! Gastly Line

!! Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* Gastly [#092]
* Haunter [#093]
* Gengar [#094]

!! Physical Description

Gastly appears to be a round, ball-like organism with large eyes and a mouth; this simple face is surrounded by a cloud of gas. Haunters are triangular-shaped heads with disembodied hands. Gengar are large, shadowy, imp-like creatures.

!! Notable Biology

All members of the Gastly line have the ability to levitate, phase through matter, and even become completely invisible (though Gengar is also capable of walking on the ground). Of these abilities, only levitation has any scientific basis. The Gastly line is known to emit strange electromagnetic waves; presumably, these waves are manipulated by the Gastly in order to float, in a similar fashion to how Magnemite levitate. Its intangibility and invisibility abilities continue to baffle scientists.

Biological samples taken from the Gastly line show that they do not have DNA in the conventional sense. In fact, they seem not to be carbon-based lifeforms at all; their molecular structure seems to be more akin to a gas compound, and this gas is not found normally on Earth.

Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar observed over long periods of time have shown no signs of aging. In fact, specimens confirmed to have been owned by trainers over 100 years ago are nearly identical to modern specimens, leading to the theory that the Gastly line may be completely immortal.

Some scientists have theorized that the Gastly line, and indeed possibly other "Ghost" Pokemon, may be inter-dimensional beings, citing their radically different biology and [[RealityWarper blatant disregard of the laws of physics]] as evidence. The fact that they seem to become increasingly capable of suppressing their "supernatural" qualities as they evolve (Gastly are almost completely ethereal, whereas Haunter are less so (except for the strange disembodied hands), and Gengar seem to have a solid physical form), indicates that their "evolution" may, in fact, be them getting used to our dimension, manifesting more and more of their true forms. There is some evidence that points toward this theory.

More research on this subject is required.

!! Habitat

The Gastly line is commonly found in caves, old abandoned buildings, graveyards and burial sites, or other locations associated with death and the supernatural. The scientific community stresses that this is merely a coincidence and "ghost" Pokemon are not actually supernatural. Recent research at these sites have reported strange electromagnetic waves, similar to the ones emitted by Gastly.

More research on this subject is required.

!! Diet

Gastly seem to be omnivorous, eating whatever food they seem to care for. Specimens observed in the wild have shown no consistent eating patterns. Other specimens have been observed to go for long periods of time with out food or water with no ill effects, indicating that they may not need to eat at all.

Many people believe that the entire line feeds upon souls, but no empirical evidence has been provided to back up these legends.

!! Hazards

The Gastly line, especially Gengar, have been known to be extremely mischievous. In particular, they have been known to go out of their way to frighten, trick, steal from, and otherwise harass humans and other Pokemon. This is not particularly harmful in and of itself; however, it still poses some hazards. Most notably, Gastly have a tendency to lick humans; this is dangerous because the saliva of the Gastly line contains a poison that causes shivering and chills in humans. Haunter's saliva is especially toxic, and can cause these symptoms for long periods of time. It's mostly harmless (albeit unpleasant) in small doses, but it can easily induce paralysis in medium doses; luckily, such paralysis is easily removed. Large doses can cause muscle and nerve damage, which can lead to permanent paralysis or even death.

In addition, the gas produced by Gastly is highly toxic, and can be deadly if inhaled in large quantities over a short period of time.

[[Trainer's note: These dangers can be avoided by carry a small emf detector when entering likely areas. These devices can pick up the electromagnetic waves given off by members of the line, alerting you to their presence even if they are invisible.]]

For purposes of training, firm discipline is important to avoid members of the Gastly line from becoming poltergeist-like pests, this problem is readily apparent when one brings an undisciplined one into a home, pokecenter, etc. It is doubly important, however, to avoid abuse and neglect at all cost, the only thing worse than a mischievous, uncontrollable Gastly member is an [[NightmareFuel angry, vengeful one]] who will at best make life a living hell for its trainer, more likely, the abusive trainer will suddenly [[MakeItLookLikeAnAccident die in a humiliating, painful fashion.]]

On the other extreme, loyal members of the Gastly line take defense of their trainer seriously- familiarize them with friends and family as soon as possible to avoid potentially deadly misunderstandings. With Gastly and Haunter, misunderstood gestures may result in a paralyzing lick at worst or the odd book being thrown at the offender- Gengar are far less lenient and will react to assumed attacks with the most lethal powers available to them. (It should be noted, however, it is because of this 'overreaction' that households and trainers known to host loyal Gengar are rarely, if ever, robbed, and then only once.)

!! Courting

The mating ritual of the Gastly line usually consist of mates circling each other, then coming close and licking each other, exchanging saliva in a form of "kissing". After a while, the female vanishes for a period of time, then reappears with a fully developed egg. Similar rituals are conducted for other species within the same Egg Group. Where the female goes, or what happens during that time, remains unknown at this time.

!! Social Structure

Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar tend to gather in small groups from anywhere from 3 to 10, though groups of over 50 have been observed in areas of high Gastly concentrations. These groups lack any real organization or leadership structure.

Recently, rumors have surfaced of a Gengar attempting to conquer the world with the aid of a Medicham and an Ekans. The rumors go on to state that this Gengar was the reincarnation of a notorious human; this human became infamous for pulling one of a Ninetales's tails and completely avoiding retribution from said Ninetales, thanks to the intervention of his Gardevoir (who stepped in to take the Ninetales's curse while the human [[DirtyCoward ran as far away as his body was physically capable of going]].) The human-turned-Gengar, having learned nothing from his misadventure, proceeded to form a so-called rescue team (consisting of himself and the aforementioned Medicham and Ekans) with the aim of raising enough money to attempt to conquer the world, but was thwarted when another human-turned Pokemon, who was on a mission to prevent a meteor from colliding with the planet, exposed the Gengar's lies and convinced him [[TheAtoner to change his ways and make up for his past misdeeds]]. The general consensus among the experts on Ghost-types (and on Ninetales) is that these stories are merely fairy tales [[ConspiracyTheorist which a few nutjobs are taking way too seriously]].

[-Written by {{@/Neo Crimson}}.-]