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[[folder: A - G]]

''[[ The Accidental Henge]]'' by ''[[ JAC_Ossuary]]''
* Recommended by: Capeclare
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Synopsis:'' Frustrated with academy life, Naruto steals a third years training manual and resolves to teach himself the Henge before anyone else in his class. Done on the night of a full moon, Naruto has no idea what his attempts will cause. Genderbender possibly Nary/Ino though definitely friendship and it also has some fanart.

''[[ Advent of the Spiraling Ninja]]'' by [[ Born of Prayers]]
* Recommended by Leidolf
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairing(s):'' Naruto x Hinata, Gaara x Matsuri, Fuu x Shibuki
* ''Synopsis:'' AU. Naruto is attacked the day after graduation and after Hinata takes a kunai for him, he uses the Kyuubi's Chakra and is forced to flee the village. The fox guides him to his ancestral home of Uzushio and uses a special puppet to summon his mother, Kushina. Now, he travels alongside her, in an attempt to rebuild their village.

''[[ Atlas]]''
* Recommended by: LordHerobrine
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Synopsis:'' My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I don't have chakra. I can't walk on walls, I can't breathe fire, and I certainly can't make a clone of myself. Who cares? I'm awesome anyway." Can Naruto be a good ninja in a world where everyone BUT him has superpowers? Yes. Yes, he can.| Story takes on a more modern take on the Naruto world and begs the question on what would happen if Naruto had no access to Chakra. Very engaging and not afraid to [[spoiler: kill off a bunch of main and or side characters.]] Also, HAN.. Just, HAN.
* ''Pairings:'' Tentative, and not specifically enumerated as of 2/18/2014.

''[[ The Banishment of Uzumaki Naruto]]'' by [[ Jeconais]]
* Recommended by: @/EddieCurrent, @/{{Robinton}}
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis:'' In which the often pulled fan trope of the all powerful town council grinding Naruto down is skewered, and Danzo's pet project gets rather nicely sporked as well.

''[[ Black Cloaks, Red Clouds]]'' by [[ Archontruth]]
* Recommended by Dellanotte
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairings:'' [[LoveTriangle Neji/Ten/Dei]], [[{{Squick}} Orochimaru/Anko]], [[spoiler: [[{{Irony}} NaruHina]]]]
* ''Synopsis:'' In a world where Orochimaru is Hokage and the Hidden Villages are ruled by tyrants, Tenten finds the lines between ally and enemy blurring when a desperate strategy lands her in the company of enigmatic strangers who wear black cloaks with red clouds. [=DeiTen=] and [=NejiTen=]. Contains adult themes.

''[[ Blood Sings]]'' by [[ Fireun Feather]]
* Recommended by @/{{Nitramy}}
* ''Status'': Ongoing
* ''Pairings:'' [=NaruHina=] / [=SasuSaku=]
* ''Synopsis:'' For Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage, the day started out like any other. But then Jiraiya walked into his office with a teen that could have been his clone and that bore the name of his vanished lover. His day just got very, very interesting. AU

''[[ The Book of Naruto]]'' by [[ HitokiriOTD]]
* Recommended by Yogi, @/XShouldveDied, Kurtulmak, boonerunner
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Pairing(s):'' Unrequited Naruto/Lots of people (Hinata mostly). Naruto just doesn't know about it.
* ''Synopsis:'' Naruto is a God. Naruto is an actual literal God, as in "pray to him and he grants miracles" God, but he has no clue that's the case. He's still the same lovable goofball roaming the countryside with Jiraiya, and he has no idea that people are building temples in his honor.

''[[ The Boy in the Team]]'' by ''[[ Shadenight123]]''
* Recommended by mothaibabon
* ''Status:'' Complete.
* ''Synopsis:'' Sasuke Uchiha is Rookie of the Year and son of the police chief. Naruko Namikaze is prime Kunoichi and hero of Konoha, daughter of the Yondaime Hokage. Hence, the dead last assigned to their team is Shinku Haruno...son of civilians. There is no rising from the lower levels when you're surrounded by prodigies. Just live through the nightmare...and hope to wake up to a better day.
* ''Comments:'' Be warned that it's pretty dark and edgy. Given the amount of trouble Naru(k)o and Sasuke get up to just for being so overpowered, it's a more realistic take on what should have ended up happening to a normal person who unfortunately got dragged along with them. Negative points: the plotline is a bit confusing, and the ending still has some loose ends. Overall, though, very well done Coming of Age story where the OC actually goes through a lot of hell to earn his stripes instead of simply being a Gary Stu.

''[[ Broken Hat]]'' by chairomori
* Recommended by Veloren
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings:'' None, just delicious, delicious crack.
* ''Synopsis:'' Gaara is now the Kazekage, what is Naruto going to do about it? (Steal his hat, obviously).

''[[ A Cage of Blood and Circumstance]]'' by [[ shadowsdeep]]
* Recommended by Einsieg
* ''Status'': Indefinite hiatus
* ''Pairing(s):'' None.
* ''Synopsis:'' A SelfInsertFic in the vein of Self as Canon Character. The SI is merged with the just shy of four years old [[ShrinkingViolet Hinata Hyuga]] at the exact moment when she is rescued from her abduction. After a brief moment of excitement, this situation is quickly seen with a serious case of FridgeHorror as the SI realizes that they have just been fused with the mind of a girl who's entire life is a prison walled off by the laws of her clan.

''[[ Chipped Mask]]'' by Darkpetal16
* Recommended by beeruckzII
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings:'' Tobi/OC
* ''Synopsis'' (from No one just falls into another world. It just doesn't happen. Not normally, at least. Not even rarely. It's an effect, not a cause. And I should have known that. The signs were there. The warnings were clear. I should have paid attention. No one just falls into another world. No one just falls into another world, and returns, I should say. Because I fell. And returning was impossible.
* ''Comments:'' The humor and romance is perfectly balanced out, the serious moments aren't out of place, the fluffiness is just right, the OC - Mia - isn't a MarySue and even though it alters from canon, it's still believable! I haven't finished reading it yet, but let's just say that I believe that there is a good reason this story has over 2000 reviews!

''[[ corvus]]'' by one_go_alone
* Recommended by: Komodo Classic
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Summary'': [=From AO3:=] Itachi's earliest memory is crows.
* ''Synopsis'': In a modern-day universe with no jutsu, Itachi gains the Sharingan while on the job as a police officer for the city of Konoha. He keeps it secret, but the situation soon spirals, and he is forced to kill his cousin Shisui and flee the city to escape Danzo and save Sasuke. To this end, he joins Akatsuki, all for the purpose of keeping his brother safe.
* ''Comments'': The alternate universe and Itachi's thought processes are fascinating. There are no jutsu, but kekkei genkai and Jinchuuriki show up, and ninja have special relationships with a certain type of animal. Itachi's affinity is for crows. The story is told in a series of short snapshots, most of them centered on Itachi. Oh, and the fight scenes are great. Also, be prepared to be emotionally compromised. You may not cry--that's not the kind of emotion--but the story is ''that'' good.

''[[ Crimson Reign]]'' by [[ Lady Hanaka]] [[AlternateUniverseFic (AU)]]
* Recommended by @/AkatsukiDaybreak, Jomlos
* ''Status'': On hiatus
* ''Pairings:'' Sasuke/Sakura (eventually)
* ''Synopsis:'' An absolutely epic AU fic featuring Sakura as the heir to a powerful samurai clan who, along with a ragtag group consisting of monk Kakashi, half-demon Naruto, ninja Sai, and others who have yet to join, must kill [[Main/SealedEvilInACan an ancient demon who recently broke free from its imprisonment.]]

''[[ Dissonance]]'' by [[ Unwritten.25]]
* Recommended by: LadyVenamisa
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairings:'' Itachi/Naruto, Sakura/Ino (among others; Gay, lesbian and straight relationships are mentioned.
* ''Synopsis:'' AU. Ita/Naru. Naruto is the new kid at Konoha Academy of the Arts and he's got some pretty dark secrets. And when his past comes back to haunt him, he won't be able to keep them hidden for very long. (actual synopsis for the fic)

''[[ Echoes]]'' by [[ Kagaseo]]
* Recommended by: MetagrossZ
* ''Pairings:'' None so far, mostly due to AnyoneCanDie
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis:'' A modification of the seal holding back the Kyuubi has surprising consequences. A different version of Naruto discovers the ability to travel between multiple, different universes and begins a quest to uncover a conspiracy that stretches across them. But dogging him are a group of powerful, SS-rank ninja intent on conquering all of the universes.

''[[ The Empty Cage]]'' by [[ Rathanel]]
* Recommended by templar627, Frodo Lives, Sheaman3773, @/{{Robinton}}
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairings'': None yet
* ''Synopsis'': AU. Desperate and rushed, Minato Namikaze is forced to rely on the Death God's seal, a seal he doesn't fully understand, and his son pays the price with his life. So who is the blond-haired kid running around Konoha? M for language and violence.
** Has some moderate, well-placed AU elements and good dramatic tension.
** Also has a spin-off series, ''[[ Swapping the Cage]]'', with Naruto from ''The Empty Cage'' running around a much more canon Konoha.
[=[[reviews:The Empty Cage]]=]

''[[ Escape from the Hokage's Hat]]'' by [[ anothvortex]]
* Recommended by Blue Magicite, @/{{JasonCarter}}
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairings:'' Naruto/Hinata (was almost harem)
* ''Synopsis:'' After successfully retrieving Sasuke, a number of additional seals are detected on his body which had damaged his performance. Once removed, Naruto needs to recover in a body with far less limitations. Because of this, Tsunade names Naruto her apprentice to remove him from the threat of the Council, leaving Jiraiya in charge as temporary Hokage (who puts the Seeing Eye Ball to good use!) as she trains Naruto across a number of elemental nations with Hinata and Shizune in tow.

''[[ The Eyes Have It]]'' by [[ Shana The Short]]
* Trope page [[ here]]
* Recommended by @/{{MaskedAndDangerous}}, Komodo Classic
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings:'' None
* ''Synopsis:" Most people seem to think that developing a doujutsu is a wondrous, unspeakably lucky occurrence. Considering that she now has to deal with an ability she has no idea how to use, family drama, fashion crises, and the world's most rude and vulgar doctor, on top of getting to know her new genin team just after graduation...needless to say, Sakura begs to differ.
** Seconded. It's so rare to find a good Sakura fanfic that explores her as a human being instead of an extension of the other male characters.

''[[ Fox Moon]]'' and ''[[ Will of Foxfire]]'' by [[ Quill of Molliemon]]
* Recommended by throwaawy
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings:'' Minato/Kushina
* ''Synopsis:'' (AU, pre-timeskip, no bijuu, no massacre) Konohagakure no Sato is a village of ninjas who hunt demons. Naruto is a ninja who has some secrets. And tonight is a full moon.. (One Shot)
** Naruto is a child of secrets. The full moon is a cruel thing. Darkness lurks in the heart of Whirlpool. And all Sasuke wants is to please his father... (Series)

''[[ From Ramen With Love]]'' by [[ Ryushi the Dutch Ero-Sennin]]
* Recommended by Clendy82
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings:'' None
* ''Synopsis:'' Naruto is hanging out at Ichiraku Ramen, down in the dumps because Valentine's Day is coming up and he doesn't have a date. Ayame, the ramen mistress, takes notice and offers to help him compose love letters to send to each of his female friends to see what develops. In addition, she helps him craft a Henge-enhanced alter ego named [[SdrawkcabName Nemar]] who turns out to be downright irresistible. With Ayame's eloquence and charm lessons, and Naruto's disguise-based good looks, [[TemptingFate what could go wrong]]? [[HilarityEnsues What indeed]].

''[[ The Fortuneteller]]'' by [[ Goldberry]]
* ''Recommended by'': Dellanotte
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings'': Neji/Tenten, Sasuke/Sakura, Naruto/Hinata
* ''Synopsis'': "The things you've lost will eventually come back to you: past, present, and future. AU Neji/Ten, Sasu/Saku"

[[ A Freak A Creep & A Psychopath]] by [[ Legendary Legacy]]
* Recommended by KtheCloud
* ''Status'': Dormant
* Synopsis:" An interesting result of a unique fic, that has to be read to be believed.

''[[ Fuinjutsu]]'' by [[ Eleature]]
* Recommended by Gamma Wolf, Serbii, Bufu, Kurtulmak
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Pairings:'' Naruto/OC for a chapter or two only though.
* ''Synopsis:'' Time travel. Seals. "A new seal made by Naruto malfunctions when it's challenged by Akatsuki's extraction ritual. Now Naruto has to deal with situations he'd never dreamed of before: a war, a demon attack, Orochimaru, spies and the paradox of his own existence."

''[[ Fuzzy Logic ]]'' by [[ Deritine]]
* Recommended by [[ authority02]], ultrafan, @/{{Robinton}}
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairing(s):'' Kyubi/Minato
* ''Synopsis:'' This time, the Kyubi no Yoko is [[GroundhogDayLoop looping]]. Again and again and again... until it ends up with severe psychological problems.
* ''Comments'': This story is a wild ride. Unpredictable and often hilarious. A very fun read.
** Now has its own [[Fanfic/FuzzyLogic trope page]]

''[[ Garden of Sanctuary]]'', by [[ Nes Mikel]]
* Recommended by @/{{anowack}}, Kurtulmak, boonerunner
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings:'' Naruto x Sakura
* ''Synopsis:'' It's a one-shot alternate ending to ''Naruto'' taking off from the second post-timeskip arc, in which Naruto is imprisoned for the safety of Konoha with Sakura as the only visitor he's allowed.

''[[ Glaring Problems ]]'' by [[ dogbertcarroll]]
* Recommended by [[ Firedamaged]]
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairing(s):'' [=NaruAnko=] ([[spoiler:by way of Marriage stand-in slave contract]]), [=NaruHaku=] ([[spoiler: "Take me to Zabuza and I will be your slave"]]) and Hanabi/Narutroopers ([[spoiler:Naruto [=KageBuns=] that went rogue and started following Hanabi's orders.]])
* ''Synopsis:'' Naruto, sick of the hateful glares of the people of Konoha decides to give them a taste of their own medicine before the journey to Wave.


[[folder:H - M]]
[[ HACK]] by [[ reader713]]
* Recommended by Tiamat
* ''Status'': Complete
* Genre: Crack/Humor
* Synopsis: Of the resurrected shinobi fighting against the Alliance one is a mystery. Though it seems that someone recognizes him. And...why is there a copy running around calling the no-longer-dead-guy a hack? Did Kabuto seriously resurrect the body of some guy that isn't dead?

''[[ Hakumei]]'' by [[ Pryotra]]
* Recommended by Anivla01
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairing(s):'' Haku/Isaribi JirTsu
* ''Synopsis:'' Danzo's plan for the assassination of the Hokage was almost flawless. Too bad he didn't take six neglected children who ran away the night of the murder into account.
* Has a [[Fanfic/{{Hakumei}} trope page]]

''[[ He Had No Fingers]]'' by [[ Gleam]]
* Recommended by @/{{Glidergun}}, Kurtulmak, Veloren
* ''Status'': Complete
* [[FanFic/HeHadNoFingers Has its own tropes page.]]
* ''Synopsis:'' The Ninetails cannot be contained. But it will take a human sacrifice, all the same.

''[[ Heirs to the Thrones]]'' by [[ Terris Dernhelm]]
* Recommended by Jomlos
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Pairings:'' Konohamaru/Hanabi.
* ''Synopsis:'' With a Shinobi war threatening to erupt, the fate of the Hidden Leaf, our favorite ninja and even the Akatsuki rest in the hands of two unlikely heroes of the Sarutobi and Hyuga Clan copied straight from the

''How The Wood Was Won'' by [[ coincident]]
* Recommended by Rosse
* Vanished from the internet. Please post a link if found.
* ''Pairing(s):'' Madara/Hashirama
* ''Synopsis:'' "So...can I have your life force?" Madara attempts to woo Hashirama. Unfortunately, the Uchiha methods of wooing aren't quite that...conventional.

''[[ Imperfect Perfection]]'' by [[]]
* Recommend by Cheshire
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings:'' Kakashi/OC, one-sided Itachi/OC, Gaara/OC, Narusasu, Saku/Dei, among others
* ''Synopsis:'' An AU where Naruto has to deal with the most terrifying enemy of all: A MARY Sue. Recruiting Itachi and Kisame, they attempt to kill the creature that has invaded their world.

''[[ The Imprint]]'' by [[ MogtheGnome]]
* Recommended by KtheCloud, @/{{Robinton}}
* Status: Dead
* Synopsis: Itachi decides he needs another failsafe measure ensure Sasuke lives in an unsightly manner. To do that, he uses the Sharingan to brainwash Naruto to be exactly like him. Konoha will never be the same.

''[[ Inseperable]]'' by [[ creepingshadow]]
* Recommended by The Desert Harvester
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings:'' Slight Onesided Madara/Zetsu. Nothing explicit but it's on the same level of canon [[HoYay Ho Yay]]
* ''Synopsis:'' A brief look into the complex relationship shared by Madara and Zetsu.
* ''Status:'' It's a oneshot so it's completed, but has some potential into becoming more should creepingshadow expand on his own universe.

''[[ Intimate Relations]]'' by [[ wife-chan]]
* Recommended by: logicallyspeaking
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Pairings:'' None.
* ''Synopsis:'' Basically, Naruto pranks both Sasuke and the whole village into thinking they're gay and together. Everybody is disturbed and confused, most notably Kakashi, who has to deal with their (apparent) gayness on a daily basis. Note that ''they are not actually a couple''! It's just a huge, ever-growing misunderstanding, perpetuated solely by Naruto.

''[[ Intoxicated]]'' by [[ syaoran no hime]]
* ''Recommended by'': Dellanotte
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairing'': Neji/Tenten
* ''Synopsis'': "AKA why Neji must not be left drunk. NejiTen request."

''[[ I Think I]]'' by [[ TooDarnLazy]]
* Recommended by Cherico
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Pairings:'' Sasuke/Fem Naruto
* ''Synopsis:'' Naruto's really a girl; he marries Sasuke to keep him out of prison; the rest of the story is about how the two of them cope with their new lives.

''[[ Kage no Naruto]]'' by [[ ArtfulLounger]]
* Recommended by: CoffeeMocha
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Synopsis:'' What would have become of the idiot blonde if he had intelligence, ambition, and power over shadows and darkness, and all the madness that comes with them?
* ''Tags:'' Dark Fic

''[[ Kaibunkage]]'' by
[[ djghostwriter18]]
* Recommended by @/{{Koays}}
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairings:'' Naru/Saku
* ''Synopsis:'' After Danzo becomes the Fifth Hokage Naruto flees the village. Years later Sakura, now a missing Nin, shows up in the Hidden Smoke village to drag Naruto back to Konoha in her attempt to bring her team back together. One problem, Naruto's got more then a few new priorities. Amazing story, it's as though the author watched every episode of the anime and never forgot anyone.
[=[[reviews:Kaibunkage ]]=]

''[[ Little Uzumaki]]'' by [[ Lucillia]]
* Recommended by @/{{Nitramy}}, Kurtulmak, boonerunner
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairings:'' None
* ''Synopsis:'' Team 7 + FountainOfYouth = HilarityEnsues
* Has a [[Fanfic/LittleUzumaki trope page]]

''[[ The Log]]'' by [[ ThatReallyReallyWierdDude]]
* Recommended by HalfBloodPrincess
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairings:'' None, so far.
* ''Synopsis:'' ALL HAIL THE LOG.
* ''Comments:'' Veers ever so slightly into Sue!Naruto territory, but you'll be too busy busting your gut to care.

''[[ A Lot Like Birds]]'' by Boyudo
* Recommended by Veloren
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairings:'' canon ones, past one-sided (fem)Kakashi/Obito
* ''Synopsis:'' Swearing herself against what she believed to be her father's mistakes, but holding those mistakes dear to her heart nonetheless. Learning under the man who became her idol, alongside teammates she grew to love, and losing both. She found friends in unlikely places. Slowly, but surely, broken, she found her way. Through a jar of sake or two. A girl has to cope somehow. (Female Kakashi)
* ''Comments:'' Not quite a crackfic, but close. A recognizably different Kakashi, who still rings true.

''[[ Love Lockdown]]'' by [[ Lady Silvamord]]
* Recommended by [=CRBWildcat=], @/{{Glidergun}}
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings:'' Itachi/Sakura
* ''Synopsis:'' Itachi's eyesight is beginning to deteriorate, so Akatsuki abducts Sakura from Konoha in order to reverse the condition. When the two are able to spend some time in the same room without killing each other, the present members of the organization jump to the wrong conclusion and decide to do everything in their power to get them together. Shouldn't be hard to [[HilarityEnsues guess what happens next.]]

''[[ The Lunar Eclipse]]'' by [[ the point]]
* Recommended by @/TinaBanina96
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings:'' Shikamaru/Hinata
* ''Synopsis:'' One of the most beautiful one-shots I have ever read. The author of this makes this pairing believable. Written from Shikamaru's point of view, it's an amazing extended metaphor. Truly great. Even if you find the pairing strange, you should definitely give it a read. Again, it was just... wow...

''[[ The Mating Frenzy]]'' by [[ MSkyDragons]]
* Recommended by @/ShayGuy, @/UncloudedTJ, @/TinaBanina96, ultrafan
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings:'' [[MathematiciansAnswer Yes]]
* ''Synopsis:'' ''Naruto'' fics don't get much funnier than this {{shipping}} parody, in which Konoha's population has become dangerously depleted following the invasion. Tsunade decides on a course of action that'll solve the problem and provide her with some entertainment in the bargain: an S-class mission to every ninja in Konoha, which can be summarized as "be fruitful and multiply." [[HilarityEnsues You can guess what happens.]]
* Has a [[Fanfic/TheMatingFrenzy trope page]]

''[[ Mating Season]]'' by [[ Brightsyde]]
* Recommended by @/TyrannoStorm, @/TinaBanina96
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairing(s):'' Naruto/Harem, UpToEleven
* ''Synopsis:'' (from author's summary) "Every several thousand years, the Nine-Tailed Fox lets off an aura irresistible to women, and mates. But now that it's trapped inside Naruto, things are a little more complicated... Harem." Basically, every woman in Konoha tries to jump Naruto's bones by any means necessary.

''[[ Moons of Red]]'', by [[ Dark and Chaotic]]
* Recommended by Kalvan
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairings:'' Anko/OC, Naruto/Hinata ShipTease, Pain/OC ShipTease
* ''Synopsis:'' (Author's Own Words): As the events of the manga begin to unfold, will the main course of the plot and timeline hold, or will their presence break the Naruto World apart? Multiple OCs in Narutoverse done right. However, this synopsis is a gross oversimplification. What has happened is that multiple Naruto (and other animated fandom) cosplayers have been stuck in the Narutoverse by some god or other with a rather warped sense of humor, and given powers suggested by their chosen costumes. Then we watch as their very presence causes vast ripples in the timeline.

''[[ Monomouth]]'' by [[ Ohtze]]
* Recommended by: jinjoo88
* ''Status:'' Dormant
* ''Pairings:'' Sakura/Sasuke, Sakura/OC, background Naruto/Hinata
* ''Synopsis:''Evrything ends, eventually. Eight years after the war, Sakura's unhinged and Sasuke's obsessed. The fields are filled with corpses. AUish, Sakura-centric. Incredibly dark, Angst/Horror.

''[[ Motivation]]'' by [[ Durandall]]
* Recommended by: TheDarkFreak, boonerunner, @/{{Robinton}}
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Synopsis:'' The night that the forbidden scroll was stolen, things went differently. Instead of being passed by Iruka, Naruto is instead granted a merit promotion for avenging his teacher and killing Mizuki -- a traitor to the leaf. After that? Shikamaru uses his head. Shino uses his wits. And Naruto uses the advice of his two new friends...

''[[ My Name Is Haruno Sakura]]'' by [[ Zephyras]] (Winner of Best in Category for Yuri on TONFA)
* Recommended by: phoku, ultrafan
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairings:'' Sakura/Ino, Naruto/Sasuke
* ''Synopsis:'' "My name is Haruno Sakura. I am a straight-A student and am eligible for a scholarship to the top university in the country. My name is Haruno Sakura and I live in a cardboard box." A real world AU, Sakura-centric, eventual Ino/Sakura.

''My Wish Order Brother'' by [[ Piper Dreamer]]
* Recommended by Outtamymind381
* Vanished from the internet. Please post a link if found.
* ''Pairings:'' Sasuke and Tenten, and what looks like a funny love triangle between Hana, Deidara and Itachi
* ''Synopsis:'' Naruto, after seeing a child get defended by his older brother, makes a wish on a wishing star for an older brother too. What he got was a girly looking art freak with mouths on his hands.
* ''Status:'' 30+ chapters and still going


[[folder:N - Z]]

''[[ Naruto Chronicles of the 7th: Dissension]]'' ''[[ New Dawn,]]'' ''[[ End of Innocence,]]'' and ''[[ Curse of the Namikaze]]'' by
[[ RamenRenegade]]
* Recommended by @/{{Koays}}
* ''Status''
** ''Dissension'': Complete
** ''New Dawn'': Complete
** ''End of Innocence'': Complete
** ''Curse of the Namikaze'': Dormant
* ''Pairings:'' Naru/Saku
* ''Synopsis:'' After Pein's attack on the village Danzo successfully became the 6th Hokage and forced Naruto out of the village. Years later the story begins as Naruto is called back to a village on the verge of war in order to try to stop the Ninja world from falling into chaos as Madara completes his plans.
* ''Comments:'' The series is well written and gives a lot of minor characters, big moments. The 1st Book focuses on Naruto's return to Konoha as the picture is slowly painted of how messed up the world really is. The 2nd focuses on the war being fought between the villages while Naruto and his group try to bring together an alliance to take on Madara Uchiha and the Akatsuki. The 3rd book covers the end of the war as Konoha fights for survival. Book 4 which RamenRenegade has only recently started takes place several years after the original trilogy and will pit Naruto and Konoha against an enemy with ties to the Namikaze clan. Be warned the other began the series during Pein's Invasion so the story reflects that in some areas.
[=[[reviews:Naruto Chronicles of the 7th]]=]

''[[ Naruto Genkyouien ]]'' by [[ Daneel Rush]]
* Recommended by: @/{{Seraviel}}, Catt, jtblion
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis:'' It might have been better if the Kyuubi ''was'' actually an evil entity bent on destroying the world.
* The story is now complete at 23 chapters, with the 23rd chapter being published piecemeal on If you would like to read the rougher, not as edited (but still very readable) chapter before it is on, it is posted on
* [[ Now has a tropes page.]]

''[[ Naruto: Rogue Fox]]'' by [[ Axenome]]
* Recommended by: @/{{JasonCarter}}
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis:'' Naruto met the Kyuubi on the night when Mizuki decided to betray the village hidden in leaves. Not having been able to form any preconceived notions about it, words are exchanged, and a deal is struck. It. Changes. ''Everything''.

''[[ Naruto Thirteen]]'' by [[ Danny vs A Month]]
* Recommended by @/{{SanDemonMax}}
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Basically this is Naruto and Shippuden if Minato and Kushina had lived. Got the idea from the sixth movie, mainly because Naruto deserves to have a family and I'm in that kind of mood, and you will just have to read to find out who the new main enemy is. Strong/Smart/not-orphan Naruto, Naruhina, MinatoXKushina, possibly will take requests for others.
[=[[reviews:Naruto Thirteen]]=]

''[[ The Night The House Of Cards Was Built]]'' by [[ drakensis]]
* Recommended by @/{{SAMAS}}, @/AkatsukiDaybreak, @/{{Kajeet}}, @/ArcaneAzmadi, ultrafan, @/{{Robinton}}
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis:'' Anko and Kurenai have a plan to make to make some money: tonight is the night of a weekly high-stakes poker game between some of the most powerful people in the village. If they can get in, they stand a chance to make a pile of money. Too bad for them that a six-year-old Naruto Uzumaki just wandered into the game himself. Well, ''somebody's'' getting lucky tonight...
[=[[reviews:The Night the House of Cards was Built]]=]

''[[ Nightingale]]'' by [[ riversrunthroughme]]
* Recommended by fsdfsdfsd
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Synopsis'': Hyuuga Neji goes missing nin, which is more complicated than it sounds. Luckily the Uchiha brothers are experts in professional treachery and more than willing to give him tips...whether he wants them or not. /post timeskip/ Sound Village mind f***ery/. (Taken from
** Now has a [[{{FanFic/Nightingale}} TV tropes page.]]

''[[ Nin Tech]]'' by [[ Irritus185]]
* Recommended by Drksrpnt, @/UncloudedTJ, ultrafan, Goingblind95
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Pairings:'' Naruto/Tenten. Allegedly.
* ''Synopsis:'' Long ago the world was full of amazing technology, things ninja could only dream of. For centuries this ancient art was lost. That is until a nosy blonde found it in a dusty tome. Now he follows in their footsteps those of a mad scientist.

''[[ O Naruto, Where Art Thou]]'' by [[ Andrew Joshua Talon]]
* Recommended by Red Fortune, @/ShayCaron, Grand Prince Paul II.
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairings:'' Naruto/Tsunami. [[AccidentalMarriage Very little, and not exactly what you think.]]
* ''Synopsis:'' A retelling of Naruto, set in a non-specific period of the Colonial War, ala ''Film/OBrotherWhereArtThou'', but mixed generously with the normal {{Naruto}} setting. Ninjas are now elite mercenaries that work autonomously with the states of the Fire Nation and set up like rank and file soldiers. The story blends colonial elements, such as political ramifications of the war, with nearly every aspect of the Naruto-verse we've come to know and love. Told via diary entries, mainly from Team Seven, it expands more and more on the new and interesting world with each chapter.

''[[ Of the Day's Annoyances]]'' by [[ Lucillia]]
* Recommended by KtheCloud, Mcnickel, @/{{Robinton}}
* ''Status'': Dormant
* Synopsis: excerpts from the journal of a Hyuuga Hiashi who raises Naruto.

''[[ Oyabun]]'' by [[ leonardo1123581321]]
* Recommended by fibon
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings:'' [=NaruHina=], as decided by a poll the author held
* ''Synopsis:'' An alternate take on Naruto, where he never passed the graduation exam or met Mizuki afterward. On the contrary, he instead ran into an unlikely hero: a yakuza gangster. What follows is Naruto's path to becoming a yakuza boss.

''[[ The People We've Become]]'' by ''[[ Zephyras]]''
* Recommended by Kendroid
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairings:'' Naruto/Sasuke, Sakura/Lee
* ''Synopsis:'' At first, no one could've guessed the consequences of Uzumaki Naruto's disappearance. However, seven years later, Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura are rogue ninjas, Team Seven assembles once more, and they all have secrets.
[=[[reviews:The People We've Become]]=]

''[[ Prey for the Hunted]]'' by ''[[ Airyo]]''
* Recommended by [=CompleteNerd=]
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairings:'' Sasuke/Hinata minor Itachi/Hinata
* ''Synopsis:'' Hinata is a disgraced princess and Sasuke is the arrogant prince of the rival kingdom. After having survived on her own in exile, Sasuke finds her.
[=[[reviews:Prey for the Hunted]]=]

''PS I'm Pregnant'' by [[ Serenity Silence]]
* Recommended by Dellanotte, @/TinaBanina96
* ''Status'': Vanished from the internet. Please post a link if found.
* ''Pairings:'' Neji/Ten, Naru/Hina, Saku/Sasu, Shika/Ino
* ''Synopsis:'' "Dear Neji, today I found out I was pregnant. So please, do hurry back. And don't you dare come back without completing that mission or I will self-abort this baby. Love, Tenten." [=NejiTen=]

''[[ RED]]'' by [[ Sherbet Mayhem]]
* Recommended by callingallsuperheros, Arcane Azmadi
* ''Status'': Complete
* [[{{FanFic/RED}} Has its own page.]]
* ''Pairings:'' [=SasuSaku, NaruHina=], a small slice of Kakashi and Anko
* ''Synopsis:'' Konoha prepares for war. Sakura opens her eyes, forced to see a world drenched in scarlet. Naruto runs to the ends of the earth to save a friend. Kakashi treads dangerous ground. And Sasuke fights for his existence.

''[[ The Red Calm]]'' by ANOVA Normal
* Recommended by: Aishata
* ''Status'': Dormant
* Synopsis: Post-invasion. Nagato does not resurrect the dead. With Konoha weak, Iwa scheming and Kiri rising, the 5 Nations are on the brink of war. Naruto must fight through conspiracy, betrayal and the Akatsuki to preserve peace and maybe find peace himself.
* Pairing(s): Naruto/ Fem! Haku

''[[ Reflections of Demons]]'' by [[ evil_genus]]
* Recommended by Blue Magicite, Sarah1281, boonerunner
* ''Status'': Dormant
* [[Fanfic/ReflectionsOfDemons It has a trope page.]]
* ''Pairings:''
* ''Synopsis:'' Zabuza and Haku survive the battle at the bridge. Concerned for Naruto, Haku begs Zabuza for them to join Kohona, in order to be closer to the boy.
* ''Status:'' Updated 7-29-12 .

''[[ Ricochet]]'' by [[ Strix 4]]
* Recommended by Dellanotte
* Status: Last updated December 2015
* ''Pairings:'' None, unless you count yanking each other's chains.
* ''Synopsis:'' "Sometimes it's easy to see the familiar in the faces around you. Sometimes it sucks to figure out why." An AU in which Naruto has both his parents and they are [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming awesome incarnate]], Sasuke is the big brother in a [[WhatCouldHaveBeen whole family]], [[TheHeart Sakura]] has all her boys, and Kakashi is the best high school teacher [[BunnyEarsLawyer never]] alongside his best friend. MoodWhiplash of so much angsting and laugh-crying, only halfway OriginalFlavor and halfway dialogue on Crack, along with wishing that such Halcyon Days could go on forever... Also, "The Progression of Sasuke's Baby Panda Pain."

''[[ The Right to Live]]'' by [[ Eilwynn]]
* Recommended by Cherico, Kurtulmak
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Pairings:'' None yet.
* ''Synopsis:'' A Fem!Naruto's growth from abused little girl into a successful ninja.

''[[ Roku Naruto]]'' by [[ Anthurak The Chaos Lord]]
* Recommended by @/{{Kagescorpionakki}}, @/{{Kazeto}}
* ''Pairings:'' [=NaruHina=]
* ''Synopsis:'' Naruto, after having several odd dreams, steals the forbidden scroll to graduate, and goes through what he calls the "Awakening." Said "Awakening" leaves him with a split personality, intelligence on par with Shikamaru,an army of kage bunshin who, in this case, [[WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars act the part]], and a case of pure insanity.
* ''Status:'' Last updated 9/26/2011. Anthurak stated in the last author's note that he hasn't abandoned the story, but his inactivity let him see many problems with his writing style and come up with new ideas. However, he hasn't shown any activity since that date.

''[[ Sagacity Unbroken: The Shichido Heresy]]'' by [[ The Road to Ultima Grey]]
* Recommended by @/JasonCarter
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Synopsis:'' In a world where Naruto attacked Gaara without restraint, in a world where the Namikaze are of blood as Noble as any other great clan, in a world where a single tragedy created a path of empathy between Naruto and Sasuke, I wonder: What might have been?

''[[ Sasuke Is A Moron]]'' by [[ Natarie]]
* Recommended by Sheliak and Veloren
* ''Status:'' One-shot
* ''Synopsis:'' In order to convince Sasuke that a) she is completely over him and b) if she wanted a boyfriend she would have no trouble getting one, Sakura bets him that she can get the most dangerous missing-ninja in the world to admit that shes attractive. Never mind that the Akatsuki are the deadly enemies of her village, or that half of them are dead. Every bit as cracky as it sounds! (Written some time ago, and thus has Sasuke having returned to the village while Kisame, Konan, and Pain are still alive.)

''[[ Seal Shatter]]'' by [[ Quill of Molliemon]]
* Recommended by throwaawy
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings:'' Minato/Kushina
* ''Synopsis:'' (AU/AR, mid-Chuunin Exams on.) Orochimaru fails to seal the Kyuubi's chakra in the Forest of Death. Naruto interferes with Sasuke's curse mark. And what's wrong with the Hokage?

''[[ Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring]]'', by [[ DigiFruit]]
* Recommended by @/Moberemk
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings:'' Naruto/Sakura
* ''Synopsis:'' Just as the seasons change, the bonds between three friends can never stay the same. Friends become rivals, then enemies. Friendship becomes romance, then love. But as the seasons always cycle back to spring, so can enemies become friends once again

''[[ Subject 014]]'' by [[ JellyfishBlues]]
* Recommended by: Kurtulmak, @/{{Kazeto}}, Ghingahn
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis:'' Very few of Orochimaru's experiments have ever gone as poorly as Subject 014. Anko, who finds / is found by the experiment in the catacombs of one of his most recent laboratories, disagrees... She's about the only one, though. - [=FemNaruto=] -

''[[ Summoner-nin]]'' by [[ the point]]
* Recommended by: Littlegal100
* ''Synopsis:'' Her mother gave her a scroll to sign in blood. A scroll she kept hidden. Years flew by and she found herself signing more and more scrolls in blood. She soon became something even demons feared. Hinata Hyuga, the summoner nin.
* ''Status'': Dormant. Last Updated at 12/09/12.

The Criminally Insane Series - [[ Survival Guide to the Criminally Insane Akatsuki]], [[ Criminally Insane Just Got More Legal]], and [[ When Gods Go Criminally Insane]] by [[ LinzRW]
* Recommended by 101viva
* Status
** ''Survival Guide to the Criminally Insane Akatsuki'': Complete
** ''Criminally Insane Just Got More Legal'': Complete
** ''When Gods Go Criminally Insane'': Dormant; last update was in 2013
* Synopsis: A peaceful morning at the Akatsuki hideout - until three girls appear out of nowhere. Kate in Kisame's bed. Deidara trips over Hannah. And Dessie finds herself in a bathtub about to be sacrificed to Jashin-sama. Featuring deadly frying pans, the Great God Warg, the Hottie Evolution, Mr. Nibbles, and Kisame the Love Guru.
* Comments: Truly the funniest Naruto fic around. This three-part series is definitely something any fan of Naruto would like. As it pokes fun at the series as a hole and it's fans. It's a long fun read with each Instalment being over 70 chapters. One of those crack fic on par with the likes of Power Rangers' of Love and Bunnies. And can be described as a crack fic you can't but help to read and love. If you want the best laugh of your life pick this fic up, and go on adventures with our three Sues from Texas: Dessie, Kate, and Hannah. Totally deserves it's own Tv tropes page.

''[[ Spying no Jutsu]]'' by [[ Daniel-Gudman]]
* Recommended by serbii, nolrai, @/{{Draga}}, boonerunner, ultrafan
* ''Pairing(s):'' Possibly Naruto/Yugito, one-sided Sasuke/Henge!Naruto, Iruka/Everyone
* ''Synopsis:'' Disguised as a girl, Naruto will spy on Kage level kunoichi at the Cute Polar Bear Hot Springs Festival. On a related note, Sasuke deals with his growing attraction to a mysterious new kunoichi. Also, the first ever Iruka Love Polygon. That I'm aware of.
* ''Status:'' Completed. Sequel [[ The Biggest Chunin Exam Ever]] was last updated in Dec 2009 and appears to be a dead fic.

''[[ Tales of a Gutsy Ninja]]'' by Kwizzic
* Recommended by: Dame-Amaryllis, @/{{Robinton}}
* Status: Dormant
* Synopsis: Twelve-year-old Naruto takes refuge from the summer heat in a bookstore. Naturally, chaos ensues. (OR: Kakashi doesn't understand his genin team. He hopes he never will.)

''[[ Team Seven vs. Paperwork]]'' by [=LullabyKnell=]
* Recommended by: Dame-Amaryllis
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: From the Legendary Sannin, to Jiraiya's genin team with Namikaze Minato, to Minato's genin team of Rin, Obito, and Kakashi... Team Seven can't manage to hand in normal paperwork. The genin are either completely oblivious or having fun with this, the jounin-sensei are one step away from ripping all their hair out, and the formidable Order of Desk-Shinobi is not pleased with this. And then there's Team Kakashi.

''[[ Tempered in Water]]'', by [[ HitokiriOTD]]
* Recommended by @/{{Comartemis}}, @/XShouldveDied, Jomlos, @/UncloudedTJ
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Pairings:'' Naruto/Fem!Haku
* ''Synopsis:'' Haku is too badly injured to die for Zabuza and so survives the Wave Country arc. Depressed and suicidal, she latches on to Naruto as her new reason for living, initiating one of the best Naru/Haku pairings in the fandom.

''[[ Team Time]]'' by [[ Mirror and Image]]
* Recommended by Dellanotte, boonerunner
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings:'' Here and there, but hardly the main focus. This is completely intentional.
* ''Synopsis:'' " This year's kids are going to give Kakashi and the other seventh grade teachers a heck of a lot of trouble." Middle School AU. Yes, ''[[DeconstructionFic Middle School]]''.

''[[ Team Tsume ]]'' by [[ Xana-Vlec]]
* Recommended by Completenerd
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Synopsis:'' A civil war is about to occur in Konoha, the Third decides to craft a genin team specifically for intel gathering to prevent this from happening.

''[[ Tuna Fish and Red-Splattered Pages]]'' by [[ PitchBlackMagpie]]
* Recommended by winternightingale, {{@/Robinton}}
* ''Synopsis:'' Naruto is an antisocial bookworm with a strange tuna obsession who knows more than he lets on. Sasuke is determined to give them the best in life. Sakura wants to learn how to crush buildings, among other things. Kakashi tries to keep it together, even when his team turns out to be total maniacs; that is, when Naruto isn't dumpster-diving or talking to ghosts.
* ''Status:'' Ongoing
* ''Comments:'' Both crack and alt fic.

''[[ A Twist of Chance ]]'' by [[ MockV]]
* Recommended by: @/{{Seraviel}}, Kurtulmak
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Synopsis:'' Total random chance makes Naruto meet his relatives on his father's side. Specifically his grandmother and aunt, which are not ninjas in any form.

''[[ Unsung Story of the Inconspicuous]]'' by [[ Wrought]]
* Recommended by PigeonBrain
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Synopsis:'' Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura were not, in fact, the only rookies in that year. This genin was going to be normal, emotionally well-balanced and happy if it killed her. Which, in Konoha, was almost a statistical certainty.

''[[ VENGEANCE! The Musical! The Story of Uchiha Sasuke]]'' by [[ Shadow Crystal Mage]]
* Recommended by: the Tamborine Man, Kurtulmak, boonerunner
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Synopsis:'' The Sandaime insists eight-year-old Sasuke get therapy. Iruka decides to make him participate in a theater production. So how does this lead to a smash hit musical about how hes going to kill Itachi? CRACK!

''[[ Vermillion]]'' by [[ kitsune13(TamLin)]]
* Recommended by throwaawy, {{Tropers/jyshin2}}
* ''Pairings:'' Minato/Kushina
* ''Synopsis:'' Before the 3rd Shinobi War, before he was Konoha's 4th Hokage, Yondaime Namikaze Minato first had to face his nightmare. It started with a fox.
* ''Status:'' Completed

''[[ Vis à Vis]]'' by [[ Reaper Nanashi]]
* Recommended by shurasan
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairings:'' None so far. A little Hina/Naru if you squint.
* ''Synopsis:'' Naruto knew he had parents, he had just not given it thought beyond idle dreams. But with a man before him who could have been him in fifteen years, Naruto realized that of the musing he had done, he had never imagined what his parents looked like.

''[[ Walk On The Moon]]'' by SixPerfections
* Recommended by Reads-By-Lamplight
* ''Pairings:''
* ''Synopsis:'' In the ninja world Yamanaka Rei lives by two simple tenets. Power is freedom. Freedom is everything. Rei wants freedom and is willing to risk everything to get it.
* ''Status:'' Hiatus as of June 2017
* ''Comments:'' This is hands down the best OC or SI I have ever read, barring a single story from Gladius1. It's well written with very very few grammar mistakes. It's clever without sounding forced, and it manages to be... gritty, probably isn't the best word for it, without being doom and gloom grimdark. The story is down to earth in an odd way. It makes no bones out of the protagonist's dislike for the effective military junta that Konoha is run by yet at the same time avoids bashing anyone. It presents likable interesting characters who have multiple dimensions as well as their own voices and those characters, especially the main character, have discernible and meaningful character arcs over the course of the story. All in all a good story.

''[[ War's Will Of Fire]]'' by [[ Walking Maelstrom]] (Historical [[AlternateUniverseFic AU]] fanfic, violence, romance, realistic military setting, humour,introspection.)
* Recommended by @/{{Alrune}}, @/{{HirakuJoutei}}
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairing(s):'' Shika/Tema, Naru/Hina, Sasu/Saku (a little), Chouji/Ino and a few more
* ''Synopsis:'' Initially published on [[ deviantART by the author]]. The Naruverse and the characters are transposed in... ''UsefulNotes/WorldWarII'' (you read that right). An older Shikamaru is a drafted officer that tries to do his job as a soldier the best he can and who also must lead his platoon to victory against the antagonistic Land of the Sound and the bloodthirsty Akatsuki, with the help of the Land of Wind, and his lover/sister-in-arms Temari. First person POV.

''[[ Way of the Ninja]]'' by [[ watashi-no-nindo]] of WebSite/DeviantArt
* Recommended by @/{{SanDemonMax}}
* ''Pairings'': Nothing official, but plenty of ShipTease in the accompanying picture and side fics
* ''Synopsis'' (taken from the gallery's summary): The journey of Konoha's most unpredictable ninja, Uzumaki Naruto, who strives to become the village's greatest Hokage. However, this time around, the [[GenderBender blonde genin]] [[SamusIsAGirl has more to hide]] than just the Fox.
* Last Updated: 2011, for the main story. However, Watashi is still active and posting side pics and fics. The main story hit a road block when the story was found posted on [[WebSite/FanFictionDotNet Fanfiction.Net]] without her consent.

''[[ What is Love?]]'' by Fester0662 ([[AlternateUniverseFic AU]] fanfic, with [[{{Lemon}} explicit]] content)
* Recommended by @/SpectorCorrecter
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Pairing(s):'' Naru/Hina
* ''Synopsis:'' Completely Original, defying Canon at many points. If certain things had happened, and how they would effect Naruto.

''[[ With the Heart and Underwear of Fire]]'' by [[ Diamond Avatar]]
* Recommended by [=BLloyd607502=]
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings:'' Harem
* ''Synopsis:'' Naruto gets involved in a stupid bet with Sasuke, resulting in him becoming known as the Masked Super-Ninja [[HilarityEnsues Boxer-sama]].

'' Fanfic/WindMonkBanishment'' by [[ Born of Prayers]]
* Recommended by Leidolf
* ''Pairing(s):'' Naruto x Fuu x OC
* ''Status:'' Dormant
* ''Synopsis:'' AU. It had been over four years since Sasuke's attempted defection to Orochimaru, and his subsequent return. It had also been over four years since Naruto had been cast out of the Land of Fire. It may have been a mistake on Tsunade's part, but he won't return...
* There are two side-series that recounts the past of Fuu ([[ Beetle Chronicles]]) and Naruto ([[ Fox Chronicles]]) prior to their meeting.

''[[ Workplace]]'' by [[ Riz-I]]
* Recommended by Xylitol Fairy, @/{{Draga}}, @/TinaBanina96
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairing(s):'' Too many to list. It's got a little bit of everything, really.
* ''Synopsis:'' AU. The main cast of Naruto is working in a modern-day office, and we follow their lives there told exclusively (save from two or three chapters) in emails between the characters. There's office gossip, scandals, romance, murder, humor, crack, drama, rivalry, the list goes on.