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[[WMG: Authors and Websites]]

None yet.

[[WMG:[[GenFic General Fics]]]]

''Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.''

''[[ Joyous Revolution]]'' by Psyco-Gotenks
* Recommended by FLCNPNCH
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Synopsis'': When Shiki finds out that Santa is a Dead Apostle, he decides to protect Miyako from getting her blood sucked. Meanwhile, Sion is busy getting jobs to afford a kotatsu for her and Satsuki's cardboard house and Ren explores the Tohno family mansion.
* ''Comments'': One of the most brilliant and utterly insane things I have ever read...SHINSO BEAM!!

''[[ The 27 Dead Apostles]]'' by Spiritblade
* Recommended by FLCNPNCH
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Arcueid drags Shiki to a restaurant and talks about the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors.
* ''Comments'': While obviously non-canon (Due to the inclusion of [[TabletopGame/TheWorldOfDarkness World of Darkness]] elements), it's still a damn interesting read.

''[[ Wasting Time]]'' by Tozantlacah
* Recommended by FLCNPNCH
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Shiki and Arihiko have an incredibly inane conversation.
* ''Comments'': It's so pointless, but...can't...look...away...Also, it imitates Nasu's style pretty well.

''[[ Of Leaves and Lilac]]'' by [[ Dark Pulse]]
* Recommended by @/{{Rivenscryr}}, SilentOutlaw, Ximsol182
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Synopsis'': A year after the events of Tsukihime, 17-year-old Tohno Akiha is still living life the way she always has - a student by day, and master of Misaki City by night. Even with all of the events that occurred last year, her life has, for the most part, remained steady and consistent. But, can she remain this way forever...?
* ''Comments'': Unusually for Tsukihime stories, this fic is narrated from Tohno Akiha's point of view. Set after what seems to be an AU version of the Kohaku path, its delves into the daily life of the one not chosen, with a philosophic bent that mirrors that of Nasu quite well. That said, having played through Tsukihime in its entirety is strongly recommended, as without going through all the routes, one risks spoiling some rather critical details of the VN's plot.
** @/{{DarkPulse}}: Hmm... can I be biased and recommend my own fic? Or at least note that [[{{FanFic/OfLeavesAndLilac}} people who like it can add to its "Troper Works" page?]]
** @/{{Darkenning}}: Making the author's comments about hating DeadFic HilariousInHindsight, this story has not been updated since the start of September. Sigh. TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth ...
*** @/{{DarkPulse}}: Not dead. Just a [[{{RealLife}}a nasty case of job-itis]], the killer of all creativity in the world. Will be finished when I get some time where I'm not having people yell in my ear all day and thus forced to cram relaxation into two days of the week, 3-4 days apart each. Which, since I've already booked the 1 1/2 weeks off, should mean some releases resume next month. Hopefully.

''[[ Tsukihime: Aftermath]]'' by [[ Lessis]]
* Recommended by Hornshoe
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Takes over from where the canon left off and a really strange adventure happens, has pretty much every major Tsukihime character in it as well as others.
* ''Comments'': This is one the strangest Tsukihime fanfics I've run across that isn't just crazy. At first it just seemed like a decent continuation then goes right off the rails, throws most of the canon on the back burner then proceeds to come up with a completely original story. Really impressed me despite venturing so far from the canon. Also, if the author's profile is to be believed there were plans for a total of five installments (Which seemed to stray so far off the canon that it became irrelevant if the other two are indications) but was obviously left to rot after finishing some of the third one, shame.

''[[ 13 Sheets Of Letters Without a Stamp or Destination]]'' by [[ Nearhapi2]]
* Recommended by Ximsol182
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Set after Kohaku's True End, Shiki writes a letter to SHIKI detailing his life and feelings every 9/29 (SHIKI's birthday). The language is in Japanese.
* ''Comments'': Shorts chapters, but incredibly powerful. This is definitely a tearjerker, but it keeps Shiki in-character and the fic is well worth the read for anyone who's played the visual novel. While the initial vignettes were casual, with Shiki mentioning his life at college and his romance with Kohaku, the series has strayed into some very bittersweet territory with later ones, considering Shiki's rather short lifespan...The ending was particularly a massive TearJerker, but it was also appropiate for the story.

[[WMG:[[{{Crossover}} Crossover Fics]]]]

''[[ Eternal Geass Moon: The Garden of Sinners]]'' by [[ AlfheimWanderer]]
* Recommended by StevetheCornMuffin, @/{{Rivenscryr}}
* Crossover with ''Anime/CodeGeass'', ''LightNovel/KaraNoKyoukai'', ''VideoGame /MeltyBlood'', ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight''
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Synopsis'': This one is a crossover between ''Code Geass'' and ''Kara no Kyoukai'', in a world where hidden powers lie just beneath the surface, with a more comprehensive system of supernatural abilities replacing Geass - magecraft, psychic abilities, and even demonic abilities all drawn from the work of Kinoko Nasu's. In other words, its a ''Code Geass''[=/=]Franchise/{{Nasuverse}} fic, with the story of the Black Rebellion set against the backdrop of the Nasuverse itself. Characters from ''Tsukihime'', ''Melty Blood'', and later ''Fate/stay night'' show up and affect the plot in some shape or form.
* ''Comments'': The story is a work-in-progress, but what's available is well-written, the Holy Britannian Empire and Lelouch's allies are about evenly matched (even though the Empire has the advantage, what with being an Empire and all), and has some pretty good fight scenes so far. After all, a story with Rolo being a Dead Apostle, Bradley being even more of a murderous git than he already is, a cross-dressing Kaleidostick-possessed Lelouch proceeding to beat the crap out of formerly mentioned Bradley, Nero Chaos living up to his name, Shiki/Sion shipping, and the seamless blending of Nasu-magic with Geass is pretty cool.
** @/{{Rivenscryr}}: Just to throw my two cents in, I'd have to say that Milly's role is pretty interesting as well, and the byplays between Lelouch and some of the more...sadistic characters in the Nasuverse are absolutely hysterical. Aside from that, the author captures the GreyAndGreyMorality of Code Geass quite well (something reflected in the characterization of both sides), C.C.'s interactions with Lelouch are amusing, to say the least, and the fight scenes are rather well done. Definitely worth taking a look at.

[[ Fletching]] by [=AlfheimWanderer=]
* Recommended by Rivenscryr
* Crossover with ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight''
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': In a dying world where civilization has been brought to its knees, can even a would-be hero maintain his course? Or like so many others, will he stray from it...and fail? A sidestory to [[ Evangel Notes]]
* ''Comments'': I find myself at a rare loss for words to describe "Fletching", as it is one of those stories a brief summary simply cannot do justice to. It is the story of a man who wanted to be a hero, living only to save people, bitterly discovering that not everyone could be saved. It is the story of a woman who simply wanted her end, living only to destroy a certain person that her tortured existence might come to an end. It is a story of two humans souls slowly wearing away in a blighted land of steel, questing after impossible goals in a world shot through with despair and desolation until they reach their destinations at last, finding perhaps not what they sought, but what they truly needed. It is all of these and more. Raw, powerful and poignant, it beautifully captures the struggle of two human beings trying to keep their humanity in a hostile world, finding strength in the least likely of places. This is one of the best stories I've had the privilege to read, and I recommend it to any Nasuverse fan looking for a truly moving tale. [[spoiler: Or of course, who want to see wonderful fight scenes involving the resident Burier.]]

''[[ Fate/Far Side]] by Arashi Leonheart [[ Link to Beast's Lair's thread]]''
* Recommended by Raven2785
* Crossover with ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight''
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis:'' Kiritsugu takes Shirou to Misaki City on a trip to see a physician for his illness, and one day wandering down the street on a rainy day he stumbles across a young redheaded girl in a Kimono without an umbrella and decides to walk her home. Years later, after the events of the Grail War, Shirou, armed with the knowledge of what really happened to his father as well as for nostalgia's sake, decides to take a trip to Misaki once more.
* ''Comments:'' The author begins with the with the simple idea of replacing Shiki with Shirou on the Far Side Routes of ''Tsukihime'' and what he gives us is a well written, in character trip into the family secrets and skeletons of the Tohno family, Arashi Leonheart also does a good job of giving us a Shirou who is a little haunted and confused about his place in life after having suffered through the events of the Grail War. Overall a great read and it's my recommendation that you try reading it on Beast's Lair as the author has set up links to the respective soundtracks of ''Tsukihime'' and ''Fate/stay night'' to set up a better atmosphere.

''[[ Where the Circle Ends]]'' by Twilight's Call
* Recommended by {{Pastykake}}
* Crossover with ''Literature/AngelNotes''
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': As humanity faces its final days, Roa contemplates the end of eternity.
[=[[reviews:WhereTheCircleEnds]] =]

[[WMG:[[{{Shipping}} Shipping Fics]]]]
''Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.''

''[[ The Satsujinki Cooking Diaries]]'' by Alyeris
* Recommended by FLCNPNCH, @/{{Darkaros}}
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Pairings'': Shiki/[[ChickMagnet Pretty much every Heroine]], but especially Arcuied
* ''Synopsis'': For Tohno Shiki, life has become hell, ever since he agreed that he'd try Hisui's [[EldritchAbomination ''cooking'']] (the secret ingredient is vinegar. ''Vinegar.'') every Thursday...And things only go downhill from there, eventually leading to an all-out conflict between the five main girls over Shiki's heart (and despite his protests), with a surprise guest judging the competition...
* ''Comments'': Great writing and everyone remains in-character, even as things slowly descend into madness, and the sheer agony that is Hisui's 'food' is described in horrific (and hilarious) detail. Qualifies as a shipping fic mainly because the latter part focuses on the cast arguing over poor poor Shiki.
** After the first few chapters, the story changes to One-shots that have a similar theme.

''[[ A Stab in the Dark]]'' by tomatoes and Constanze
* Recommended by Pata Hikari, Aviatus
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Pairings'': Kohaku and Ryougi Shiki (Really.)
* ''Synopsis'': A crossover with ''LightNovel/KaraNoKyoukai''. It starts with Kohaku and Shiki sitting in the park, having met previously. The slow paced, yet enjoyable story focuses on their growing relationship, mixed with scenes of Shiki doing various jobs (Read: Killing some supernatural problem)
* ''Comments'': Fun story to read, is in the middle of ScheduleSlip though...
** Unfortunately, the link is dead.
** I have the story backed up, but no means of sharing or storing it in the long term. Leave a notice if you have a solution.
***, or the new Beast's Lair forum?
*** I have started reposting the story now and changed the link to the new Beast's Lair thread.
** I have confirmed with Constanze that there is definite interest in continuing this story, perhaps sometime early 2012.

''[[ Dark Princesses, Crow's Wings and Hero's Broken Dreams]]'' by Elf
* Recommended by Comartemis
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Pairings'': Bits of Rin/Aoko and lots of [[spoiler:Rin/Archer]]
* ''Synopsis'': Altrouge Brunstud wants a rematch with Arcueid, and nothing will stop her from getting it. Not even a Grail War veteran, a rogue sorceress, a Burial Agency executioner, and [[spoiler:a Counter Guardian]].
* ''Comments'': This one's primarily a ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' fanfic, but members of the ''Tsukihime'' crew are present as well and considering Altrouge's objective it seems likely that Shiki and Arcueid will be making appearances in the near-to-distant future. The story takes place a few years after what appears to be the anime version of the ''FSN'' Fate route, with Rin attending classes at the Clock Tower while the rest of the gang is still in Fuyuki. The story is very Rin-centric but also features a few enjoyable original characters and appearances by and references to characters from all around the Nasuverse, including everyone's favorite Blue Magic Gunner, who takes a major role in the story. Be warned, though, this one's a {{Lemon}} with a Rin/Aoko mana recharge sequence and a few [[spoiler:Rin/Archer]] scenes as well.

''[[ Continuing Dreams]]'' by CrimsonParagon
* Recommended by BlitzBlast, @/{{DarkPulse}}
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Pairings'': All Heroines (except maybe Ciel and probably [[DemotedToExtra Satsuki]])/Shiki, though Shiki/Arcuied, Shiki/Hisui, and Shiki/Akiha are the only ones written so far.
* ''Synopsis'': To put it simply, each chapter is a continuation of one of the endings of Tsukihime. In order: Arcuied True Ending, Hisui True Ending, and Akiha True Ending. Don't worry though; the couples are given happy endings. Well, in a picking the pieces up sort of way I guess.
* ''Comments'': It's wonderful, and it's great to see (relatively) happy endings for these characters. That's all I can really say. Do note that Hisui and Akiha's chapters contain NSFW scenes, but this is an H-Game after all. Sadly, it appears to be a DeadFic.
** @/{{DarkPulse}}: It's a shame this one didn't get done, really. The author certainly knew what he was doing, and even though it's through the eyes of Shiki, each ending's Shiki is appropriately different - the Hisui one, for example, is a lot more angsty and bitter at the events that happened in the story - as he should be, compared to the one from the Arcueid or Akiha routes. I'll hold out hope that it gets resurrected, but don't count on it, sadly...

''No Way Out'' by [[ heatseeker]], translated by [=AlfheimWanderer=]
* Recommended by @/{{Rivenscryr}}
* Vanished from the internet. Please post a link if found.
* ''Pairings'': Shijyou Tsukasa/Tohno Shiki, [[spoiler: Shijyou Tsukasa/Tohno Akiha non-consensual]]
* ''Synopsis'': After the events of "A Story for the Evening", Shijyou Tsukasa has become a nervous wreck, seeing shadows around every corner, demons at every turn. When she recieves a letter from her mortal enemy's brother, asking her to meet him, does his offer mean salvation or despair for the troubled girl?
* ''Comments'': A oneshot set post-Akiha route, "No Way Out" expands on the background of Shijyou Tsukasa, the unfortunately unstable girl involved in the Purple Envelope incident, helping to explain why she might have broken down as she did. While there is some lemon content (just look at the site it's hosted on!), it is still an intensely psychological tale delving into the darker aspects of being isolated and driven to the brink of losing all hope, with only a tenuous connection to humanity remaining. In a sense, Tsukasa's situation is like Akiha's seen through a mirror darkly, which [=AlfheimWanderer=] has done an excellent job getting across with this excellent translation.

''[[ The World of the Moon]]'' by pureauthor ([[ FF.Net Link.]])
* Recommended by Oddifying
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings'': Shiki/Arcueid
* ''Synopis'': A collection of snippets focusing on Shiki & Arcueid's misadventures. Most stories seem to fixate on the Arcueid true/good endings, but variations are always present.
* ''Comments'': Ranging from slice of life to character study, these little snippets have some good potential. My personal favorites include "The Sun & The Moon" and "Need".
** @/{{Darkenning}}: While the initial vignettes were funny, the series has strayed into some very bittersweet territory with later ones, particularly the ''amazing'' Tearjerker that is "Conclusion".

[[WMG: Videos]]
''[[ Melty Blood Chronicles]]'' by LexMishima
* Recommended by Zagarathian
* ''Synopsis'': Nanaya Shiki wants to kill Tohno Shiki. Akiha challenges Nanaya. Nanaya ends up having to fight an army of Mech-Hisuis. Sion is fighting Ciel. Kohaku sees flying cats.
* ''Comments'': Using the sprites from the game, LexMishima creates a visual fanfic. With fast paced action scenes every two minutes, Melty Blood Chronicles really captures the essence of a Nasu fight. The movements are very smooth, especially for sprite characters, and the plot seems TATARI induced, which is very fitting.