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[[WMG: Authors and Websites]]

''[[ Symphony of the Sword]]'' by Creator/EyrieProductionsUnlimited
* Recommended by: @/LooneyToons
* Synopsis: In her second year at Worcester Prep, a prestigious private school on Earth, fourteen-year-old Kaitlyn Hutchins acquires a new roommate -- a pink-haired girl with haunted eyes, named Utena Tenjou. Although both are wounded in their souls they bond, becoming fast friends -- a friendship which ultimately changes the fates of many worlds.
* Notes: Part of the ''Fanfic/UndocumentedFeatures'' universe.

[[ sharnii]]
* Recommended by: Dame-Amaryllis
* Comments: This author writes mainly, but not only, post-anime Utena/Anthy.

[[WMG:[[GenFic General Fics]]]]
''Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.''

''[[ Archimage]]'' by Jude [=McLaughlin=]
* Recommended by: @/LooneyToons, Lectito Ergo Sum, [=SuddenFrost=], Lightice, @/AxelWhite , [=Y.S.Jennis=]
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Years after the events of the series, Utena and Anthy have finally reunited and now live together. But Akio's not yet ready to let go of them yet, and events seem to conspire to force them to gather together the rose duelists to confront him one final time.

''[[ Ten Years After]]'' by Chris Davies
* Recommended by: @/LooneyToons
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Ten years after the events of the television series, Juri Arisugawa receives a mysterious, anonymous invitation to a reunion of those involved in the Rose Duels that lifts the fog over her memories of the Rose Tournament. Curious, she attends -- but no one whom she meets there admits to being the one who sent the invitations, and both Anthy and Utena are missing...

''[[ Ma Vie Et Roses]]'' by Scott Johnson and Scott Jamison
* Recommended by: @/LooneyToons
* Status: Dead
* Synopsis: What would happen if you got [[SelfInsertFic self-inserted]] into an anime you knew almost ''nothing'' about? ''Ma Vie Et Roses'' attempts to answer that question and subvert the Self Insert paradigm at the same time. Anime fan Skyler Sands wakes up to find himself the newest Rose Duelist at Ohtori Academy -- not that he knows that at first. All he knows is that he's been involuntarily shoved into an anime; he eventually works out which one, but he's damned if he can figure out why, or what he's supposed to do there.

''[[ Jaquemart]]'' by Alan Harnum
* Recommended by: Lightice, [=SuddenFrost=]
* Status: Dead
* Synopsis: Utena and Anthy are living together in relative peace in Hokkaido, when Utena learns from a newspaper article that a young boy has been killed in a duel in Ohtori Academy. Realizing that Akio is continuing his old work she is determined to stop him, but Anthy is unwilling to ever get involved with Ohtori's affairs again. Going after the enemy alone, Utena manages to gather unlikely allies from some former members of the Student Council, while Anthy discovers painfully that the past isn't willing to let her go, and decides to take reins in her own hands.

''[[ Beneath the Skin]]'' by Alan Harnum
* Recommended by: Glasswalker
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: This fic sets its focus on Nanami, who struggles to redefine herself in the wake of the series finale, and finds inspiration in an unexpected source. Well-written and -characterized, this fic also does what few other fanfics manage: presenting a post-series Akio as a redeemable figure without [[DracoInLeatherPants putting him in leather pants]].

''[[ Kaishaku]]'' by [=NekoLeo=]
* Recommended by: @/RuTsuna
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: An interesting take on the Akio arc focusing on Saionji and Touga. Notable in that it utilizes believable AlternateCharacterInterpretation quite effectively.

''[[ Utena Quest]]'' by Moo
* Recommended by: running_dogs, bearsthethird
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: Utena wakes up in her dorm room knowing three things. 1. Something awful has happened. 2. She needs to find Anthy and Wakaba. 3. She needs to leave Ohtori with them. Help Utena on her quest!
* Comments: This is a story told on tumblr in the same style as Ruby Quest, the art style its drawn in is also in the Ruby Quest style. It has mystery and filled with really creepy parasitic roses. It takes somewhere around arc 3 but according to the author elaborating would be a spoiler. It is so fascinating because of all the mystery surrounding how Ohtori turns into a horror scene that I caught up to it in one night! Please read it.
** Fascinating and creepy AU with a unique reader-driven storytelling style. As of now, it's a pretty fast read to get caught up. -Bearsthethird

[[WMG:[[{{Shipping}} Shipping Fics]]]]
''Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.''

''[[ Roses Grow]]'' by sharnii
* Recommended by: @/{{Blazar}}
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Anthy finds Utena but the shocking events of the last duel seem to have taken their toll. And only time will tell if Anthy can grow past being the Rose Bride. Meanwhile Akio moves out of Check...
* Pairing: Utena/Anthy
* Comments: A ContinuationFic that is always true to character and captures the mood of the series perfectly, especially the dark menace that was built up slowly throughout the canon series. The Utena/Anthy relationship was also in-character and well-developed, but be warned: the M rating is there for a reason.

''[[ Reaching]]'' by Death Quaker
* Recommended by: @/Gaston1991
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Shiori tries to puzzle out Jury and past and future relationships with her. Shiori's POV.
* Pairing: Shiori/Juri

''[[ Speak Now]]'' by Ember A. Keelty
* Recommended by: Dame-Amaryllis
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Utena Tenjou is a normal woman about to have a normal wedding that certainly isn't one last desperate attempt to quell the constant phantom pain in her chest. The florist has other ideas, and when the flowers arrive all semblance of normality crumbles into bizarre, bittersweet memories and a surrealistic struggle against ancient forces.
* Pairing: Utena/Anthy
* Notes: Alternate link [[ here]].

''[[ Not to Imply]]'' by gveret
* Recommended by: Dame-Amaryllis
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: The games have always been fruitless, and sometimes she wonders if he ever expected them to be otherwise. But, after all, as the Rose Bride, she isn't required, supposed or inclined to care.
* Pairing: Utena/Anthy

''[[ Untangled]]'' by emilyenrose
* Recommended by: Dame-Amaryllis
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Anthy searched the world for Utena Tenjou. It is, of course, only when she gives up than she finds her.
* Pairing: Utena/Anthy


''[[ Revolutions]]'' by Jen-chan-shaw
* Recommended by: spartenx, Dame-Amaryllis
* Status: Complete
* Crossover with: ''Manga/KannazukiNoMiko'' and ''Anime/MaiHime''
* Synopsis: ''"Did you hear? Did you hear? Have you heard the news?"'' The Hime and Miko are caught again in the eternal struggles between the Prince, the Demon, and the Obsidian Lord. Bonds of love and friendship are forged and tested between the casts of [=MaiHime=], [=KannaMiko=] and Utena.
* Notes: Has a sequel, ''[[ Revolutions FuMoofu]]''.

''[[ Seinen Kakumei Utena]]'' by gorgeousshutin
* Recommended by: Rose Bride, {{checkreality}}
* Status: Complete
* Crossover with: ''Anime/MawaruPenguindrum''
* Synopsis: Upon their ten year reunion, the Duelists initiate a survival strategy against the ends of their world.
* Notes: Has its own [[FanFic/SeinenKakumeiUtena tropes page]].
[=[[reviews:Seinen Kakumei Utena]]=]

''[[ Utena, Duelist of the Roses]]'' by [=MechaManiac=]
* Recommended by: Rose Bride
* Status: Dead
* Crossover with: ''Franchise/YuGiOh''
* Synopsis: Utena with a children's card game as stand in for the regular swords duels? better believe it.
* Comments: even tough this is a ''Franchise/YuGiOh'' croosover, this troper found it entertaining to read, so far the fic has only one chapter, but it looks pretty well its almost unbelieveble how well the Duel Monsters blends in with the Utena setting, even if you are averse to the franchise, its worth give this chapter a try.