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[[WMG: Author and Websites]]

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[[WMG:[[GenFic General Fics]]]]
''Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.''

''[[ Dear Mister Sawyer]]'' by Zebediah
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* An AU look at the Lost crew. Sawyer - excuse me, Mr. Ford - is an English teacher, and Walt is his student.

''[[ Fairytale]]'' by intastella burst
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* Kate's romances. Gorgeously lyric. Put here because it's more about Kate than any of the men.

''[[ Forward Flashes]]'' by Skylar
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* AU. Everyone gets off the island. No one likes it.

''[[ Ghosts marching]]'' by Hecate81
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* "So you think our ghosts are marching against us? That's bullshit, John."

''[[ Hope]]'' by Lirazel
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* This is part of why I loved Lost: this group of people brought together by hardship who managed to form a community and stuck with it.

''[[ I See No Foe]]'' by SombraAlma
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* Aaron fic: "He never sees him come, and he never sees him leave. It happens like this: Some nights, Aaron is woken by the sound of a guitar."

''[[ Requiem]]'' by KhamanV
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* "In his efforts to serve Jacob, Ben Linus sacrifices both the tattered remnants of his innocence and any last hope for a normal life. But service will demand even more of him than he expected when he is drawn into a most dangerous game of cat and mouse."

''[[ The Unloved]]'' by 16years
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* Teresa Cortez and Margo Shephard bond.

''[[ We're All in the Dance]]'' by Mr. Pooch
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* "That first night, there's fear and love, desperation and hope. There's the sky and the stars, waves on the beach. 'All I know is/ we're all in the dance.'"

[[WMG:[[{{Shipping}} Shipping Fics]]]]
''Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.''

''[[ A Twisted Fairytale]]'' by sweetsouthernbell.
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* Jack/Kate, Charlie/Claire
* AU. Jack and Kate meet up in jail.
* Given that I'm a Skate shipper and the state of the shipping wars in this fandom, the fact that I'm reccing it at all makes it incredible. Has a bit of an Creator/OHenry feel.

''[[ In Hiding]]'' by Leah Kate
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* Sawyer/Kate
* "After being rescued from the island, Sawyer tries not to think about the fact that he's partly responsible for Kate's arrest - until the night she climbs through his window looking for shelter."
* This is a Skate fic. Fantastic in every way, including the sequel, ''[[ On the Road]]''.

''[[ Another Thirty Years]]'' by Fantasy Cat
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* Sun/Jin
* An AU set after the revelation of [[spoiler:Not-Locke]]. Sun finds Jin.

''[[ Canaries]]'' by mnemosyne23
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* Charlie/Claire
* I struggled over whether to put this here or in Gen, because this isn't just a fic about Charlie/Claire; it's a fic about their effect on everyone else.

''[[ Christmas Crash]]'' by Timeloopy
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* Very, very, very Skatey.
* Sawyer skids on black ice and crashes into Jack.

''[[ Chasing Pavements]]'' by LittleMissBones
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* Hurley/Libby
* AU. Timeloops are screwy.

''[[ 100 Days]]'' by Kodama
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* Sawyer/Kate
* AU. "Kate Austin is a master thief in the underworlds of a post-apocalyptic London. With the whole world against her only one man stands by her side..."

''[[ The far side of the ocean]]''
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* James/Juliet
* AU. James and Juliet leave the island to live life.

''[[ Indigo Junction]]'' by javajive
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* Sawyer/Kate
* "There are rumors she might be in Bali. And although he doesn't know whether he will find her or if he really wants to - he looks her up."

''[[ Origin Stories]]'' by toestastegood
* Recommended by {{Maridee}}
* Kate/Kevin/Sawyer
* "By day, Kevin Callis is an unnoticeable police officer, up-holding the law and too committed to his job to hold down a relationship; by night, The Captain emerges to help where the law can't. When he becomes entangled in the plot of a pair of supervillains, the line between his two identities begins to blur."

''[[ No One Belongs Here More Than You]]'' by tia8206.
* Recommended by {{ellabee}}
* James/Juliet
* "Juliet's finally escaped the island, but facing her past, present and future all at the same time is enough to give any seasoned time traveler one hell of a headache. And whatever happened to "whatever happened, happened"?"
* At 92 chapters and almost 230k words, it's quite the read, but it's well worth it. The author seamlessly jumps through the narrative and through time with skill and grace. It was written immediately after the Season 5 finale, and ignores Season 6. Tags: time travel, AU, Adventure/Romance