds. Its four legs are extremely short, the feet also strangely lack toes of any sort. It has two oblong spheres for ears, and they stick out of the top of its head. In total, the Numel is .7 meters tall, or 2'04". Thereís also three large hairs that stick to the top of its head, and they are used to keep the head safe from falling rocks. The majority of it is yellow, but it has a paler yellow on its underbelly and snout. There is a brown ring around its eyes that serve an unknown purpose. The top of the hump is green and as such looks like a hill. Females have a slightly larger hump than males do. The tip of the hump has a small hole that the Numel uses to cool off its body and especially its pyro sac due to the need to conserve water in the high-heat areas it lives in. Numel have underdeveloped brains; many lack adequate testosterone and endorphin-producing nerves, and most of the ones that donít have been shown to have a large lack of attention to detail. Very rarely, Numel have been found that have a strange way of moving; this is not due to fatigue but is a natural brain function.

Once they mature, the typical Numel becomes a typical Camerupt. Typical Camerupt are also quadrupeds; however they are a bright red-orange. They are 1.9 m tall, or 6'03" and weigh about 220 kgs, or 485 lbs. They have evolved a second hump to become a Bactrian camel. These humps are also used to cool Camerupt; however, they are used in a much different way. Camerupt have developed a special coolant that they use to cool their pyro sac and themselves as well. This coolant absorbs heat from Camerupt and gets vented through the sacs in a way that looks like a volcano expelling lava because the coolant is red and the humps look like volcanoes. Again, females have slightly larger humps. Cameruptís ears have drooped into a sideways position, and the three hairs now stick up on its head. There is a zigzagging line connecting its eyes and below it on the snout the hairs turn gray. It has grown gray hooves and on each side there are three homogenous blue rings. These rings are also extractors of Cameruptís coolant, and it creates a notable effect of keeping Camerupt warm, despite the plentiful amount of heat. Oddly, the coolant, well, cools on Cameruptís fur and hardens in a large amount of cases; it is unknown if it is purposeful but it serves as a pseudo-exoskeleton of sorts, weakening blows that are more dangerous to Camerupt. A rare amount of Camerupt donít have working extractors; this seems to cause them to get violently enraged when hit with strong attacks.

In extremely rare cases, alternately-colored Numel and Camerupt have been spotted. The Numel are more pink with blue humps and brown eye rings, and the Camerupt are a blue-gray with pink humps and snouts and yellow rings. Both are highly prized by collectors.
!! Habitat
Both Numel and Camerupt have been found near or in active volcanos. Camerupt are a very rare sight in Mt. Chimney, but they are found with their young in Stark Mountain in Sinnoh. None have been found near Mt. Battle so far.
!! Diet

They dine on rocks in their environment due to the inability for plants to grow. Camerupt have this job easier due to being able to use a fusion of the pyro sac and heated coolant to melt the rocks.
!! Hazards

Numel possess little to no threat due to their dull wit; they only act in self-defense. If you do manage to entice a Numel to attack, they will spew flames at you, but due to their need to cool, they donít spew flames for long. At this point, they will probably forget what they were doing and return to a passive state.

Camerupt, on the other hand, are easily aggravated, especially so if you encounter the rare submorph without side vents. With their coolant, they can spew flames for very large amounts of time, and if theyíre strong enough, they can use a very rapid combination of using and cooling their pyro sac and erupt it all out of their humps. They can also attack using their considerable girth to ram into things, although fire is their preferred method.
!! Courting and Childrearing

Numel reproduce in a simple way, breeding with the first mate they find. They retreat into a volcanic crevice to raise the young, and spew flames at anything that gets close to it.

Camerupt continue to oppose Numel in behavior, and they compete for a mate by seeing who can shoot fire out of their humps the highest. They also hide in a small, safe cavern to raise their young and attack anything that gets near the entrance.

!! Social Structure

Numel generally live solitary lives, being too simple to care. They respect each otherís space and donít really mind sharing.

Camerupt, again, are not that way, claiming a certain area of the volcano or caverns and attacking intruder Camerupt. They wonít attack any Numel because they are clueless and unaware of the boundaries.

!! In Human Culture


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