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[[WMG:[[GenFic General Fics]]]]
''Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.''

''[[ Land Before Time: The Mysterious World]]'' by Threehorn
* Recommended by Dialga
* ''Synopsis:'' A boy from England (circa 2097) gets caught up in an evil plot and ends up being teleported into the past. He meets the Gang (Only characters from the sequels appear). Together they must defeat this menace.
* ''Comments'': In one sentence: post apocalyptic science fiction meets ''Land Before Time''

''[[ Land Before Time: The Order of Leaf and Claw]]'' by [[ AnthroLover]]
* Recommended by dstar95
* ''Synopsis:'' A world were sharpteeth and leaf eaters can live together in peace, side by side, as friends. This is a beautiful dream, and there are many who would like to live in a world like that, and make the world be this Paradise. However, there are some who don't like this dream, and who wish to stop it from ever happening. The ones who defend this dream, now must fight for it to come true.
* ''Comments'': This is the fanfic where Manga/FairyTail meets WesternAnimation/TheLandBeforeTime, as it has supernatural elements and magic in this story. Be warmed, as it has mild blood violenece here.

'' [[ Battle of the Sacred Essences]]'' by [[ Thunderblade]]
* Recommended by Enterprise
* ''Synopsis'':
* ''Comments'': Battle of the Sacred Essences is a 428-page long fanfic that is quite simply one of the greatest crossovers out there. [[ Its sequel]] is also quickly becoming a hit.

''[[ Out of the Shadows]]'' by DarkHououmon
* Recommended by DialgaX
* ''Synopsis'': When the mind of a single individual is corrupted by a twisted fiend, a series of bizarre events unfold that no one could stop.
* ''Comments'': A note of caution, [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids this story is rated R for a reason]]. It's intensely violent and ''very'' bloody. Oh yeah, it takes place in a CrapsackWorld.
* Seconded by RejectedOne123. This is certainly not a fanfic for those who are not mature enough for such content. That being said, DarkHououmon incorporates excellent description in order to make the reader feel like that they are 'watching' the story play out before their eyes. Despite having some elements that certain LBT purists may find unappealing (such as magic, spiritualism, and a hint of slash) the story is not bogged down by such concepts. Rather, those concepts serve the overall plot and feel of the story quite well. This is certainly a must-read for anyone who is interested in LBT fanfictions.

''[[ Time of Great Need]]'' by karkovice.
* Recommended by Tropers/IronicMouse
* ''Synopsis'': Set many years after the movies' settings, Little Foot and the gang have grown up. Grandpa Longneck has long since passed on, leaving Little Foot, or Lesik as he's called now, in charge of the Great Valley. The story kicks off with a now grown-up Chomper returning to the valley. Upon reuniting with his old friends, he explains that the Sharptooth lands are being ravaged by a devastating sickness. Little Foot and the gang resolve to help their old friend and depart for the Sharptooth lands.
* ''Sequels'': ''[[ Cera's Mysterious Sickness]]'', ''[[ An Unusual Pairing]]'', ''[[ Forbidden Mating]]''
* ''Tags'': ExpandedUniverse, InterspeciesRomance, DarkerAndEdgier
* ''Pairings'': Little Foot/Allie, Petrie/Ducky, Cera/OC, Chomper/OC, OC/OC
* ''Comments'': By this point, the whole FantasticRacism in the franchise has been done to death, but karkovice somehow manages to make it feel fresh and new again. Much of the series focuses on Little Foot as he tries to be a fair leader in a changing world. In the first story, the dinosaurs of the Great Valley (and the readers as well) learn that the Sharpteeth are not a bunch of mindless, ChaoticEvil creatures. They have a culture, feelings, and families, just like the Leaf Eaters, and a lot of drama comes from the long held prejudices against Sharpteeth that permeate the valley. In the second, Cera develops PTSD, after the ordeal in the Sharpteeth lands, and must rely on her friends to help her cope. In the third, Ducky and Petrie become mates (followed by Cera's young cousin and Chomper's son in the fourth), and they must deal with the prejudice and hatred that follow. Occasionally, karkovice will launch into PurpleProse, but overall, the stories are well-written, and the characters are well-developed.
* The above link is the "revised" version. The original version has disappeared.

''[[ The Land Before Time: the Return of Sharptooth]]'' by Red Eyes Black Dragon Master
* Recommended by TheDarkTrex
* ''Synopsis'': ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin, the Sharptooth from the first movie comes back to get his revenge on Littlefoot and the gang for almost killing him. Doc takes Littlefoot to train him to fight, and Sharptooth takes Chomper in pursuit while teaching him how to be a vicious killer. Features character death and backstory. And Sharptooth happens to be the same one Doc fought as the Lone Dinosaur in the old legends.

''[[ A Sharptooth's Heart]]'' by Sora WTK
* Recommended by Bluedramon
* ''Synopsis:'' When a deadly instinct is manifested inside the body of a once carefree dinosaur of unknown origin, a velociraptor, blinded by anger, will stop at nothing to get revenge...
* ''Comments'': One of the best "Not all sharpteeth are bad" fanfics. This fanfic has its own page: FanFic/ASharptoothsHeart

''[[ A Sharptooth's Heart II]]'' by Sora WTK
* Recommended by Bluedramon
* ''Synopsis:'' One year after his previous adventure, Rex finds himself involved in a war for the fate of the Great Valley. And being part of the fight will answer Rex's question of who he really is and more...
* ''Comments'': The sequel to A Sharptooth's Heart, it continues one year after the end of the original.

''[[ Quest for the Energy Stones]]'' by [[ Chronicler of the Great Valley]]
* Recommended by {{@/nightelf37}}
* ''Synopsis:'' A crossover with {{Bionicle}}. The villages of Mata Nui are brought to the Great Valley by an unknown force. When Makuta follows, it's up to the gang and their new friend Takua to find the Energy Stones to save the valley.

''[[ Quest for the Mask of Life]]'' by [[ Chronicler of the Great Valley]]
* Recommended by {{@/nightelf37}}
* ''Synopsis:'' Sequel to Quest for the Energy Stones. When Littlefoot and his friends end up in the Matoran universe, they find themselves caught in the middle as old and new friends must fight many new threats to save their universe.

''[[ Twilight Valley]]'' by ''[[ Zarrelion]]''
* Recommended by {{@/Weirdowithcoffee}}
* ''Synopsis:'' A mysterious sharptooth seeks the mythical Stone of Cold Fire for his own evil desires. When that stone plunges into the Great Valley, he amasses his forces to seize it. Can Littlefoot and his friends stop him from plunging their home into total war?

''[[ The Land Before Time:The Times of Change]]'' by [[ theblazinggecko]]
* Recommended by Tropers/DinoMarioZilla
* ''Synopsis:''This one's not a fanfic, but rather a webcomic made by a fan, that explores what will happen to the main characters when they become adults and how it will impact them emotionally.
* ''Comments:''Of many future fanworks in the fandom,this one truly stands out as a well-thought and done story that could totally work as a movie!!! It has a very DarkerAndEdgier and mature tone that is quite enjoyable, and makes it very interesting.It doesn't have many chapters as of now, but is quickly becoming a sensation.

''[[ Land Before Time Retold]]'' by [[ Avatar Emerald]]
* Recommended by Nintendoman01
* ''Synopsis'': A series of fics that adapt the film series, but with a twist: a human girl named Aylene ends up in the dinosaur world, and befriends Littlefoot and co., joining them on their adventures. Now has a [[FanFic/LandBeforeTimeRetold tropes page]].
* ''Comments'': Very well written. The addition of a TokenHuman to the gang makes this quite an interesting read.

''[[ The Seven Hunters]]'' by [[ The Amazing Rhombus]]
* Recommended by DarkHououmon
* ''Synopsis'': A fateful wish causes horrific changes to our favorite seven dinosaurs. What will they do when they are forced to leave all they know behind and live an alien lifestyle in the mysterious beyond? What will they do when the hunted become the hunters? Follow Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, and Ruby in this dark story of death, revenge, redemption, and hope. Has a [[FanFic/TheSevenHunters tropes page]].
* ''Comments'': One of the best Land Before Time fanfics out there. The author takes the concept of the gang turning into sharpteeth and really fleshes it out. Minor characters such as the Rainbow Faces and Ruby's parents get plenty of attention and development. Redclaw is reworked into a serious villain whose presence would strike fear on a similiar level as the original Sharptooth, and his second-in-command, the sociopathic Calin, is even worse. The author's knowledge of biology, anatomy, psychology, and zoology help make the gang's transformation that much more believable. This is a well-written story that deserves to be read.

[[WMG:[[{{Shipping}} Shipping Fics]]]]
''Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.''

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