! Lillipup Line

!!Morphs [Oak Catalogue #]
* Lillipup [506] (''Canis puppis'')
* Herdier [507] (''C. herdis'')
* Stoutland [508] (''C. stacheis'')

!!Physical Description
The members of the Lillipup line are a trio of canine, Normal type Pokémon. Lillipup measures at around 40 cm tall and weighs between 3 and 5 kg, though larger and smaller members exist. Lillipup’s body is covered in tan-coloured fur, except for its face and a small patch of dark blue fur on its back which bears a slight resemblance to a cape. Its face is covered in an abundance of cream-coloured fur, which despite its large volume still shows Lillipup’s large eyes, red nose and small mouth.

After evolution Herdier has doubled in size, now standing at around 90cm and weighing between 13 and 16 kg. Herdier retains its tan-coloured fur over its legs, head, chest, and underside. The blue fur now covers all of its back and most of its side as well as completely covering Herdier’s tail. The cream-coloured fur that covered Lillipup’s face has now been reduced in quantity, now only forming a pair of eyebrow-like crests above Herdier’s eyes and covering its muzzle to form a rather impressive moustache.

The final stage, Stoutland, stands at around 1.2m tall and weighs between 50 and 70 kg. In this stage there is little of its original tan fur remaining, with only its legs and head still retaining this colour. Its body is completely covered in blue fur which is dark on top and becomes lighter on its underside. Its face still possesses the cream-coloured “eyebrows,” and its moustache has become even more impressive, now being so long it flows alongside Stoutland’s body.

!!Notable Biology
The most obvious feature of the Lillipup line is the fur that covers their faces. As a Lillipup, this fur covers their entire face and acts as an excellent radar allowing them to accurately sense their surroundings even when conditions make visibility low. As both Herdier and Stoutland, this fur covers less of their face, mostly making up their impressive moustaches. As a Herdier, the fur also cushions the force of attacks, reducing the chance of Herdier receiving a serious injury from physical attacks. Finally, as a Stoutland, the thickness of the fur allows them to survive freezing temperatures including those found in a blizzard.

As with most Normal-type Pokémon the members of the Lillipup line possess an omnisac which allow them to use elemental attacks such as Thunderbolt. They also possess vessels which lead from the omnisac to their jaws allowing for use of the “elemental fang” attacks and to the surface of their skin allowing for the use of moves such as “Wild Charge” with some training. As a Herdier and Stoutland, this line is strong enough to carry its trainer across bodies of water with some training. Lillipup and Herdier are also two of only four non-fully-evolved Pokemon able to learn the powerful "Giga Impact" move naturally.

There are three distinct sub-groups of this line of Pokémon. The first sub-group as a Lillipup exhibits what trainers call the “Vital Spirit” ability. These members possess a unique fight response to moves that would normally put them to sleep. When faced with one of these attacks their body releases a caffeine-like hormone which acts to stimulate the brain and prevent sleep, this means that these members are able to resist moves that would otherwise put them to sleep, including their own (e.g. “Rest”). Contrary to popular belief, this ability does not mean that members who possess it need no sleep at all; it simply prevents move induced sleep. As Herdier and Stoutland, these members have larger quantities of fur, making them look bigger as well as possessing larger, sharper teeth allowing them to scare their foes into making less powerful physical strikes. This is known by trainers as the “Intimidate” ability. The second sub-group as a Lillipup possess the unique ability to locate items in the immediate surroundings of themselves and their trainers and then acquire them; trainers refer to this as the “Pickup” ability. As a Herdier and Stoutland these members possess the “Sand Rush” ability. Members with this ability have thicker more streamlined fur which as well as preventing damage while in a sandstorm doubles this line's speed in these conditions. The third and final sub-morph is also the rarest. As a Lillipup these members possess a heightened flight response that allows them to escape from even the fastest opponents if it chooses to run from a fight. This is known to trainers as the “Run Away” ability. As a Herdier and Stoutland these members possess the “Scrappy” ability. These members possess small amounts of umbrate in their body and the ability to incorporate it into beam attacks. This ability allows them to hit Ghost-type Pokémon with attacks that would normally have no effect and pass straight through them.

As with all Pokémon, the Lillipup line has members that possess a unique phenotype that alters their colour. As a Lillipup these members sport golden brown fur on their body, a greenish ‘cape’ and iris and light yellow face fur. As a Herdier, they possess yellow-brown fur where there is normally tan, white moustache fur, and grey fur where there is normally blue. As Stoutland the normally tan fur darkens to a dark brown, the dark blue fur is a greenish colour, the light blue fur has become grey, and its moustache fur is now gold in colour.

All three forms prefer open fields and light forests as their habitat, with Unovan routes 1-3 being favourites of Lillipup and Herdier and Stoutland favouring Unovan route 10, though due to their increased resistance to cold climates they can also be found within the grounds of Driftveil City’s Cold Storage area. Routes 4,5 and 6 as well as the grounds of the Paniola Ranch on Akala Island in the Alola Region are home to Lillipup and there have been reports of them being found on routes 101,102 and 103 of the Hoenn with the aid of the DexNav device. There are also small populations of this line in other regions, though they tend to live far from human populations and are unlikely to be found without the aid of a Pokémon Professor or Ranger. This aid, however, is unlikely to be given as due to their small numbers in regions outside Unova and Alola the members of this line are protected by law.

All three members of this line are considered carnivores, though as with most Pokémon they will quite happily consume berries and products derived from them. In the wild the members of this line will hunt anything smaller than themselves, chasing it down in small packs made up of all members of the line. In captivity it is suggested that you feed your Pokémon specialised food that can be found in any Pokemart.

The members of this line are usually quite friendly and are unlikely to attack. However, as with any Pokémon, the members of this line will attack in the event they feel they, their trainer, their friends or their pups are in danger or if provoked. In the event that an attack occurs, medical attention should be sought due to the sharp teeth they possess.

!!Social Structure
The members of the Lillipup line tend to live in packs consisting of males and females of all members of the line. These packs will be led by a single alpha male Stoutland and consist mostly of females and pups with small numbers of older males, usually Herdier, two or three of which act as ‘betas’ to the alpha Stoutland.

It is unlikely for male Herdier to evolve into Stoutland when living in a pack unless the current alpha dies, at which point the betas will spar until one of them evolves, at which point he becomes the new alpha.

Unlike some pack Pokémon, if two groups meet they will not clash. Instead, the two alphas will negotiate hunting grounds with a clear boundary between them. It is also quite common for packs to take in any stray line members that they meet and treat them like their own.

In the wild only Stoutland and Herdier breed, though Lillipup is also capable of breeding in captivity. Females tend to breed once a year with a gestation period of about 9 weeks, at which point she will give birth to around 6 Lillipup puppies. Within packs the alpha male gets first pick of the females within the pack, after which the females will choose which of the breeding males to breed with. Usually the Herdier with bigger, bushier moustaches get priority. Those members that live by themselves will normally seek out solitary females or occasionally approach a nearby pack to seek the chance to breed.

Once born, the pups will feed off their mother’s milk for around 6-12 weeks before becoming fully independent. At around a year old, most will leave the pack and either live by themselves or find a new pack to join.

Due to the extra safety involved, members that breed in captivity will lay a single, less-developed young within an egg.

!!In Human Society
The members of the Lillipup line have been ever-present in human society for thousands of years, mostly as faithful companions to humans in the regions in which they are common. They have been used as farm dogs to round up livestock, hunting dogs, and more recently as assistants to members of the Police Force much as Growlithe and Arcanine have in other regions. Due to the size and impressiveness of their moustaches, Herdier and Stoutland both have types of moustache named after them. Lillipup are also common pets for young children due to their friendly and loyal nature.

Stoutland are often used to help find travelers who have lost their way in mountain and arctic areas. These Stoutland often have a barrel of brandy tied around their neck before using their amazing sense of smell to locate the lost travelers.

The members of the Lillipup line are incredibly common in most forms of media, usually as faithful companions to the human characters. They have even taken a starring role in some movies, including one about [[Film/EightBelow a group of eight sleigh Stoutland left at an Antarctic base after conditions force their human trainer to abandon the base and due to lack of room leave them behind]], as well as a movie about [[Film/MarleyAndMe a married pair that adopt a young Lillipup puppy and the many details of their life afterwards up until they are forced to put him down due to old age]].

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