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[[folder: Authors and Websites]]

[[ Katie Forsythe]]
* Recommended by: Polaris, bregalad
* Comments: For all your Holmes/Watson shipping needs. Katie's fics are long, plotty, incredibly detailed and emotionally resonant. She has an excellent knowledge of the canon and the period; several stories deal with canonical incidents - and how they may have occurred differently than Watson chose to record them - and historical events (''[[ Full of Grace]]'' deals with Creator/OscarWilde's imprisonment; ''[[ The Presbury Letters]]'' with UsefulNotes/WorldWarI). My personal favorite is ''[[ The Three Favors]]'', which deals with Holmes' return to London after Reichenbach.
** Seconded. Her stories are amazing and you'll fall in love with her characterisations.
** This troper agrees, her characterisations are amazing and her writing style is beautiful.
** Katie's fics are amongst the best I've ever read, Holmes fandom or otherwise. Excellently written and deeply emotional - they feel like unabridged canon stories.
** Agree as well. This troper read ''[[ The Sign of Change]]'' before seeing the second movie and couldn't avoid mixing both works together. Her stories have a great canon feel.

[[ wordybirdy]]
* Recommended by: Lady Nomad
* Comments: Wordybirdy writes the funniest Sherlock Holmes that could be felt like it was canon. She researches Victorian England well and incorporates it into her fics. She writers Holmes/Watson as a couple and as really good friends.


[[folder:General Fics]]
''Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.''

''[[ Alter Ego]]'' by Silver Pard
* Recommended by: Dame-Amaryllis
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: You did not know when you began just how much you would lose to your fictional self.

''[[ Deserter]]'' by Queen Megaera
* Recommended by: @/RubberLotus
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: ''"For me, there still remains the cocaine-bottle. And he stretched his long white hand up to it."'' ''Literature/TheSignOfTheFour'' officially ended with these words, but Dr. John Watson's dilemma did not.
* Comments: Who knew that one single line could spawn such a short yet emotional ficlet?

''[[ Jottings from a Doctor's Journal]]'' by charleygirl
* Recommended by: Ancient Nonun
* Status: Dead
* Synopsis: This are the alternate annotations of the Dr. John Watson, those who had not place in the adventures of the First and Only Private Detective of the World Sherlock Holmes, telling those everyday occurrences, mishaps and the insight of such an analytical mind.
* Comments: A beautiful compilation of short stories that detail the other side of the Coin in the life of Watson and Holmes, outside their adventures. Construct a profound and quite touching close relationship between the two(Bromance, not the obligatory Slash fic) and a door to the psyche of Holmes, who at times can be quite immature, lonely, childish and downright petty but at the same time more noble that the works would paint him. It's fluffy, funny and so hurtful. The solution of cabin fever is hilarious [[spoiler: they play hidden game]] and face the music ''will'' make you cry. It had over other 30 works if you want to check it out.

''[[ Misery]]'' by [=Ancalime8301=]
* Recommended by: Lady Nomad
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Holmes hits a rough patch just after Watson's wedding.
* Comments: It is a dramatic, nice fic that has everyone in character and even have a few elements from the literature. While it is angsty, there are a few light moments that help balance it out with some nice Holmes and Watson banter and a few lovely friendship moments between Holmes and Mary.

''[[ Power of the Pen]]'' by The Fool's Hope
* Recommended by: Mockingjay
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: A compilation of letters and other things written by various people after Sherlock Holmes' death.
* Comments: Contains the perfect balance of comedy and drama as the lives of Holmes' friends are detailed via telegrams, letters and other pieces of writing during the Hiatus.

''[[ A Study in Stardom]]'' by Aleine Skyfire
* Recommended by: totofan4ever
* Status: Dead
* Synopsis: Sherlock Holmes and Jeremy Brett put up with each other, warts and all.
* Comments: This whole series of one shots is filled with Crowning Moments of Heartwarming as Jeremy Brett, David Burke, and Edward Hardwicke interact with their canonical counterparts. It really gives an inspiring idea to how Jeremy was able to act as close to Holmes as he could. And it also gives off amazing ideas such as Watson replacing David in the episode ''The Solitary Cyclist'' because David had the flu. Beautifully written and it's guaranteed to warm the heart of anyone who loves Sherlock Holmes and Jeremy Brett.

''[[ Sub Rosa]]'' by Professor Pangaea
* Recommended by: Polaris
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: "One of the most attractive things about the flowers is their beautiful reserve. The truly beautiful and noble puts its lover, as it were, at an infinite distance, while it attends him more strongly than ever." -- Henry David Thoreau
* Comments: This is a wonderful multimedia fic, consisting largely of telegrams exchanged between Holmes and Mycroft during the former's time in hiding after ''The Final Problem''.


[[folder: Shipping Fics]]
''Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.''

''[[ The Adventure of Hecate House]]'' by [=Eyebrows2=]
* Recommended by: Tonnocal
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: As Sherlock Holmes investigates an enigmatic doctor who makes extraordinary claims, he uncovers a fiendish web of dark crime. Can he and Watson unravel it before danger overtakes them? And what role does ex-client Violet Hunter play?
* Pairing: Holmes/Violet Hunter
* Comments: Neither crude nor crud, this is pure Sherlock Holmes. The leading lady features in one of ''The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes'', and is true to Conan-Doyle's representation of her.

''[[ Confessions of the Master]]'' by amalcolm1
* Recommended by @/ReginaTitania
* Status: Dormant
* Synopsis: Watson looks back on his relationship with Holmes after Reichenbach, recanting what really happened and the truth about his dear friend.
* Pairing: Watson/Holmes
* Comments: Possibly the longest Holmes/Watson slash fic on FF.Net, this 214k+ monster is ''still'' WIP and comes pretty well recommended. It tells a dark story of love between Holmes and Watson, especially in the face of Victorian society and Watson's parental responsibilities, along with several more hypotheses regarding their backgrounds.
** Told in the Watsonian style, one really feels as though Watson himself wrote this, although the use of footnotes does crack the illusion quite a bit. This story is something intriguing and attention-grabbing. No questions said; it is a tragedy. Take it like it is.

''[[ The Fall at Reichenbach, Revisited]]'' by rabidsamfan
* Recommended by: millernumber1
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: An AU look at what might have happened in Switzerland, from the prompt "What if Mary Watson didn't die during the Hiatus?"
* Pairing: Watson/Mary
* Comments: Incredibly dramatic, well written, and one of the few Watson/Mary shipping fics that doesn't go for the angst of the seemingly canon death of Watson's wife during the Hiatus. Deserves many, many reviews (and possibly encouragements for a follow up!).

''[[ Genevieve]]'' by CSI Clue
* Recommended by: [=JustTroper=]
* Status: Complete
* Sypnosis: Holmes falls in love with a girl from a book store, who later saves him from death.
* Pairing: Holmes/OC
* Comments: A rare case of LoveInterest having a SpeechImpediment (stutter), which even isn't presented as a disability.

''[[ Homo Ex Machina]]'' by Toft
* Recommended by; Jesaja, caughtbluehanded
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Watson accidentally publishes a pornographic novella featuring himself and Holmes, and is blackmailed into making it a serial.
* Pairing: Watson/Holmes
* Comments: Well-written and enjoyable.
** Ridiculously fun to read. Also hot. -caughtbluehanded

''[[ A Journey to the Core]]'' by Nunewesen
* Recommended by: Eona
* Status: Dead
* Synopsis: Dr. Watson is finding himself unusually uncomfortable in his friendship with Sherlock Holmes. He decides to take a break to clear his mind, but finding the source of his uneasiness seems to be making things even more difficult...
* Pairing: Watson/Holmes
* Comments: This fic feels like it could be canon. The romance between Watson and Holmes feels natural. It is rated M for explicit sexual content, but it is tasteful.

''[[ Marriage à Trois]]'' by Sorrel
* Recommended by: Java
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: In the aftermath of the Blackwood case, Mary determines that if she wants to have a successful marriage, she must find a way to integrate Holmes into her relationship with John. It's a decision that will have a number of unforeseen consequences, as she becomes far closer with the famous detective than she ever could have imagined.
* Pairing: Watson/Mary/Holmes
* Comments: This fic is wonderfully realized, and I loved the gradual inclusion of Holmes. Follows the 2009 film.

''[[ A Scandal of No Importance]]'' by amalcolm1
* Recommended by: @/Fiwen9430
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: In 1897 Holmes receives a letter asking him to help an old friend in Paris. The remembrances of their past relationship force him to confront his feelings for Watson.
* Pairing: Watson/Holmes
* Comments: Weaves the characters really well with actual historical events. Mostly Holmes' POV with lots of flashbacks, especially to the Old Bailey trial, though the last couple of chapters also have Wilde and Watson POV.

''[[ Will's Story]]'' by CSI Clue
* Recommended by: Tonnocal
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: After a murder at the Grande, Constable Clark and Mr. Holmes help to rescue a damsel, and Clarke gets more personallly involved.
* Pairing: Clarke/OC


[[folder: Crossovers]]

''[[ The Baker Street Record]]'' by Featherfish
* Recommended by: Count Choculitis, @/{{Starshine}}
* Crossover with: ''Literature/HouseOfLeaves''
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Described by the author as an exercise in dual pastiche, this crossover begins with Holmes and Watson discovering a door in their [[color:blue:house]] were there wasn't one before. Holmes starts going mad trying to wrap his mind around it. Where does it lead? [[strike:[[color:red: Is there something inside it?]]]] And then it gets worse. It should be noted that this is really not primarily a ship fic, but it contains Holmes/Watson slashiness and one scene of explicit sex.
* Comments: What can you expect from the story? Uh... creepiness, postmodernism, footnotes, and general awesomeness. Captures the voice of both works marvelously, and is full of clever allusions and surprises. In-character while showing the characters' descent into desperation and madness, and contains a touching portrayal of the bond between Holmes and Watson. Complete.
** Seriously, this is a work of art. And if you're not into Holmes/Watson, don't let that put you off. The way she works it in is ingenious.
*** Speaking as someone who has never read ''House of Leaves'' and didn't really like Holmes/Watson before she read this fic, it is absolutely amazing. I would say it's the best fanfic ever written, but I'm not sure that description does this work justice. Best fanwork ever is probably more accurate.

''Fanfic/ChildrenOfTime'' by Wholmes Productions
* Recommended by: fruitstripegum
* Crossover with: ''Series/DoctorWho''
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: An AU series of fics asking "WhatIf Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson had become the Doctor's companions instead of Martha Jones?".

''Fanfic/TheDetectiveAndTheDiplomat'' by Beth Einspanier
* Recommended by: Hereward
* Crossover with: ''Literature/Discworld''
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: During an experiment involving the use of magic between distant parts of the multiverse, a single sneeze sends two of the most analytically brilliant men known into each other's shoes. With Holmes booked to investigate an attempted murder and gold fever sweeping Ankh-Morpork, how can Watson and Vimes deal with this new development?

''[[ Elementary, My Dear ObiWan]]'' by [=Frostfyre7=]
* Recommended by: Shareth
* Crossover with: ''Franchise/StarWars''
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Life in London can get plenty interesting when Sherlock Holmes is hot on the trail of the dastardly Moriarty. Things take a bizarre turn, however, when Holmes and Watson intervene in a most unusual assassination attempt on a strangely dressed young man.
* Comments: Gets the tone of the original Sherlock Holmes stories spot-on while effortlessly blending in pre-Movie Star Wars-verse elements. The best and truest-to-literary-canon Sherlock Holmes crossover this troper has read since ''Literature/AStudyInEmerald''. Highly recommended.

''[[ Edward meets Sherlock Holmes]]'' by Van Wolfe
* Recommended by: Novatel
* Crossover with: ''Literature/{{Twilight}}''
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Why did Edward stop hunting criminals? During those brief ten years, he was just like a superhero...So why? Because he met someone. A man named Sherlock Holmes.
* Comments: Crossover with ''Twilight'' of all things, and still manages to be great. Sherlock Holmes uses his intelligence to fight Edward Cullen, a vampire.

''[[ From the Sidelines]]'' by Riandra
* Recommended by: @/RubberLotus
* Crossover with: ''Disney/TheGreatMouseDetective''
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: One night, while on a food run, Dr. Dawson experiences a most heart-pounding adventure.
* Comments: Just a quick peek into those instances where the worlds of mice and men intersect, if ever so briefly.

''[[ The Magician and the Detective]]'' by Bad Horse
* Recommended by: Rilkar, @/{{Indalecio}}, Veanne
* Crossover with: ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic''
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: The brilliant Fetlock Holmes is a stallion almost worthy of the Great and Powerful Trixie. But he is interested in criminals, not mares. Have no fear! Trixie has a plan.
* Pairing: Holmes/Trixie
* Comments: One of [=EqD=]'s prereaders says it better than I could: "Never before have I seen a crossover work so seemlessly, integrating the best elements of both worlds. Highly recommended."
** Brilliant! An erudite (how many fanfic writers put ''[[Creator/FriedrichNietzsche The Birth of the Tragedy]]'' in? Seamlessly?), eloquent narrator perfectly fitting the mould of [[TheWatson J.H. Watson]]. A wry, [[{{Troll}} smartass]], [[SherlockScan uncannily observant]] and [[TheGreatDetective ruthlessly logical]] but strangely humble Holmes. A bold, daring criminal. A ''hot'' [[DatingCatwoman date with her]] (as hot as expected of Holmes). Read it - I know you'll love it! (May cause [[TearJerker sniffles]].)

''[[ Moustery]]'' by rabidsamfan
* Recommended by: @/RubberLotus
* Crossover with: ''Disney/TheGreatMouseDetective''
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Watson observing something before Holmes has? More likely than you think.
* Comments: Absolutely marvelous, though sadly shorter than it ought to be. What the film itself only hinted at is fleshed out just a little bit more in this fic, as one particular human begins to take note of the world of talking mice.

''Literature/AStudyInEmerald'' by Creator/NeilGaiman
* Recommended by: Count Choculitis, @/{{Ainyre}}
* Crossover with: ''Franchise/CthulhuMythos''
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: The Great Detective and his new flatmate investigate the murder of a member of the royal family.
* Comments: I just really love this clever twist on the plot of the first Holmes novel, ''A Study in Scarlet''. It's set in an alternate universe Victorian London where Lovecraftian monsters rule the earth, and... well, you should probably just read it. Beautifully written, subtle, and creepy.

''[[ A Study in Rum]]'' by Nytd
* Recommended by: Belphegor
* Crossover with: ''Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean''
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: One wicked and clever pirate. One singular and brilliant detective. One hundred and fifty years apart. An impossible meeting? Perhaps just improbable...
* Comments: Nytd is first and foremost a ''Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean'' fanfiction writer, but although this is a crossover, it remains a Holmes story throughout, with Doctor Watson as the narrator from beginning to end. It's fascinating, quite gripping and often funny, and the author has the 'voice' and feel of her characters down pat - no-one is forgotten. A definite must-read.

''[[ The Unexpected Visitor]]'' by Samantha Spanner
* Recommended by: roguehistoria
* Crossover with: ''Disney/TheGreatMouseDetective''
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: When Mrs. Hudson spots a mouse in 221b, her first reaction is to get rid of it. But, when Toby protests strongly and protects the creature, Sherlock intervenes in his landlady's planning.