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Do warn when a fanfic may head into non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business.

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[[WMG:General Stories]]

[[ Valkyrian Mercs Quest]] by Merc Command
* Recommended by ReiKusanagi
* ''Synopsis'': You are JAGER [[AwesomeMcCoolname STURMFUHRER]], leader of the fledgling [[HiredGuns mercenary company]] [[BadassArmy DEMONS OF RANDGRIZ]]. In addition to fighting Imps for money and vengeance, you have your own private mission to hunt down [[OldFlame Karla]], your former fiance who sided with the Imperials and destroyed your home.
* ''Comments'': A look at the greater world of the games making a point to avoid excess contact with canon things, though he does mix in things from other games pretty well (One of the members is named [[VideoGame/ModernWarfare Ramirez]] [[MemeticMutation used to doing everything]]). It's rather dice intensive to be warned.

[[ From the Beginning]], by [[ thewriterwhocameinfromthecold]].
* Recommended by clarkkent01
* ''Synopsis'': The Empire launches a surprise attack on the Gallian border outposts, with Squad 7 caught in the middle. The start of the Imperial invasion as witnessed by Largo and Rosie.
* ''Comments'': A prequel to the game, and the first in an interconnected series of stories by the same author. The action and the characterization are solid, with just the right blend of drama and humor to keep things interesting.

[[ Rift]], by K'Arthur.
* Recommended by Ogaiami
* ''Synopsis'': An introspective one-shot that focuses on Welkin's thoughts following the events of the first battle at Naggiar.
* ''Comments'': The writing here is amazingly professional, with beautiful descriptions and believable dialogue. Also, even though it's written in third-person POV, the reader is made to feel extremely close to Welkin. It's angsty to be sure, but it's a good angsty.

[[ Endwar Chronicles]], by Standardised Lambency.
* Recommended by DickRichardson.
* ''Synopsis'': An accident leaves the US Joint Strike Force teamed with the Gallians, the Russian Spetsnaz with the Imps, and the European Kommandos with the Federation. Things happen.
* ''Comments'': Aside from punctuation errors being rampant (this ''is'' fanfiction, after all), it's... actually pretty damn good. It is currently being re-written by the author to include much more backstory from ''VideoGame/EndWar''.

[[ Red Alert]] by RedShocktrooper
* Recommended by Doomship
* ''Synopsis'': A crossover Fanfic with VideoGame/{{Command and Conquer Red Alert}}(specifically 1) that asks a what if question: what if the invading Imperials were replaced by Soviet Forces?
* ''Comments'': A fairly well written fanfic that calls VC's idealism about defending your home country against superior forces into question. The Soviet leader's comments and thoughts about the Valkyrur are particually interesting and the ending and aftermath of the invasion is memorable.
** The Soviets might come off as a bit [[GodModeSue God Mode Sue-ish]] in how easily they roll over the combined powers of the Allies and Gallia. Not helped by the author himself stating that he loves playing the Soviets in Red Alert.
** As a general Rule Of Thumb, anything published before FanFic/ValkyriaFortress, [[RedShocktrooper I]] [[CreatorBacklash regret making.]] In fact, I was remaking Red Alert in the form of the oh-so-creatively titled Red Alert Redux. Which features Friendly Soviets and a more RedAlert3 styled take on Red Alert 1 (I even felt inclined to call Soviet Heavy tanks [[VideoGame/RedAlert3Paradox Anvils]]), but simply put I lost interest.