! Baltoy Line

!! Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* Baltoy (#343)
* Claydol (#344)

!! Physical Description

Baltoy is a [[DishingOutDirt Ground]]-[[PsychicPowers Psychic]] Pokémon, which stands half a meter tall and weighs 25.5 kilograms. It resembles a spinning top. Its body is made up of two beige spheres, a small one on the bottom, and a larger one at the top. From the top of the top sphere, and the bottom of the bottom sphere, a short spike protrudes. The spike on the top is a psychic antenna. The spike at the bottom is a foot. Two bent rods protrude from the top of the bottom sphere, providing balance. A red line encircles the bottom sphere, broken by a ring of red in the front. In the front of the top sphere are two large eyes (they are not actually eyes, rather eyespots; Baltoy see using psychic emissions to detect nearby beings), covered by a red eyebrow-shaped mark. Its skin is hard, and is reported to feel like rock.

Claydol bears very little resemblance to its previous form. Its body is now black, and it has increased in size to 1.5 meters and 107.9 kilograms. Its balancing rods have been replaced by small, [[ArmCannon cannon-like tubes]], and its foot has split into two stubby spikes. Its bottom sphere now bears two large white rings, each with a dot in the middle and a small line poking out from it. On the top sphere, which is now much wider, its head is now ringed with big red eyespots, each with a small beak between them. Finally, its head-spike is now twice as long. Its skin is now harder, but more brittle, and it is not uncommon to see Claydol who have applied clay to themselves to fix a damaged patch. The Claydol’s body will gradually adapt the clay into itself, and after about a month, the Claydol in question will be as good as new.

Psychic scans of both Baltoy and Claydol reveal very little intelligence.

On very rare occasions, Baltoy are sighted with a golden body and turquoise markings. Baltoy with these markings evolve into Claydol with a light grey body and yellow eyes. These specimens are highly prized by collectors.

!! Notable Biology

The most obvious aspect of Baltoy is its constant spinning. Baltoy will, at almost all times, spin at a rate of about 30 RPM. This spinning helps them concentrate, supporting their psychic ability. Baltoy spin by balancing on one foot and pushing themselves with psychic energy. Anything that interrupts their spinning will be met with a psychic blast. Baltoy spins even when sleeping.

Other, less notable aspects of Baltoy:

It has surprisingly high-level psychic abilities, using them to support itself while spinning, form defensive shields, levitate, and to attack enemies. (See Hazards for more information on this)

It is perfectly symmetrical. Each half of its body weighs exactly 12.75 kilograms, and is proportioned perfectly equally. It uses this symmetry to keep its balance while spinning. Approximately one in one hundred times, a Baltoy is born with a slight asymmetry. These unfortunate Baltoy do not survive long, as without their ability to spin, they are quickly eaten by Geodude or Graveler, the Baltoy line’s only predator. Both Geodude and Graveler crush Baltoy into powder and eat them like rocks.

Claydol are also perfectly symmetrical, but that is where the analogy ends. As Claydol’s psychic abilities are much stronger, it no longer needs spinning as a focus, and has given it up in favor of telekinetically propelling itself through the air, only spinning when needed. It now boasts a selection of powerful attacks it can launch from its hands. By far, however, the most notable aspect of Claydol is its absorption of clay. When a Claydol is damaged, it will find clay from almost anywhere, and apply it to the damaged area. Over time, the Claydol’s body will modify the clay until it is the same as what Claydol itself is made out of. Scientists have not yet found an explanation for how this works.

!! Diet

Both Claydol and Baltoy will eat Berries, crushing them into juice and siphoning the result up. Baltoy does this with its foot, Claydol with its beaks. However, their preferred food is rocks. Again, the rocks are crushed and siphoned. However, the entire rock is siphoned. Both Baltoy and Claydol will store the non-nutritious parts of the rock in their body, and when threatened, they will spray it out while spinning to create a sandstorm.

!! Habitat

Both Baltoy and Claydol are native to Hoenn, although Baltoy have been sighted in Sinnoh and Johto on occasion, and Claydol are occasionally found in the innermost section of the Relic Castle near Nimbasa City. In Hoenn, Baltoy are found in a desert to the north of Mauville City, where they are fairly common. Claydol, however, live far away from their previous stage, in the Sky Pillar, a mountain/tower located between Pacifidlog City and Slateport City, where Rayquaza has been rumored to live. Baltoy, upon evolution, will immediately leave the desert, and people living between Mauville and the Sky Pillar are often witness to the sight of migrating Claydol flying over them, whether to or from the Sky Pillar. When Claydol die, which they do after several hundred years, its fellow Claydol will [[ImAHumanitarian scavenge the dead body for food.]]

!! Hazards

Baltoy is not an especially dangerous Pokémon, although if its spinning is disrupted, it will attack with psychic blasts, blasts of sand, and even levitated rocks. However, it will make an incredibly loud, crying-like noise when near other Baltoy, and this noise can cause splitting headaches and even blackouts in unprepared humans. As such, when in the desert, carry earplugs.

Claydol, however, is a completely different story. In addition to its formidable psychic ability, it can fire a variety of beam attacks from its cannon-hands. From [=TMs=], it can even learn a move that allows it to fire a beam of ice-cold energy. It spins at 120 RPM, and contact with a spinning Claydol is enough to shatter bone. Finally, it is capable of naturally learning a move that allows it to pack all of its power into one devastating beam, after which it is exhausted and will need to rest. Trainers have dubbed this “Hyper Beam,” for its incredible power.

One danger that Baltoy and Claydol share is their ability to create explosions. Both Pokémon generate an internal fluid that immediately combusts upon exposure to oxygen. On command, or as a response to fright (although Claydol controls it far better), Baltoy and Claydol will spray this fluid in all directions, detonating it in a powerful explosion. While this ability is extremely powerful, the Baltoy or Claydol using it will usually be just as knocked out by the explosions as its enemy. This fluid becomes more potent as the Baltoy or Claydol ages.

!! Courting and Childrearing

Baltoy do not mate in the wild, only Claydol. Once a year, all the Claydol at Sky Pillar will fly to the desert, where they begin an incredibly elaborate spinning dance which lasts for over a week. Bit by bit, all Claydol will pair off (as they are genderless, any pair can produce eggs). After a Claydol pair has formed, they will drill a hole in the sand with their feet, share psychic energy (their equivalent of genetic material), and lay hundreds of eggs into the hole, before flying back to Sky Pillar.

Eggs hatch in about a week. Baltoy are born armless and only the size of a pinky nail, and they spend the first year of their life underground, tunneling through the sand with psychic bursts, and eating any nutrient-rich rocks they can find so that they can grow. The Baltoy that can grow the most quickly will find any smaller Baltoy, feeding off them as well. At the end of the year, only a few dozen Baltoy will emerge from the sand, fully grown. Occasionally, Baltoy will accidentally emerge before being fully grown. They are eaten by Geodude.

Claydol do not care for their children.

In captivity, both Baltoy and Claydol will breed, but not with each other. Instead, as the desert is not in range, they will breed only with Ditto, which they do in the same way as with each other. The Ditto will then lay the egg (only one large egg) which will hold an only slightly smaller than normal Baltoy, which will quickly grow to normal size after eating enough.

!! Social Structure

Baltoy and Claydol live independently of each other, miles apart. If they meet, the Claydol will usually eat the Baltoy.

When Baltoy meet, they will begin to produce the crying noise. Some people believe that this is communication, while some believe it’s just a [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin ritual for when Baltoy meet.]] Other than this, however, Baltoy are largely solitary.

Claydol do not associate with each other, except during mating season. When two Claydol meet, normally they will simply move off in opposite directions. Occasionally, if one is especially weak, the stronger one will kill and eat it.

!! In Human Society

Baltoy and Claydol do not appear often in modern media, except occasionally as minor villains in minor cartoons. However, paintings of both Baltoy and Claydol have been found inside ancient ruins and caves, suggesting that they have been around for a very long time. Some people believe that Baltoy and Claydol are dolls made by an ancient civilization, but there is no evidence of this, and Baltoy and Claydol seem to just be very old Pokemon.