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[[WMG: Authors, and Websites]]

''[[ Rinjapine]]''
* Recommended by {{Tropers/Jayie of Akali}}
* ''Comments'': Rinjapine has created an entire world around the original movies, creating hundreds of new characters while also including every semi-canon character (Tojo, Ni, Selfish Lion, etc.) She set up believable backstories and family trees for each character. Very good, descriptive writing and character development for every character.

[[WMG: Comics]]
''[[ Tales from the Spirit Lands]]'' by [[ Koai]]
* Recommended by beeruckzII
* Comments: There are four separate stories in the same verse: [[ Escape to Pride Rock]], [[ Run or Learn]], [[ Mark of a Prisoner]] and [[ My Pride Sister.]] Chronologically, "My Pride Sister" happens first and "Escape to Pride Rock" comes second. "Run or Learn" and "Mark of a Prisoner" come third and both happen at the same time. And I HIGHLY reccommend them all.
''The Future of our Past'' series by [[ albinoraven666]]
* Recommended by beeruckzII
* Comments: Chronologically, [[ The Future of our Past]] happens first, then [[ Uru's Reign Part 1,]] then [[ The East Land Chronicles]] and finally [[ Uru's Reign Part 2]] which is currently ongoing. All of these comics are remarkably well done with well fleshed out OC's. I highly recommend them! But read them in order, otherwise you won't get the story.
''[[ The First King]]'' series by [[ Nadra]]
* Recommended by Crimson Shogun
* Comments: Great-great-grandfater Simba reveals the origin of their family, how ages ago a pride on the brink of death found sanctuary upon Pride Rock, away from the brutalities of other lions. To protect his family, Nkosi sought to find another way to survive... he sought to became the King of the Pride Lands.

[[WMG: General]]

''[[ Before and Beyond the Beginning]]'' by Breech Loader
* Recommended by {{@/Tambov333}}
* ''Synopsis'': "During the hyena's youth, Shenzi must learn to control a pack. Banzai must learn to control his emotions. Ed must learn to live with insanity. A competitor for Shenzi must learn to be a scumbag. The trio has yet to meet Scar. And ALL have to face puberty." A DarkerAndEdgier FixFic with a PerspectiveFlip and notable character study - ForegoneConclusion becomes an incoming TearJerker.
* ''Pairing(s)'': Shenzi/Banzai, OC->Shenzi, Scar->Shenzi
* ''Tags'': FixFic, GreyAndGreyMorality, ForegoneConclusion, arguable DILP and RTDE.
* ''Also:'' InterspeciesRomance - Played differently - the increasingly crazed Scar repeatedly flirts with Shenzi, which makes her feel very uncomfortable. It plays on the idea that much as lions find hyenas ugly, hyenas find lions ugly right back. (Which the hyenas do, as stated in the movie when Banzai and Shenzi have a little fun pointing out why lions suck.)

[[reviews:Before and Beyond the Beginning]]

''[[ Royal Journey]]'' and ''[[ A Single Step]]'' by Kiara32
* Recommended by Tropers/IronicMouse
* ''Synopsis'':
** ''Royal Journey'' is a direct sequel to ''The Lion King 2'' and follows Kovu and Kiara as they prepare to one day take the place of Simba and Nala as rulers of the Pride Lands. During the story, battles are fought, characters die, and those who live go though a great deal of character development. The beginning chapters suffer from some typical fan fic mistakes, but overall it's a well-written story that takes the time to expand on the setting's culture.
** ''A Single Step'' is the SpinoffBabies to ''Royal Journey'', focusing on Kiara and Kovu's son, Kivu, and the half-dozen other cubs that have been born since the last story. Over the course of the story, the cubs grow into young adults, new lions join the pride, conflicts internal and external are dealt with, and young love blossoms amongst many of the characters. Of particular note is the enormous cast of characters that inhabit this story, and that despite the quantity of characters, there is no shortage on quality character development.
* ''Pairings'': Simba/Nala, Kovu/Kiara, lots of OC/OC, lots of implied OC/OC
* ''Tags'': ExpandedUniverse, SpinoffBabies, CastHerd

[[reviews:Royal Journey and A Single Step]]

''[[ Mother's Eyes]] by Fromthedeepsea
* Recommended by Pichu
* ''Synopsis'': When Kiara's newborn cub proves difficult, she thinks she has failed as a mother. Nala disagrees.
* ''Comments'': It's sickly sweet and short. It's quite cute and well-written.

[[reviews:Mother's Eyes]]

''[[ The Pride That Never Was]] by Akirl15
* Recommended by Namacub95
* ''Synopsis'': Simba's Pride rewritten to fit the original ideas for the Lion King Sequel. Following the journey of the royal twins Chaka and Shani.
* ''Comments'': A brilliantly detailed and well written Simba's Pride AU with Chaka and Shani instead of Kiara. The plot is very very well thought through and interesting whilst relying on scrapped production notes to build the characters. It's definitely worth a read. It even includes a '[[ Making Of]]' page which is also great to read.

''[[ When Did I Become A Parent]]'' by [[ Bookworm Gal]]
* Recommended by Treeclimber42
* ''Synopsis'': "When did he go from wanting him around for protection to realizing that the cub was their responsibility to raise? Somewhere between rescuing him and watching him stand on Pride Rock, Simba became more than just their friend. He was part of their family." Just because Timon and Pumbaa serve as PluckyComicRelief doesn't mean they aren't more than that.
* ''Comments'': It is easy to forget that Timon and Pumbaa really did raise Simba. The movie did tend to skim over that part, even though the 1 1/2 one focused a little more on it. But you could really see the events of this story happening in canon. Everybody is kept in character which makes the story seem very believable and there is a real attempt to connect all three movies into a comprehensive whole (including 1 1/2).

''[[ The Lion King Adventures]]''
* Recommended by: Looneyman1933
* ''Sypnosis'': A collection of stories about Simba and Nala as cubs. The two do much more than fall in love, as they battle evil wizards, horrifying monsters, and just plain lions who want to kill them.
* ''Comments'': [=ThatPersonYouMightKnow=] is an amazing author. He has a way of making a story flow together perfectly. Don't take my word for it, though. Go check it out yourself


''[[ Honest Trailers: The Lion King]]''
* Recommended by: Aramisa
* ''Sypnosis'': It's ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin.
* ''Comments'': The author managed to create a believable and hilarious WebVideo/HonestTrailers for the movie.