! List of Topics in the [[JustForFun/ThePokedexExtendedFanonEdition PEFE]] Chatroom

The Extended Pokédex project supports discussion via a Jabber chatroom courtesy of Tangent's services. There, discussion on ongoing entries, constructions, worldbuilding and other details take place. The service features ongoing logs, but without an integrated search capability. Thus the purpose of this page. Chatroom URI is as follows:


(Note the "é" as in Pokémon)

For quick instructions: use a Jabber capable client and connect to a Jabber or compatible account, then add the above service as a chatroom or "friend". Connect and done. '''Check the bottom of this page for more detailed instructions.'''

Most of this implementation courtesy of @/{{Tangent 128}}.


! Logs

The purpose of this page is help organizing the chatroom topics with keywords or tags (not to be confused with Tagg) here to ease search. For simplicity, tags should be either simple words or noun phrases and draw from sources like these:

* Species names (eg.: {{FanonPokedex/Riolu}} talk, etc), using the base morph to avoid errors or loses due to discreteness.
* Item / places / mechanic names or general description nouns (eg.: Berry / fruit, Sinnoh mythology, draining moves, [[strike:weatherbending]] weather effects, etc).
* Operational keywords: submission, discussion, revision, etc..
* Keywords for external references: RP or WAAPT for the roleplay, shortcuts or full names for Bulbapedia or other sources, etc?
* Member discussion keywords?
* ...Others?

!! Before May 2011

!! May 2011
http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=rmvjixctp256gfq3p86y66ma&page=214#5350 (incomplete)

!! June 2011

'''June 1'''

* Regigigas Ability, Slow Start, Mechanics
* WAAPT RP Cameo talk
* Saffron Article and RL projection into Pokéverse
* Roggenrola and Abilities, Sand Force
* Djinn Trio
* WAAPT RP talk, cameo preparation and characterization
* Eviolite, items and effects, Evolution process

!! July 2011

!! August 2011



! Connecting to the PEFE Chatroom

!! ...via a Jabber-capable Client

If you have a Jabber account, you can use that to connect. Those are free to create, and also some services such as Gmail are compatible with the service so you can add those instead.

For example, to create a Jabber account in Pidgin, follow these steps:

* Edit Menu, Accounts, Add New Account.
* Protocol: XMPP
* Username: the "user" in your user@jabber.org, for example
* Domain: the "jabber.org" in your user@jabber.org, for example
* Resource: leave empty and bookmark a chat connection when appropriate

Whether you have done that, or connected via another capable account like Gmail, all you need to do now is to add a chatroom "friend" to your account records:

* Friends menu, add a chat...
* Select the running account (you must be connected to it).
* Chatroom: pokédex (note the é)
* Server: salon.tropi.us
* Handle: your handle (if you leave it empty, it is your username)

!! Connect via a web interface

There is also a web interface provided for those who don't (or can't) want to mess with a Jabber-capable client. The chatroom's address is quite mnemonic: '''http://wild.tropi.us'''. Once you type that, you should appear in the chatroom inteface, assigned to a random Wild Pokémon nickname like [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: Wild Tropius Lv 11 ]]
(hence the name). Use the "/nick Some Nick" command to change your nick. Use the "/me does some action" command to send a message of the type "[PLAYER CHARACTER] does some action".