!!Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* Dialga [#483]

!!Physical Descriptions

Dialga is an immense and heavily-armoured reptilian Pokémon sharing many physical characteristics with sauropod dinosaurs. Its scaly hide is predominantly dark blue, and a number of translucent patches bearing some resemblance to capillaries dot its body, particularly along the neck and the contours of its limbs and tail; these pulse with a glowing, ethereal blue energy that may or may not function as the Temporal Pokémon’s blood. Dialga’s skull elongates into a long, unnaturally geometric crest roughly three times the length of its head, and it is bracketed on either side by a pair of ornate horns composed of an incredibly durable metallic substance known variously as mythril, adamantine, wraithbone or orichalcon; a ridge of spines composed of this same material runs down its neck, and a large adamantine sail juts at an angle from its back, curiously positioned perpendicular to its vertebral column. A ridge of this substance forms both Dialga’s sloping eyebrows and the bridge of its nose, which is flanked on either side by a pair of black vertical lines; similar black bands encircle its eyes, which glow with an ominous red light that seems to pierce the soul.

The creature’s chest is covered by an incredibly thick shield of adamantine, suggesting that the flesh beneath it is quite vulnerable and/or positioned over vital organs; a large blue crystal, similar in composition to uncut diamond, is embedded in the center of this shield and has been observed to pulse faintly with an inner radiance, leading some to believe that the gem functions as Dialga’s “heart”. Finally, the beast’s talons are also composed of adamantine, lending credence to the theory that this incredibly durable substance forms the basis for Dialga’s entire skeletal structure.

It is uncertain how many Dialga exist in the wild, but given the scarcity of its appearances, leading academic theory holds that the creature is unique. Whether it has a gender has yet to be determined, and as Dialga does not communicate via telepathy as certain other legendary Pokémon do and lacks visible external genitalia, it is quite possible that this question will never reach a satisfactory answer. That said, the various religious faiths and denominations of the Sinnoh Region consider Dialga to be the masculine counterpart to Palkia, the animus to its anima; as such, the creature shall heretofore be referred to with masculine pronouns in this article for simplicity’s sake.

!!Lore and History

In Sinnoh myth and legend, Dialga is worshipped as a deity and is known by many titles and appellations, including but not limited to the Archwyrm, the Chronosaur, Father Time, King over the Mountain, Master of the Fates, and Doom. He plays an important role in the creation cycle of Sinnoh Myth; he, along with Palkia, was formed at the Beginning when the Alpha, Arceus, fashioned the primordial chaos of the Before Times into the foundations of the universe. The Original One then did give birth to two beings, these being Dialga, Lord of Time, and Palkia, Lady of Space, and three sprites, Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, representing emotion and life. As Dialga came into being and his diamond heart beat for the first time, so too did Time begin to flow; and together with his sister’s power over Space, they wrought matter and created the laws of the universe, fashioning the planets and plotting the ordered dance of worlds and galaxies.

Their labours thus complete, and the three sprites having wrought life whilst they wrought the world, Dialga and Palkia retreated to the summit of Mount Coronet, the highest peak in Sinnoh, and crafted the landscape for humans and Pokémon to live on in peace and harmony. In their gratitude, the inhabitants of the Sinnoh region would build a shrine dedicated to the two gods atop Mount Coronet, and in the ensuing years it would come to be known as Spear Pillar, the most holy site on the entire landmass, and regular offerings would be made to appease the Lord of Time and the Lady of Space.

In addition to being the god and personification of time, Dialga is also considered to be the god of fate and destiny; the Archwyrm ascribes a set lifespan and fate to all things the very instant they are born, covertly assisting those who adhere to His plans in achieving their destiny while hunting down those who would attempt to defy fate by cheating death or extending their own lifespans. Most accepted his judgment at first, but a group of evil men sought to defy Him by crafting a device by which they would take His power for themselves and place the reins of history in the hands of Man. This awful weapon, known as the Red Chain, was wrought from the essences of the three sprites, given willingly in the belief that the evil men intended to use it for good, and was so powerful as to rob Dialga of both His power and His control, along with those of His sister. With Dialga and Palkia thus bound, the evil men declared themselves gods of a new world and tried to recreate the universe in their own image.

The Chain was imperfect, however, and Dialga was able to break free of their control; as punishment for their transgressions, [[RetGone He erased these usurpers, their descendants and their ancestors from history’s weave]] and sundered the Red Chain that it might never be used again. Unfortunately, as the weapon had been wrought using the consent and the essences of the three sprites, something over which time had no power, He was unable to erase the knowledge of the Red Chain’s creation and existence; and so, to protect himself, Dialga withdrew from the physical world to the Realm of Time and placed a curse on Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf so that their essence could not be given of their own volition or without intense pain.

!!Known Sightings

Sightings of Dialga have been incredibly rare over the years, with the creature typically appearing within the vicinity of Spear Pillar for a few moments once every decade. Due to the rarity of its appearances, Dialga has faded from the memories of the vast majority of the human race, and for those who are aware of the Archwyrm He is considered little more than a myth.

Recent evidence has proven that Dialga is all too real, however; approximately thirty years ago, a Shinto priest making a pilgrimage to Spear Pillar with his family happened upon the Lord of Time as it manifested near the shrine, and his daughter was able to take a photograph before the creature became aware of their presence and vanished through a sudden rift in time and space. While the picture was initially thought to be a hoax, a scientific team, taking the priest’s words at face value, set up a blind in the vicinity of Spear Pillar ten years later and deployed a number of automated camera drones in order to record Dialga should it appear. The Archwyrm did indeed manifest, and the drones snapped as many pictures and recorded as much footage as they could before it disappeared; one drone even managed to attach itself to one of Dialga’s spines before it fled and managed to transmit some footage of the creature’s home dimension for a few seconds before the team lost its signal. Unfortunately, the scientists were baffled by the signals they had received from their drone and could not interpret what they were seeing in any rational fashion; they concluded that either the drone’s cameras had been damaged during the transition to Dialga’s home plane, or the dimension which Dialga called home was [[ThingsManWasNotMeantToKnow utterly incomprehensible to the human mind]].

Dialga and His sibling Palkia were recently witnessed during the climax of the Team Galactic incident, in which the cult’s megalomaniacal leader and founder Cyrus attempted to enslave the two Pokémon in order to harness their phenomenal cosmic powers and [[AGodAmI create a new universe in his own twisted image]]. His efforts were thwarted, thankfully, by the intervention of the Sinnoh Pokémon League Champion Cynthia and a young prodigy of a Pokémon Trainer, as well as the unexpected appearance of the strange entity known as Giratina; the chain was severed, Dialga and Palkia were successfully calmed from their fury at being used so, and it is believed that Cyrus was pulled into the Distortion World, from which he could not leave and where he presumably died.

!!Diet (if any)

Given the rarity of its appearances, it should come as no surprise that Dialga has never been observed while eating. Although its sauropod form might lead one to believe that Dialga is a herbivorous Pokémon, the sharp fangs on its lower jaw indicate otherwise. Nevertheless, until evidence supporting either argument presents itself, it cannot be said with any certainty what — if anything — Dialga eats.


Among its many and varied abilities, Dialga’s most spectacular power is [[TimeMaster its mastery over the flow of time]]. During its brief appearances, the Archwyrm has been observed to warp one’s perception of time; for example, the scientific team which first observed Dialga believed that the encounter had only lasted for a minute or so, but when they checked their watches afterward, they discovered that four hours had passed. Similarly, when one member of a later expedition opted to approach Dialga in order to record the appearance of its dimension first-hand when the creature inevitably departed, he disappeared, and the scientists detected a large build-up of strange particles which they eventually hypothesized to be tachyons. Furthermore, their colleague’s journal was eventually discovered, withered and decayed with age, inside a sealed chamber within the Ruins of Alph at the feet of an embalmed corpse more than two thousand years old; extensive genetic testing of what little tissue remained on the mummy’s person eventually revealed it to be the very same man—and that he had been his own distant ancestor. From this harrowing experience, along with what little they could decipher of his journal’s aged contents, the team concluded that not merely was Dialga able to manipulate time and peoples’ perceptions of it, but also to travel through it—not simply forward into the past or backwards into the future, but laterally, into different timestreams and realities which bore little to no similarity to our own, worlds of what-ifs and could-have-beens.

Careful analysis of a small chunk of the adamantine which composes Dialga’s plates, talons, and spines has revealed it to be one of the most durable materials in the world; it emerged unharmed or relatively unscathed from the most damaging attacks most Pokémon could throw at it. From this, one can conjecture that if one were to battle with Dialga, it would be incredibly difficult—if not impossible—to inflict any lasting injuries to the Archwyrm; thus far, only Ground and Fighting-type attacks have demonstrated any discernible effect on the adamantine, indicating that these would be the best Pokémon types to have on hand if forced into a confrontation with the creature.

Furthermore, Dialga has been observed to project an aura of regal might that makes it difficult for other Pokémon to even consider attacking it, a trait that it shares with its sister Palkia and a number of other legendaries. In addition, though it is not believed to be a Psychic type the creature has been observed to levitate and fly under its own power with no visible means of lift or propulsion.


As one can discern from the above paragraphs, attempting to battle with Dialga would be most unwise; even if the creature did not simply use its powers to [[MookBouncer strand one in another time and another place]], attempting to subdue it would in all likelihood be next to impossible without the strongest Ground and Fighting types available.

During the climax of the Team Galactic Crisis, Dialga was observed to demonstrate a wide array of attacks utilizing both its deadly claws and the manipulation of various forms of energy; for example, it was able to wreath its talons in deadly gouts of green flame which would burn its victims even as it savagely raked them, smash Pokémon with its mighty tail, levitate rocks with which to bombard and pummel opponents using telekinetic force, cause plumes of geothermal energy to erupt beneath a foe’s feet, spew scalding gouts of noxious vapour that could paralyze a target from their awful stench, and project beams of focused light from its eyes or spit a crackling sphere of raw, vital energy from its mouth.

It’s most dangerous ability by far, however, is the devastating attack which more poetic members of the scientific community have dubbed the Roar of Time. During this attack, the Archwyrm opens its mouth and uses its temporal powers to collect a large quantity of tachyons from the surrounding environment, condensing them into a pulsing, roiling sphere of blue energy; as the sphere draws in more tachyons and grows in size, the sail on Dialga’s back will elongate and the diamond in its chest armour will glow a brilliant, blinding shade of blue. Once the creature has collected enough tachyons, it releases them in a devastating beam of energy that has been observed to vitrify any inorganic substance it makes contact with; furthermore, any timepieces within a five mile radius of the attack will give erroneous readings and may begin to flow backwards or short out, including items which should not be able to do so, like hourglasses. The scientific community believes these anomalies to be a result of the Roar of Time being so great an exertion of Dialga’s power that it distorts the very fabric of time; those struck by the blast may simply be grievously injured, or they may find themselves aged rapidly to the point of death, or actually regress to a younger stage in their life, such as infancy. As the Roar of Time has only been observed during this one encounter, it cannot be said what other effects exposure to such an attack may have in the short or long term. Thankfully, the energy expenditure of this attack is so great that Dialga must take several moments to recuperate before it can resume its assault.



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