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[[WMG: Authors]]

Anything by [[ Twoflower]]
* Recommended by @/OfScience, @/LooneyToons
* He has written for several fandoms, including ''RanmaOneHalf'' and ''{{Slayers}}''. He also has a wide variety of original fiction, including ''SailorNothing''.

Anything by [[ sam_storyteller]]
* Recommended by @/{{Ophicius}}
* His fics cover many fandoms, including ''Literature/HarryPotter'', ''Series/DoctorWho'' and ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'', ''Series/{{House}}'' and ''Series/{{Heroes}}'', and they're all excellent.

Anything by [[ Alan Harnum]]
* Recommended by @/{{Pszczola}}, @/LooneyToons
* Has written stories for ''RanmaOneHalf'', ''Anime/ElHazardTheMagnificentWorld'', and ''RevolutionaryGirlUtena''. Sadly, he burned out on fanfiction back in 2002 and stopped writing, leaving ''Jaquemart'', a multi-part ''Utena'' fic that takes place after the anime series, abandoned before it was completed.
[=[[reviews:Alan Harnum]]=]

[[ Magus523]]
* Recommended by @/DrThinker
* If you want a great novel of video game hit the works of Magus523.

[[WMG: Websites]]

[[ The Yuletide Project]]
* Recommended by @/CosmicOsmo, @/{{Micah}}
* An ''enormous'' multifandom, obscure fandom archive comprised entirely of requests. The fics are basically gifts from the authors to whoever requested them, but are really, really ''amazingly'' good. As in, the only fanfiction I will actually bother to read any more, because I know everything on the site is of such consistently high quality. [[FanFicTropes All Types]]
** @/{{Micah}}: I heartily second this recommendation; I'm particularly fond of ''[[ Several Competent Wizards]]'' (a ''Literature/MairelonTheMagician'' fic with minor crossover from the ''Literature/EnchantedForestChronicles'') and ''[[ Inspirations]]'' (''Literature/TheDarkIsRising'' with a dash of RPF).

Just about anything written in the AAR section of [[ the Paradox Interactive Forums]]
* Recommended by @/{{Specialist290}}
* I spent nearly a year on this site, most of it just reading all of the awesome AAR reports. A good deal of it is well-written, and some of the longer ones are practically novel-length. The most popular sections tend to be the ''Europa Universalis'' and ''Hearts of Iron'' boards, but there's good stuff everywhere. I'd say it's possibly the largest cohesive fan fiction community on the 'Net.
* I'd especially recommend the Yogi's impressive alternate history/crossover fanfic (in two immensely long parts, and with a planned third installment) "The Master-Plan/Empire of Fu Manchu". It involves Indiana Jones, James Bond, Biggles, the Cthulhu mythos, The Shadow, Buck Rogers, Conan (well, references) and hundreds of other stuff. And it's AWESOME.

''Fenspace'', a collective writing project based on these [[ discussion forums]] but also supported with [[ its own wiki]]. Now has a [[{{Main/Fenspace}} tropes page]].
* Recommended by @/LooneyToons, host of the forum.
* Set in the [[TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture near future]], after the discovery of "[[HandWave handwavium]]" -- a [[AdvancedPhlebotinum mysterious substance/organism]] that "uplifts" ordinary tech into ultratech -- allows North American science fiction fandom to explode off the planet and colonize the solar system before nervous Earth-bound governments outlaw the ownership and use of the substance. Although it's not FanFic of any particular series or setting in and of itself, it portrays an entire civilization of people intent on turning their particular fandoms into reality, like the ''Franchise/SailorMoon'' fen building crystal cities in the skies of Venus, [[Manga/{{Naruto}} The Village of Hidden Asteroid]], ''Anime/{{Stellvia}}'' station and [[Series/BabylonFive Babylon .5]]... Stories can be found through both the Wiki and the forum, but the forum is where the cool stuff is brainstormed.

''[[ Tales Of The Legendary]]''
* Recommended by @/LooneyToons
* Fiction based on or vaguely related to the ''CityOfHeroes'' supergroup The Legendary (based on the Virtue server). Like ''Fenspace'', the product of a writing collective located on [[ my forums]]. As of 2011, though, many more works can be found in the forum than on the web page.

''[[ Fanfiction's Greatest]]''
* Recommended by The Same
* An enormous project on ''[[]]'' devoted to finding the best and brightest and uniting them under one banner. Covers a wide number of fandoms. All suggestions are considered, the only criteria is quality.

[[WMG: Indvidual Stories]]

''[[ A Sue's Story]]'', by Resourceful-Idiot
* Recommended by @/{{L-chan}}
* ''Synopsis'': While technically in the ''Franchise/HarryPotter'' universe, the story is in fact about a rogue squadron of Original Characters dedicated to hunt and purge the magic world from a weird race of creatures known as {{Mary Sue}}s. Complications arise when the Ministry of Magic decides to do their own approach in Sue hunting, while a terrible force lurks underneath, waiting for a chance to emerge and attack all opposing factions. Have I mentioned that the rogue squadron is entirely composed of former Sues and Stus? As put in the summary: "They're annoying. They're parasitic. And now they've realised. {{Canon}} has never been in so much trouble. A full cast of [[MarySue Sues]], [[MartyStu Stus]] and [[{{Spork}} triplepronged cutlery]]!".
* ''Comments'': This fic is an interesting {{Deconstruction}} of the MarySue concept and the prevalence of the phenomenon in the fandom, while translating the MST jargon into workable concepts in-story. In the fic, the Mary Sues are classified as [[BodyHorror parasitic creatures]] with the ability of [[RealityWarper change the reality to their whims]], which makes them more dangerous what it could appear to the naked eye. The only way they can deal with is either killing the Sue or purging it with repeated sporking (as in literally stab the being with sporks) until the Sue, or at least its "Influence", leaves the body. Only people who a remaining sense of Self can survive the latter procedure, and then they have to quickly build a new personality (often almost from zero) to prevent the Sue's return. The implications of this are explored in detail. Very fun read, even more if you're into MST and Sue sporking.

''[[ Who Framed Kermit the Frog]]'' by Bob Wright
* ''Recommended by'': @/TheOtakuNinja
* ''Synopsis'': As you can guess, a Muppet version of ''Who Framed Roger Rabbit''. Story is in this section as it fits the best. COMPLETE!
* ''Comments'': ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin, but with a good degree of original ideas thrown in story-wise. The author uses a wide variety of characters from the various Creator/JimHenson series, and their interactions with the human characters are well done, in fact, the whole thing is nothing short of excellence.

''[[ Crowns of the Kingdom]]'' by @/{{Karalora}}
* ''Recommended by'': The Otaku Ninja
* ''Synopsis'': When a vengeful villain attempts to turn Disneyland's 50th Anniversary from the Disney Family's greatest triumph to their greatest defeat, it's up to Mickey Mouse to set things right and save his many friends from a fate worse than death!
* ''Comments'': Beautifully written, if not with some PurpleProse, but above all is full of action and drama and many refrences to the Disney mythology (even with an appearance or two by Walt himself!) Set during the 50th anniversary celebration, we see the characters themselves trying restore Disneyland to its original state after it was put out of sync with reality after an evil spell, not to mention [[TheHeartless Heartless]]-like creatures trying to prevent them from reaching their goal.
** Now has its own [[FanFic/CrownsOfTheKingdom works page]].

''[[ Welcome to the Tragic Kingdom]]'' by Aquarian Wolf
* ''Recommended by'': The Otaku Ninja
* ''Synopsis'': When a classic attraction is set to be demolished, Walt Disney World's most beloved characters and a crew of cynical cast members start a crusade to save it.
* ''Comments'': Like the fic mentioned above, this story features Disney characters working to stop an incoming danger, but this one also includes original (human) characters who are admittedly well-written, and enjoyable to read about.

''[[ A Kingdom's Genesis]]'' by A Frumious Bandersnatch
* ''Recommended by'': The Otaku Ninja
* ''Synopsis'': This is an unhappy place. It is not your land. No fond memories are made here. The promises have been broken. The dream is dead, the ideals shattered. There is no future.
* ''Comments'': Drawing from all corners of the Disney Animated canon, the authors weave together an engrossing story about a man named Walter (sound familiar?), who is mysteriously drawn into a world where evil reigns. Sadly, it hasn't been updated in a quite while...

''[[ PURE EPIC]]'' by [[ SilasYnYTanc]]''
* ''Recommended by'': The Otaku Ninja
* ''Comments'': First off, this fancomic might not be everyone's cup of tea. It is a [[DarkerandEdgier darker, more cynical]] take on the Disney mythos to the point of {{Deconstruction}}. I would also not recommend this for the faint of heart, as well as people who don't like seeing their childhoods destroyed. Sadly, it hasn't been updated in a very long time...

''[[ Nightmares]]'' by [[ Sei-]] [[ Sama]].
* ''Recommended by'' @/{{Mcb01932}}.
* ''Synopsis'': Remember that creepy clown dream from ''TheBraveLittleToaster''? This story is a series of four one-shots detailing the nightmares the ''other'' four characters might have had at the same time.
* ''Comments'': This is a hard-hitting horror story, and, needless to say, it is one of the most disturbing things I have ever read in my entire life. And that's a a compliment. If you plan on reading it, ''do not'' do so late at night...alone...

''[[ A Midsummer Nightmare]]'' by Dark Angel 347
* Recommended by: @/{{ThatOneGuy}}
* ''Synopsis'': [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin During mid-July]], two old friends from high school find romance in each other that they were unable to during school. However, their relationship, as well as their very survival, is jeopardized by a sudden zombie outbreak. The couple teams up with whoever they can to make their escape from the horrors that are befalling their town.
* ''Comments'': The story is rather simple, but the writing is great. Dialogue is believable, the story is nicely paced, character building and development is smooth. Spelling and grammar is good too, however, there are minor discrepancies here and there. [[ShownTheirWork The author likes to show his work a little too much]], but this is often forgivable. All in all, it's an enjoyable read and I'd definitely suggest checking it out.

''[[ Out of the Woods]]'' by JenKristo
* Recommended by fruitstripegum
* ''Synopsis'': Being cornered by a monster was the last thing Conall expected when he entered the abandoned house in the woods, and neither he nor the Slenderman could anticipate the bond that would grow between them.
* ''Comments'': The Slenderman as a semi-[[MagicalGirlfriend Magical Boyfriend]] seems like a pretty cracky premise, but JenKristo makes it work. Be warned, it's rated Mature, and is likely to become NotSafeForWork as it progresses.