!!Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* Kyogre [#382]

!!Physical Descriptions

Kyogre is situated with a deep blue body and a white chin area that extends to the chest area, with two spikes protruding under it. Above each eye are two spots, one larger than the other. Kyogre’s large fins have distinct aura markings, defined with a circle shape in the center with four lines extending on to the edge of the fin just before the rectangular claws begin. There is a perpendicular line located between the two lines closest to each other; researchers of Ancient Pokémon have taken note that this vaguely resembles the Unown A.

Kyogre has two small dorsal fins on its back with two white stripes running horizontally below the fins. The tail seems tattered with four trails, the inner smaller than the outer. It also has a mouth full of rarely seen blunted triangular teeth. Kyogre’s anatomy leaves way for very efficient undersea travel, so submarines used in expeditions to the bottom of the sea are designed around Kyogre’s frame.

Its gender is unknown, or indeed if gender is even applicable to it. However, recitations of a specific ancient legend refer to Kyogre as 'giving birth to her child the sea', leading to some sages referring to it with feminine pronouns and word structures.

!!Lore and History

Kyogre has long been worshipped by the inhabitants of Hoenn as the Deity of Rain and Seas, being diametrically opposed to Groudon, Deity of the Earth, and subordinate to Rayquaza, Deity of the Sky. In most of Hoenn’s religious texts and creation myths, Kyogre and its siblings fashioned the world from the primordial darkness of time and space, creating the waters that Pokémon might inhabit and rain that the land might gain nourishment. In turn, Groudon and Rayquaza blessed humanity with the gifts of the land and all of it sanctuary, and the sky, with which man and Pokémon might live, respectively.

A different legend originating from the Sinnoh region states that Kyogre, ruler of seas, was created alongside Groudon as siblings, created by The Original One to shape the earth and seas where life might flourish. However, constant disagreements over the way the world should be erupted between the both of them, the fight escalating to a point where the Original One could not approve of, thus leading to the creation of a third creature to tame them, the creature today known as Rayquaza. Legend tells that Rayquaza solved their conflict peaceably, binding each of their bodies to each other through Aura Markings.

With their conflict eventually settled, Kyogre retreated to the seas and Groudon deep within the earth. This myth seems to hold some credence, as Rayquaza, Groudon and Kyogre all have noticeable Aura Markings engraved to their bodies. Several students of the power of Aura have noted that Kyogre’s markings are mimicked more often by ancient tribes of the Guardians of Aura, though why Kyogre’s markings in particular are chosen over the angular markings of Groudon or circular markings of Rayquaza is still unknown.

The most prevalent myth, however, belongs to the Red Orb of Mt. Pyre. Legend tells of a time when Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza would all meet in a peculiar mountain that rose out from a bay where the bodies of the dead were placed. Whenever a new body was placed within Mt. Pyre’s cemetery, Rayquaza would appear to lift their spirits to the afterlife, Groudon would bury their bodies or burn their bodies for nourishment, and Kyogre would carry the ashes throughout the seas so that the sea would flourish. Because of the immense spiritual importance of the mountain, a Red Orb, fashioned eons ago by inhuman hands and tied to the Sea Basin Pokémon’s power, rests atop Mt. Pyre’s summit. To this day, the Red Orb is said to either summon, command, or calm Kyogre.

!!Known Sightings

The oldest recorded sighting of Kyogre known to humankind was recorded by the People of the Water thousands of years ago, in the form of a painting discovered in the cliff sides north of Hoenn. In the painting, what appears to be Kyogre is leaping above the Temple of the Sea. This also seems to tie in with the most recent sighting of Kyogre, during a Pokémon Ranger mission assigned to a Ranger working undercover under the alias of Jackie Walker. While many details have been kept classified, Kyogre has made an appearance near the very same Temple during that mission, apparently responding to an S.O.S signal of some sort.

Other recent sightings were recorded by Hoenn Champions Steven Stone, Wallace, and Sootopolis Gym Leader Juan *****. During the scuffle between Team Magma and Team Aqua, in possession of the Blue and Red Orbs respectively, they summoned forth both creatures with sinister intent. Two elders from Mt. Pyre testified of the use of the Orbs by Villainous Team Leaders as ‘turning the two creatures sinister as well’.

During the scuffle between the two legendries, heavy rainfall and harsh sunlight alternated chaotically, threatening to destroy the Hoenn Region altogether, and possibly even spreading to the entire world. Thankfully, a skillful Trainer, the child of Petalburg Gym Leader Norman, intervened at just the right time and summoned Rayquaza to quell their battle, leaving Hoenn in peace once more.

The most recent sighting was made by a crew of sailors on a ship that was reported to have been holding the Legendary Beast Entei. Their ship had been attacked and almost raided by pirates, but due to the intervention of Entei sending out an S.O.S signal to the nearby area, the pirates were stopped by a barrage of Water and Flying-Type Pokemon, among them Kyogre.

There seems to be an ongoing pattern with Kyogre coming to the assistance of others, suggesting that this Pokémon is either compassionate or has a sense of duty towards helping anything that calls for its aid.

!!Diet (if any)

While Kyogre is situated with blunted, yet triangular teeth suitable for a carnivorous diet, it has not been observed to eat anything.


Kyogre has been historically recorded as being able to create water from nothing, though the credibility of this information is debated. When observing Kyogre when it is sighted, Kyogre seems to employ powers over tides and waves of water beyond the abilities of other water-type Pokémon, even going so far as to remove or rearrange ocean currents. It has also been seen with the ability to cause endless downpours that continue on after it has left the area.


Though Kyogre has been documented as coming to people’s aid when called upon, it is not a very social creature and seems to react with hostility to almost any attempted contact from both Pokémon and humans alike. Several tests have been made by various scientists attempting to understand Kyogre’s behavior better, and many have come up with disastrous results. From what has been recorded during peaceful attempts to make contact with it, depending on Kyogre’s temperament, it will either slap you away with its nearest fin, or it will attempt to eat you. If you intend to make hostile contact, you’re probably not going to be seen again.

This very stark contrast between behaviors and reactions have caused some scientists to believe that there is more than one Kyogre in existence, as it is difficult to understand why a heroic creature that aids others when in need could also be hostile enough to attempt to eat another person when contacted through other means. Those familiar with the legends of Hoenn, however, believe that Kyogre’s odd behavior is because Kyogre is the incarnation of the seas, which can be calm and welcoming or ruthless in wrath with no pattern discernable by the common mind.
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