[[caption-width-right:358:An old painting of Giratina’s Altered Form discovered 8 years ago by Sinnoh Champion Cynthia, dating back to around 250 B.C.E.]]

! Giratina

!! Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* Giratina Altered Form [487-A]
* Giratina Origin Form [487-O]

!! Physical Descriptions
Giratina's head and eyes resemble those of Dialga and Palkia, causing many to theorize that it is related to the two. Giratina is also situated with draconic scales. As of this writing, there is no information available on how Giratina works on a cellular level, because all attempts to understand its mechanisms have resulted in failure. An attempt to study a removed scale of Cynthia’s Giratina as a newborn melted the computer. Another attempt at understanding Giratina was enacted by a man’s Luxray and Electabuzz, attempting to get a bioelectric reading from Giratina, and after a few attempts both began to screech and immediately fainted, neither of them reviving until at least 37 hours later. With this in mind, an MRI was brought instead to a now one-week-old Giratina, but no viable information could be gathered due to Giratina having been in the middle of a game of tag with Cynthia's Togekiss, and constantly using Shadow Force to disappear and reappear in the most inopportune moments.

Giratina has two forms; the first (Altered Form) is the form that it takes in the world we live in. In this form, Giratina has a large, gray, centipede-like body with six proportionally short, thick legs. Its legs have gold claws and gold bands on them, and it also has three gold bands that decorate its long neck. It has a tail and a thick black stripe running vertically along the front of its body, a series of red horizontal stripes running across the large black one. On its back are two large, black wings that are decorated with red, conical objects that may be a sort of fingernail. The wings seem oddly out of place, due to the fact that Giratina seems far too heavy to fly effectively, though this is not the case when it is in the Distortion World. The wings also seem to be ghostly, as they can change shape as if they were made of a type of mid-way point between solid and liquid. The wing-like structures have been jokingly dubbed “Pudding Hands” by Sinnoh League Champion Cynthia.

Giratina’s second form, its Origin form, is taken when traveling through dimensions other than ours, such as the Distortion World, its home. The form-altering has been theorized to be triggered by a change of gravity by respected researcher Newton Graceland. This form is more serpentine than Giratina's Altered Form, and the gold bands around Giratina’s neck area are given a very minimal movement. The Origin Form of Giratina has six black, ghostly streamers on its back that each has a bright red spike at the end. Its mouth is hidden by the head plates, which swing open sideways and connect on the other side of the head when the mouth is opening. Giratina's legs have been reduced to spike-like protrusions. There are four more golden spikes near the edge of the tail. Giratina can only take this form outside of the Distortion World if it is holding a Griseous Orb.

!! Lore and History
There is much debate over Giratina’s history and origin. Sinnoh League Champion Cynthia has done exhaustive research on the subject after it piqued her interest one day. Her research has found that Giratina is related to Dialga and Palkia, as the polar counterpart to both. Another myth states that Giratina is the personification of antimatter, or all things opposing Dialga and Palkia, perhaps to bring forth a sort of balance reminiscent of the Yin and Yang theory proposed by Unovan Taoists.

While the complete myth has been lost throughout the ages, the annotated version written by Cynthia states that when the Original One, known as Arceus, created the world from nothing, it laid three eggs: A blue egg christened in diamond that hatched into Dialga, a pink egg christened in pearl that hatched into Palkia, and finally the egg containing Giratina, respectively.[[labelnote:2]]The egg’s mythological details are unknown, but the egg containing Giratina given to Cynthia was black, with a golden, brittle metal half-circle cocooning it around the eggshell.[[/labelnote]] When Dialga’s heart began to beat, so too did time flow, and when Palkia first drew breath, so too did the universe first take shape. However, Giratina’s role in the creation of the world is thus far unknown.

Further studies of Sinnoh Mythology suggest that Giratina is the commander of Alternate Dimensions; worlds beyond our own that are either very similar or drastically different, a multitude of worlds where anything and everything is possible. The only understandable explanation given is proposed by String Theorists, where the dimensions are points, lines, splits and folds.[[labelnote:3]][[http://www.break.com/index/how-to-imagine-the-tenth-dimension.html How to Imagine the Tenth Dimension]][[/labelnote]] All three members of the ‘Creation Trio’ seem to be capable of travelling through these dimensions, however, which casts doubt on whether these dimensions are the result of Giratina’s existence, or if it is merely the way the universe contains itself with the inclusion of ‘Spirit’.[[labelnote:4]]A theory proposed by Villainous team Leader Cyrus of Team Galactic.[[/labelnote]]

A myth once thought to have been unrelated was about a young man who wielded a sword. This young man smote Pokémon with his blade for nourishment and food, but soon began to smite without need of food and grew proud. One day, Pokémon ceased to appear to the man, and he began to grow weary and afraid. The man eventually grew so distressed, he asked out loud at the top of a mountain why Pokémon refused to appear to him. Then, the Pokémon Giratina appeared before him, intending to explain. The man, however, grew frightened by its appearance, and in a blind fury, fought and eventually killed Giratina.

The man at first knew not of his deed, but soon learned. In having discovered the sword, the man grew blind to Pokémon being alive, and had begun to use it in cold blood. Having grown so accustomed to violence, he killed a descendant of the Original One, and could not forgive himself. However, Giratina then rose from its deathbed, now and forever a Ghost-Type, and forgave the man for his deeds. It then left the man “to a place beyond seeing” and was never seen again.[[labelnote:5]]The Story of Tobari the BloodKnight, Veilstone City Library[[/labelnote]] The credence of the myth is debated, as it contradicts the myths preceding it that stated that Giratina was placed into the Distortion World, its home, eons before [[YouAreGrounded as a punishment for its violence.]]

!! Known Sightings
Giratina the First has been seen exceedingly rarely, though it has been seen most often at Turnback Cave and Veilstone City. Most recently, it has been seen interfering in the affairs of the Villainous Team Galactic, opening a portal to the Distortion World before Leader Cyrus could act upon his goals. Cynthia, Cyrus, and a trainer who has requested that their identity remain classified went into the Distortion World, and there it was becalmed and Cyrus’ plans foiled. Afterwards, Giratina the First has not been seen, though rumor has it that it is in the possession of the Classified Trainer.

Giratina the Second is currently living with Cynthia in her private home in a classified location.

!! Diet (if any)
While Giratina the First’s diet is unknown, or perhaps even nonexistent, Giratina the Second’s diet is… rather odd. Cynthia made a habit of feeding her Giratina food during specific times of the day early on, which eventually led to problems when Cynthia’s daily life [[ScheduleSlip required a difference in schedule.]] While her Giratina ''was'', in fact, intelligent enough to seek its own food, it merely went to the exact same spot it ate most frequently, waited a while for Cynthia to bring it something, and eventually decided to instead [[ExtremeOmnivore eat the table it was standing at]].

This led to Cynthia experimenting with different foods other than Pokémon food, given to Giratina at the disclosed hours in which it usually came to eat. As the days went by, Cynthia placed more and more inedible things on the (new) table, beginning with empty bowls and eventually finishing with [[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy a mattress]], [[SerialEscalation a scale wood carving of a Ponyta, an electrical generator]], and finishing its meal with [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking a glass of water]] ([[DoubleSubversion including the glass]]). No ill effects resulted from this, and it gained no weight or suffered any consequences from eating those items.

The way it eats is similar to many serpentine Pokémon; it unhinges its jaw and swallows the meal whole. It is not situated with any teeth, and as such cannot learn any biting attacks. If it is in its Origin Form, it uses one of its talons to pick at its lip afterwards. [[labelnote:1]]Original research, information gathered from observing Cynthia’s Giratina[[/labelnote]]

!! Abilities
Giratina is able to travel through and control dimensions besides those of time and space. When in its Origin Form, it is able to pass through dimensions at will; mainly the Distortion and Real Worlds. However, it will turn into its Altered Form due to the gravity change from the Distortion World. It does so by emitting a whirlwind from its mouth which creates a portal.

It also seems to have a connection to reflective objects, such as mirrors and pools of water. Research of the Distortion World by Cynthia and Newton Graceland has concluded that the Distortion World is a mixture of reflections and bits and pieces of the Real World put together almost haphazardly. One of the many quirks of Cynthia’s Giratina is that it enjoys tearing magazines and other images apart and placing them back together in collages, perhaps reflecting Giratina the First’s home. [[labelnote:1]]Original research, information gathered from observing Cynthia’s Giratina[[/labelnote]]

As to be expected with other Ghost-type Pokémon, Giratina is capable of using Ghost, Dark, Psychic, and Electrical attacks. Unlike other Dragon Pokémon, Giratina lacks the ability to wield Ice- and Fire-type attacks (save for Will-O-Wisp and Icy Wind, which most Ghost-types learn anyway). Giratina has been shown to have an innate talent for manipulation of aura, not only being capable of using Aura Sphere, but also able to use its negative polarity to become invisible and visible again, occasionally used as an attack strategy[[labelnote:5]]dubbed ‘Shadow Force’ by Cynthia[[/labelnote]], and to grow Time Flowers in Cynthia’s Garden. [[labelnote:1]]Original research, information gathered from observing Cynthia’s Giratina[[/labelnote]] Since Giratina is a "true" Dragon Pokémon, it is also capable of using Draco Meteor.
In the Real World, Giratina can only transform to its Origin Form by equipping the Griseous Orb.

!! Hazards
While Giratina the First appears to be happy just to mind its own business, it also grows very protective of its home. If any harm should come to it, both directly and indirectly, it will do everything it can to prevent it or punish the culprit. It does so by stalking the culprit in question through reflective surfaces, opening a portal to the Real World, and [[DraggedOffToHell dragging the culprit into the Distortion World]], [[IllKillYou presumably to kill them.]]

[[DoNotTauntCthulhu Giratina the Second is no slouch in this department either]]. While it usually prefers to keep its distance from others, occasionally [[CutenessProximity it will become so happy at the sight of someone or something]] [[AndCallHimGeorge that it will lunge out at the object in question and attempt to show it affection and kindness]], usually through hugging it, throwing it up into the air and catching it, or accidentally causing property damage while attempting to play a game with it.

Hostile contact of any kind with Giratina, be it the First or the Second, is highly not recommended. An incident involving Giratina the Second and a haughty young trainer resulted in Giratina becoming so agitated, [[BerserkButton it completely snapped]], [[DisproportionateRetribution and practically]] [[AngstNuke nuked the area it was currently inhabiting]]. It took quite a bit of fighting and communicating in order to calm it back down; fortunately, the boy’s life was spared. Unfortunately, the incident in question racked up a high body count, and has been theorized by local crackpots to have led to the events that happened in Orre. Unfortunately, that incident is highly classified, and it is unknown if Giratina did in fact have a role in the incident or not.

!! Cynthia’s Giratina
Sinnoh League Champion Cynthia [[NoLastNameGiven *****]] was given a Giratina Egg after the infamous Arceus Event. According to eye-witness reports, after Cynthia greeted a mysteriously unknown trainer (or perhaps even two different trainers) in possession of an Arceus at the Sinjoh Ruins between Johto and Sinnoh, Arceus summoned a large hive of Unown, and allegedly “rewrote reality”, successfully laying three eggs. The other two eggs were taken by the mysterious trainer(s), while the third egg was given to Cynthia instead.

At first, Cynthia’s Giratina grew up the way any other baby Pokémon would. It hatched from its egg at [[FunSize about one foot long (0.3 meters)]] in Origin Form, with a Griseous Orb mysteriously appearing in Cynthia's bag soon afterwards. According to Cynthia’s Trainer Notes, Giratina the Second has a Quirky Nature, often scatters things, and, as expressed in the diet section, [[ExtremeOmnivore happily eats anything]]. One of Giratina's quirks are playing many, many, ''many'' games whenever it becomes bored, ranging from a high-stakes version of "[[http://xkcd.com/735/ The Floor Is Now Lava]]" to something as utterly mundane and somehow adorable as [[DidWeJustHaveTeaWithCthulhu a tea party.]] It is no longer allowed to play Hide and Seek, however, as it has a penchant for cheating.
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