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!! Physical Descriptions

A small, rodentlike Pokémon, Mew possesses large feet, cat like ears, and a long tail. Its entire body is covered with pink vellus hair. Some have described Mew as resembling a fetus. Its known habit of resting in a psychic bubble reinforces this claim.

!! Lore and History

Mew is one of the most famous of the Legendary Pokémon, albeit the one who was, until only a couple of years ago, most widely believed to be a myth. Appearing in many popular stories, Mew has been the subject of fascination by many. Mew was largely considered a myth, Mew sightings attributed to mirages or hallucinations. However, when a clear photograph of Mew, taken by respected Pokémon photographer Todd Snap, supported as true by none other than Professor Samuel Oak himself, came to light, Mew was recognized as a real Pokémon by the scientific community. Shortly thereafter, a fossil of Mew with intact genetic code was discovered. The results of this discovery are shared in the Mewtwo article.

[[MythologyGag Mew has been the subject of numerous urban legends, the most famous being that one could find it under a truck on a shipping deck at the Vermilion City Port. It ended up having so many young Trainers trespassing and trying to shove trucks around in a search for Mew that the managers were forced to issue a statement denying that Mew had ever been there.]]

The files on Mew's genetic structure describe it as "the most complex of any known Pokémon." Possessing over one thousand chromosomes, this has lead it to be said by some that Mew has the DNA of all Pokémon within it. While this is most certainly an exaggeration, many sequences in Mew's DNA have been found to match that of almost every Pokémon, to the point where the majority of scientists, Professor Oak included, believe its species to be ''the'' ancestor of all currently existing Pokémon (except, of course, artificially created Pokémon such as Castform, Mewtwo, Deoxys, the Porygon evolutionary family, possibly Elgyem and Beheeyem, and maybe even Arceus).

!! Known Sightings

Many trainers had reported that they had seen other Pokémon transform into Mew; these sightings were dismissed until further revelations on Mew's abilities were revealed.

As mentioned, the first verified sighting of Mew was a photograph taken by Todd Snap. Snap described the experience as difficult, saying that Mew had placed a barrier over itself that obfuscated photographs. This would explain why so many alleged photographs of Mew reveal only bright blurs.

The Mew fossil was discovered in South America by a Team Rocket-funded expedition. Upon the dissolving of the organization, the surviving scientists came forth with the fossil and their research. Not only was this very important evidence arguing for the existence of this "New Species" Pokémon, but it also opened the possibility that there was more than one specimen of Mew during prehistoric eras.[[note]]This hypothesis, if proven, would not necessarily rule Mew out as a Legendary Pokémon; the Mew sighted in recent times is almost universally agreed upon to be the last of its species, if not the only one of its species; therefore, it still fits the "one of a kind" criteria for Legendary status.[[/note]]

Recently, sightings of Mew have increased. In particular, a small island near Hoenn called "Faraway Island" by the locals has been a location of repeated sightings. Mr. Fuji, an old man once part of the Cinnabar Lab team, has stated himself to have been to Faraway Island with Blaine and encountered Mew, and then left a series of messages to alert its presence. Mew seems to have dropped the shy attitude that it has expressed previously, and even researchers heading to Faraway Island have been able to see and interact with it. Quality photos, however, cannot be taken, as no one has ever gotten through Mew's reflective aura besides Snap, who has yet to comment on the solution.

!! Diet

Mew seems to be largely herbivorous, preferring to eat berries and other fruits whenever possible. It also has expressed a fondness for candy. Some trainers encountering it reported that they were able to get it to perform tasks in exchange for a chocolate bar.

!! Abilities

Mew is an incredibly powerful Psychic Pokémon. It levitates in the air at all times, even while sleeping. Exceptionally intelligent, it is fully capable of communicating with humans. A telepath that encountered Mew managed to briefly link her mind to Mew's; she later described its mind "like an infinitely deep ocean". Mew has shown the ability to casually teleport over large distances, manipulate matter at the atomic level, and easily read any being's mind.

Mew is also capable of using moves of every known type, and has shown compatibility with every known TM and HM created and may theoretically be able to learn every move in existance without issue. Mew has shown that it has the ability to use the move Transform, previously thought to only be usable by Ditto and Smeargle. This explains the sightings of other Pokémon transforming into Mew.

Mew has demonstrated the ability to alter its bodily structure in order to perform moves that it would not otherwise be able to learn. One trainer attempted to capture Mew used a Dark type Umbreon to neutralize Mew's potent Psychic ability. He described Mew's victory as "the thing's hands just extended into pincers! Then it used X-Scissor to take down Moonlight instantly!" It seems to be a more advanced application of Mew's transformative abilities.

!! Hazards

Mew is a gentle Pokémon; no injuries or deaths have been reported to be caused by it.

It reacts to any threat with the same playfulness as it would to a new playmate. It seems confident at all times that absolutely nothing can threaten it. Considering the power it has displayed, it is quite possible that this is true. When fighting, it will often hold back its powers to the level of whatever is attacking it, 'playing' with its attacker until it defeats it or simply decides to leave. Sometimes, however, it will merely quickly dispatch whatever attacked it, usually using an attack that is most effective against the attacker.

If you ever do encounter Mew, try offering it some food. Do not make any aggressive action. It may decide to stay with you for a short duration, and to be in the presence of such a rare Pokémon is a blessing in and of itself.

!! Other

Mew's connection to its "relative" Mewtwo is unknown. While there have been sightings of Mew and Mewtwo together, exactly what they were doing is a mystery.

There was a book, or more specifically a series of books, in Cinnabar that hinted at Mew actually being the mother of Mewtwo. These books have disappeared as of late. They were quite old at the time.

Despite how the name sounds in English-speaking countries, it is actually based on a Japanese word meaning "rare".
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