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''[[ Okage Densetsu Lookit the Fancy Japanese]]'' by Corky Riviera
* Recommended by 4seasons
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Join this classic retelling of the epic adventure story! Join Ari as his life takes a course down the toilet and the world reveals how weird it can be. Now in an extended format with two or three new characters!
* ''Comments'': What can I say about this fanfic, HILARIOUS AND AWESOME! This author did an awesome of retelling Okage game, still following the plot, with original characters added, and of course, also did an excellent job of capturing the main characters' personalities, especially giving the protagonist Ari an interesting personlality that's a bit different from the original game, but still remain the same. The author did a real good job of keeping this fanfic even more funny.
** Now that the fanfic is complete. The author created a sequel, [[ Okage Densetsu The Underachieving Sequel]]. In the sequel: Michelle, after years of hiding in Hero Hopkin's house, has finally stepped forward to do what only she can... destroy the world and kill King Stan!
*** Sadly, it seems that the sequel is dead.

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