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[[WMG:[[GenFic General Fics]]]]
''Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.''

''[[ She Blinded Me With Science]]'' by [[ SiFi270]]
* ''Recommended by:'' Tropers/{{Mcnickel}}, @/BrendanRizzo
* ''Status:'' Dead
* ''Synopsis:'' Instead of sending her away to Boarding School, Isshin keeps Ryuko with him so she can continue his work. She quickly becomes an expert, and from there, [[ForWantOfANail everything changes.]]

''FanFic/MaimDeMaim'' by ''[[ GasmaskAvenger]]'' ([[ link]])

* ''Recommended by:'' Dr. Chainsaw, 99-cells
* ''Status:'' Ongoing
* ''Pairings:'' [[spoiler: Satsukiori, Ryuuzu & Gamako]]
* ''Synopsis:'' In this AU reimagining of the 2013/2014 smash hit anime, Satsuki Matoi is a regular Japanese girl who discovers there's more to her than she thought after a chance discovery of a very special school uniform and a blue, scissor looking blade. Along with her classical music loving BFF Nonon Jakuzure, she sets out in an adventure that will ultimately result in saving the world.
* ''Comments:'' Inspired by Not a Hazard's Birth Swap pics, Maim de Maim takes the Kill la Kill universe into very surreal, sometimes even nightmarish directions as the consequences of said swap are very, very drastic to nearly the entire Kill la Kill cast (Nui, Satsuki, and Isshin/Soichiro most of all)
* ''Tags:'' ForWantOfANail, SwitchedAtBirth (or rather...Social Status Swap to be more accurate), OriginalFlavor
[=[[reviews: MaimDeMaim]]=]

''[[ Kill La Kill Abridged]]'' ''by [[ Psnyomi133]]''

* ''Recommended by:'' meme-asaurus
* ''Status:'' Ongoing
* ''Pairing(s):'' Mako/Ryuko, {{Yandere}}!Nonon/Satsuki
* ''Synopsis:'' The following is non-profit fanbased parody. Kill la Kill is owned by Hiroyuki Imaishi, Kazuki Nakashima, and Studio Trigger. Licensed by Aniplex. Support the official release by watching it legally on Crunchyroll.
* ''Comments:'' Yep, this happened already. After [[ releasing short after short]] during the original seriesí run, our good friend Psnyomi133 finally created a full-fledged abridged series. Let us board the Hype La Hype train once more! Unfortunately, it looks like it's been hit with a copyright takedown.
* ''Tags:'' AbridgedSeries, [[OriginalFlavor English Red]] BoldInflation, [[ElSpanishO HIDALGO]], [[MeaningfulName Mako is a shark]]

''[[ Scissor Sisters]]'' by Razor One
* ''Recommended by:'' Derek58, nitewind, Mcnickel, Gamermaster
* ''Status:'' Dormant
* ''Synopsis:'' Souichirou Kiryuin manages to secret Satsuki out of the Kiryuin Mansion when he vanishes with Ryuko, with the help of Soroi the Butler and a certain back alley doctor. Having to take care of both girls by himself delays his research, and the girls grow up actually knowing their dad. It doesn't last, of course.
* ''Comments:'' Off to an excellent start. The first chapter is from the POV of Souichirou/Isshin, fleshing out his character a lot, how he deeply cares for his daughters and wants the best for them, but eventually lets them down in a big way. Satsuki is much more open compared to canon and deeply cares for Ryuko as the big sister, but the traits that define her are still there.
** Unfortunately, seems to be a {{dead fic}}. As of the time of this writing, it hasn't been updated since August.
*** Good News, the author is back to updating again, however, due to circumstances, any future updates will be more sporadic.
* ''Tags:'' ForWantOfANail, OriginalFlavor

''[[ Sisters]]'' by ''[[ IAmVictorious]]''
* ''Recommended by:'' Tropers/MemeAsaurus, nitewind, Mcnickel
* ''Status'': Dormant series of one-shots
* ''Pairing(s):'' Platonic Satsuki/Ryuko
* ''Synopsis:'' Sisterly drabbles about Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin.
* ''Comments:'' Yep. Sister-bonding time. Hold on to your feels, because the fandom LOVES this.
* ''Tags:'' {{WAFF}}, HurtComfortFic, [[MemeticMolester Ragyo is still the worst mom ever.]]

''[[Fanfic/AMinorMiscalculation A Minor Miscalculation]]'' by [[ SbenLives]] ([[ link]])
* ''Recommended by:'' Flairina, Dr. Chainsaw
* ''Status:'' Ongoing
* ''Synopsis:'' "Nui Harime gets the wrong address, and from then on, nothing is the same."
* ''Comments:'' Instead of interrupting Ryuko's reunion with her father before she could find out anything, Nui mistakenly shows up at the house of one Mako Makanshoku. This results in a trained, far better informed Ryuko, Mako and Mataro getting stuck bunking at Honnouji Academy, and Ragyo getting angry far earlier than canon...
* ''Tags:'' ForWantOfANail, DarkerAndEdgier
[=[[reviews: A Minor Miscalculation]]=]

''[[Fanfic/BeforeMyBodyIsDry Before My Body Is Dry]]'' by [[ [=GirthJohnson=]]]
* ''Recommended by:'' Knightofbalance
* ''Status:'' Complete with 33 Chapters
* ''Pairings:'' RyukoxOC
* "Synopsis:'' "Determined to find her father's killer, Ryuko Matoi will fight through heaven and hell to find the answers she so desperately seeks. Her path is paved with trials and enemies, but maybe, just maybe, there's more to it than meets the eye. After all, there might be some that want her to succeed. OC story, a little AU."
* ''Comments:' A rather refreshing fanfic with an interesting OC, Akio Takahiro, as well as show us a bit behind certain moments like Satsuki's month long imprisonment. Girth Johnson also does an excellent job of fleshing out Akio, making him feel like he has just as much as the other canon characters.

''[[ Vibrations]]'' by ''[[ murasakidoku]]''
* ''Recommended by:'' Mcnickel, 71TheRoman, {{@/Robinton}}
* ''Status:'' one-shot
* ''Pairings:'' Not really.
* ''Synopsis:'' Kill la Kill AU where Ryuuko is deaf, but can hear Senketsuís voice. Synchronization allows her to hear, since they share sensory input.
* ''Tags:'' DisabilitySuperpower, Drama

''[[ Naturals Elections]]'' by ''[[ LordGinger]]''
* ''Recommended by:'' Dr. Chainsaw
* ''Status:'' Dormant
* ''Pairings:'' Ryuko/Mako
* ''Synopsis:'' Disowned and self-exiled, Satsuki Kiryuin searches to fulfil her father's last request, to prevent the plans of her mother and the Life Fibers. Called back to the academy she built by an old friend, she finds it under the tyrannical rule of her sister Ryuko and her Kamui. It's about time for a family reunion.
* ''Comments:'' Grim yet fresh, excellent take on the "Ryuko/Satsuki Birth Swap" concept that plays things totally different, such as having Satsuki and Ryuko aware of their own sisterhood by default and making Honnoji Academy an even bigger hellhole than it is in the orignal anime. A bit slow in terms of pacing (Especially due to the infrequent chapter updates), but the tense atmosphere and excellent characterization makes this a very worthy journey to embark on.
* ''Tags:'' ForWantOfANail, Drama, DarkerAndEdgier, CrapsackWorld, Adventure.
[=[[reviews: Naturals Elections]]=]

''[[ Valedictory]]'' by ''[[ Threesmallcrows]]''
* ''Recommended by:'' kichithewolf
* ''Status:'' Complete
* ''Pairings:'' Mako/Gamagoori, Nonon/Houka
* ''Synopsis:'' At the end of the school year, Satsuki deliberates on the valedictory address, and everything else.
* ''Tags:'' Drama

''[[ōji-Academy-Coup The Great Honnoji Academy Coup]]'' by ''[[ Velorien]]''
* ''Recommended by:'' Some Random Girl
* ''Status:'' Complete
* ''Synopsis:'' The Naturals Election is over. With Satsuki away and the rest of the Student Council expelled and left Starless by clerical error, Honnōji Academy has descended into chaos. Can the newly-formed Elite Five (it's even worse than it sounds) save the day in the face of superpowered perverts, unstoppable war machines and the fact that they are following Inumuta's craziest plan yet?
* ''Tags:'' Comedy

''[[ What-If?]]'' by ''[[ KingCrimson]]'' ([[ version]])
* ''Recommended by:'' The 17th Immortal, Mcnickel, 99-cells
* ''Status:'' Complete
* ''Pairings:'' Ryuuko/Satsuki
* ''Synopsis:'' A chance meeting creates a whole new story.
* ''Comments:'' An interesting new AU, in which Ryuuko and Satsuki meet and become friends at an early age, culminating in Ryuuko becoming Satsuki's [[TheDragon right hand]] as the latter begins to enact her plans. Written in SecondPersonNarration, it can admittedly be a bit jarring the first time the narrative switches to another character, however it is definitely worth the read. The author has made other fics within the same universe (sort of), and they're worth checking out too.
** What-if originated as a quest on [[Website/FourChan /tg/]], and the finished version [[ can be found there as well.]]
* ''Tags:'' ForWantOfANail, SecondPersonNarration
* Has been removed from Fanfiction and Archive of our own. If you

''[[ Endless Numbered Days]]'' by [[ janewithawhy]]

* ''Recommended by:'' Minni128
* ''Status:'' Complete/ One-shot
* ''Pairings:'' Ryuuko/Satsuki
* ''Synopsis:'' "Give all that you are able and take only what she gives."
* ''Tags:'' IllGirl, Tragedy, SecondPersonNarration, HurtComfortFic, TearJerker

''[[ As It Was Written]]'' by [[ janewithawhy]]

* ''Recommended by:'' Mcnickel
* ''Status:'' Complete
* ''Synopsis:'' "Have you ever written letters you were never sure would send?"
* ''Tags:'' Epistolary Story,

''[[ Wandering Over Withered Fields]]'' by [[ CourierNinetyTwo]]
* ''Recommended by:'' Twiddler
* ''Status:'' Complete / One-shot
* ''Synopsis:'' "Closure takes time, and the steps to get there are never one and the same. Set post-finale."
* ''Comments:'' Satsuki and Soroi go hiking and talk about feelings. Discussion of abuse.
* ''Tags:'' Reflections, Catharsis, Hurt/Comfort

''[[ The Crimson Garment]]'' by [[ someoneintheshadow456]]
* ''Recommended by:'' theglaceon500
* ''Status:'' Ongoing
* ''Synopsis:''Humanity has given its autonomy to an alien race in exchange for ambition and progress, schools and universities have become armies and battlegrounds, and corporations are synonymous with the government. When a young girl embarks on a quest to seek answers and vengeance, she throws this new world into chaos. An alternate continuity of Kill la Kill set in a dystopian future.
* ''Pairings:'' Ira Gamagoori/Mako, implied Ryuko/Mikisugi
* ''Comments:'' A different take on the series, with [[InNameOnly many, many, many]] changes, the most glaring being that the existence of Life Fibers is common knowledge rather than a heavily guarded secret. More focus appears to be given on character development and setting and the Fanservice is heavily toned down, [[TropesAreNotBad though given the original show, that actually might be a good thing.]]
** ''[[Fanfic/TheCrimsonGarment Now has a tropes page]]''
* ''Tags:'' FixFic, AlternateUniverse, DarkerAndEdgier, AdaptationExpansion
[=[[reviews: The Crimson Garment]]=]

[[WMG:[[{{Shipping}} Shipping Fics]]]]
''Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.''

''[[ save rock and roll]]'' by ''[[ Satsukichan]]''
* ''Recommended by:'' Tropers/mistaziggy
* ''Status:'' Dormant, NSFW
* ''Pairings:'' Aikuro/Tsumugu, Shiro/Houka, Ryuko/Nonon, Gamagoori/Mako, eventual Uzu/Nonon
* ''Synopsis:'' Everyone has heard of Akechi Incident- you can't turn on the radio without hearing their new hit single, or open up your browser without seeing photos of Uzu Sanageyama stumbling out of yet another club. When Ryuko's indie punk band Freshbloods opens for them at a show, a chain reaction unfolds that will forever change the face of the music industry.
* ''Comments:''The Band AU to end all Band Au's, one of the few that is about more than making the characters rich and famous, but instead explores the ups and downs of megastardom with characters that are recognizable and in character but changed according to their different circumstances. Also Satsuki does a friggin suplex
* ''Tags:'' Romance, Humor, Rock Band AU, Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse

''[[ ASK NOT THE FOOL FOR HOW THE TOAD GIVES A VALENTINE]]'', by ''[[ The Moiderah of Writing]]''
* ''Recommended by:'' Tropers/MemeAsaurus
* ''Status:'' Complete
* ''Synopsis:'' Gamagoori is a lot of things. "Good at asking people out on dates without screaming at the top of his lungs" isn't one of them.
* ''Pairings:'' Mako/Gamagoori with some Satsuki/Nonon on the side.
* ''Comments:'' Itís Valentineís Day at Honnuji Academy. An emotionally-confused Mako goes around asking the cast (yes, the ENTIRE CAST) about what she should do, and she asks [[CloudCuckooLander in the special Mako-like way weíve come to know and love.]] [[LargeHam Gamgooriís in-character too,]] so thatís a plus.
* ''Tags:'' CrowningMomentOfFunny, OddCouple, IncomingHam, [[ItMakesSenseInContext NODDING INTESIFIES]]

''[[ See If I Care]]'' by [[ jstonedd]]
* ''Recommended by:'' Blankdude
* ''Status:'' Complete
* ''Synopsis:'' Ryuko being Ryuko runs into trouble head first when she just wants to finish her college degree in peace. College!AU.
* ''Pairings:'' Ryuko/Nui and later on [[spoiler:Non-incestuous]] Ryuko/Satsuki.
* '' Tags:'' AU, Football-player!Ryuko, Nui is still creepy.

''[[ Today]]'' by ''[[ Baxter54132]]''
* ''Recommended by:'' Tropers/MemeAsaurus
* ''Status:'' Complete
* ''Pairing(s):'' Nonon/Satsuki
* ''Synopsis:'' Today's the day. At least, that's what it says on your calendar, but you're sure you put it weeks in advance, how did it sneak up on you? Your name is Jakuzure Nonon, and you aren't exactly ready for today. The note on your calendar reads, "fess up," and you know exactly what it's referring to. (One-shot with bonus chapter)
* ''Comments:'' Best. Nonon. Shipfic. Ever.
* ''Tags:'' LoveConfession, ChildhoodFriendRomance, SecondPersonNarration

''[[ Sneaking Around]]'' by ''[[ Hoshi Hoshiko]]''

* ''Recommended by:'' Tropers/MemeAsaurus
* ''Status:'' Complete
* ''Pairing(s):'' [[spoiler: Mako/Gamagoori]]
* ''Synopsis:'' Ryuko discovers that Mako is sneaking out at night, but where is she going?
* ''Comments:'' Not porn, but very much implied. Funny as hell.
* ''Tags:'' HeadTiltinglyKinky, AllWomenAreDomsAllMenAreSubs

''[[ No, No, Yes!]]'' by ''[[ Hoshi Hoshiko]]''

* ''Recommended by:'' Tropers/MemeAsaurus
* ''Status:'' Complete
* ''Pairing(s):'' Nonon/Houka
* ''Synopsis:'' Nonon decides she's going to find out exactly what Houka is recording all the time... Shipping ensues, naturally.
* ''Comments:'' The first of this pairing of Nononís snark and Houkaís stoic facade go head to head. Makes you believe that any pairing in the Elite Four can happen. Of course, this still is a Houka Inumuta shipfic, [[TheStoic and he handles this "love" business]] [[TheSmartGuy the only way characters like him]] [[DoingResearch know how.]]
* ''Tags:'' Never touch Inumutaís laptop, [[StalkingIsLove Stalking (on Each Other) is Love]]

''[[ Underground]]'' by ''[[ Suzume CA]]''
* ''Recommended by:'' [=SiFi270=], Mcnickel
* ''Status:'' Complete
* ''Pairing(s):'' Ryuko/Mako
* ''Synopsis:'' A series of sweet vignettes between Ryuko and Mako. Each takes place after the end of each episode (from 18 onwards) with the occasional interquel.
* ''Comments:'' While a premise like this one is just asking to be {{Jossed}}, the stories are so sweet that in the end [[AcceptableBreaksFromCanon it really doesn't matter]].

''[[ Chocolate]]'' by ''[[ StormWildcat]]''
* ''Recommended by:'' Tropers/EnsembleSeahorse
* ''Status:'' Complete
* ''Pairing(s)'': Implied Uzu/Ryuko and Ira/Mako
* ''Synopsis:'' Yet another White Day has arrived and Ryuko's not thrilled. Fluff! Implied pairings of [=Ira x Mako=] and [=Uzu x Ryuko=]!
* ''Comments:'': It's simply an adorable fic if you're a fan of both pairings.
* ''Tags:'': {{Tsundere}} (with both Uzu and Ryuko), WorthyOpponent , ObliviousToLove (Mako for Ira), CrushBlush (Ira), ChocolateOfRomance (It's White Day afterall).

''[[ Battles of Intimate Proportions]]'' by ''[[ iExpress]]''
* ''Recommended by:'' {{Tropers/Lilpurplebird}}
* ''Status:'' Dormant
* ''Synopsis:'' One evening, Ryuko and Senketsu find themselves home alone. With a bit of innocent teasing, weird sexy times suddenly ensue. Thus begin the numerous battles of intimate proportions and many cute feel trips. Note: Taking place during the series.
* ''Pairing(s):'' Ryuko/Senketsu
* ''Comments:'' As of this writing, it currently has seven well-written chapters, and the characters are kept in-character. Despite Senketsu being a sailor uniform, the intimacy manages to work without going overboard, and true to his nature (despite being a bit dominant in his approach, but it's approached more as a challenge to Ryuko than anything), he is careful and respectful towards Ryuko, and even she treats him with respect ([[HotBlooded in her own]] [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold way, of course]]). And considering there are few Ryuko/Senketsu fics to begin with and most of them turn Senketsu into a human, it's refreshing to find one that keeps Senketsu the way he is.
* ''Tags:'' {{Lime}}

''[[ Moving On is the Hardest Part]]'' by ''[[ Crashlol]]''
* ''Recommended by:'' {{Tropers/Irukamus}}
* ''Status:'' Complete
* ''Synopsis:'' Post-finale: Ryuko and Satsuki explore their feelings for each other and learn to deal with the aftermath of their abuse by their mother. Contains spoilers.
* ''Pairing(s):'' Ryuko/Satsuki
* ''Comments:'' As of this writing, it currently has eight very well-written chapters, and the characters are kept in-character. Emotional damage both sisters suffered due to their mother's action is explored tastefully and in-depth. Their developing relationship is pleasure to read and warms one's heart.
* ''Tags:'' HurtComfortFic

''[[ Learning To Feel]]'' by ''[[ Midnight Ficcer]]''

* ''Recommended by:'' {{Tropers/Irukamus}}, {{Tropers/Mcnickel}}
* ''Status:'' Complete at 11 chapters
* ''Synopsis:'' Satsuki wonders if she'll ever be comfortable with intimacy after all she's been through. Meanwhile, a certain no-star is determined to show her that not all intimacy has to be bad. Rated M for sexuality in later chapters.
* ''Pairing(s):'' Ryuko/Mako, Mako/Satsuki, [[spoiler: Nonon/All 3 implied by epilogue]]
* ''Comments:'' As of this writing, it currently has eleven very well-written chapters, and the characters are kept in-character. Satsuki has serious trouble of any kind of physical contact. Mako and Ryuuko offer their help.
* ''Tags:'' HurtComfortFic

[[WMG:[[{{Crossover}} Crossover Fics]]]]
''Stories that cross over one or more franchises. May involve shipping.''

''FanFic/ToMyDeathIFight'' by [[ BahamutReishiki]]
* Recommended by Yuushafan, nitewind, {{Tropers/Lord_Herobrine}}
* Crossover with ''{{Manga/Bleach}}''
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: Ryuko Matoi rolls into Honnoji Academy searching for the woman who killed her father. However, when she gets there, she finds that another transfer student named Ichigo Kurosaki has already been making some waves. Satsuki Kiryuin, busy with her big plans, finds Kurosaki to be an unwanted wild-card, especially when it is revealed that he has a Kamui of his own, Mugetsu. As for Ichigo himself... All he wants is to have a normal high school life. [[DeadpanSnarker Good luck with that.]]
[=[[reviews:To My Death I Fight]]=]

''[[ Garfield vs Ragyo]]''
* Recommended by {{@/Psyga315}}
* Crossover with ''{{ComicStrip/Garfield}}''
* Status: One-Shot
* Synopsis: You know those Garfield stories where he is a badass and he goes to England to beat up the Royal family? This is similar to that (with Ragyo referring to herself as the Queen). The fanfic has a lot of problems, like CharacterShilling and CharacterDerailment ([[AbsenteeActor with Senketsu and Rei being absent from the fic]]), though these kinds of stories are simply {{Crack Fic}}s with loads of CrazyAwesome infused into them. If you've read ''FanFic/GarfieldRoyalRescue'' and liked it, chances are you'll like it too.
[=[[reviews:Garfield Vs Ragyo]]=]

''[[ Insanity Squared]]'' by ''[[ Flairina]]''
* Recommended by Fanficcer
* Crossover with Manga/RanmaOneHalf
* ''Status'': Complete (Sequel Forthcoming)
* Synopsis: Looking to recruit a new council member under the cover of a miniature school raid, Satsuki and the Elite Four head to Furinkan High. Things go about as well as could be expected.
* Comments: It's only two chapters in and yet I cannot stop laughing. Once Satsuki and her crew make it to Furinkan, HilarityEnsues in the most wonderful of ways. Has a wonderful action/humor vibe.
** Now complete, after a bit of a hiatus. The sequel will reportedly be slightly more serious, but still as jam packed with humor as the author can make it.

''[[ Devil's Advocate]]'' by [[ Nena Camadera]]
* Recommended by: {{@/alatnet}}
* Crossover with Manga/AhMyGoddess
* ''Status'': Dormant
* Synopsis: What was supposed to have been a simple trip to a hospital instead leads to hidden conspiracies, amnesic demons, vengeful gods, inter-dimensional loopholes with their bent rules, and discoveries that go beyond the truth of Life Fibers. Hang on to your hats, Kids. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

''[[ World In Us]]'' by [[ KingofZeroX]]
* Recommended by: Tropers/ShadowArisato
* Crossover with ''VideoGame/{{Persona 3}}''
* ''Status'': Dormant
* Synopsis: Thirty-two years after Persona 3, Minato wakes to find that the world is a very different place. His friends are older, conglomerates run the world, and he's the only hope the Kirijo Group has left. So with a peculiar yellow scarf, he's going to infiltrate Honnouji Academy, train his atrophied body, and fight to save the world one last time besides people who use clothes for power.
[=[[reviews:World In Us]]=]

''[[ Some Nights (Five of Them)]]'' by ([[ TheDeathEcchi]])
* Recommended by: necrolectric
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: There are good games, there are bad games, and then there are games you never let your friends play. This is the tale of one such game, and its impact on the Kill la Kill gang.
* Comments: Not exactly a crossover, but rather a look at how the main cast of Kill la Kill would react to playing (or being bothered by their friends who play) VideoGame/{{Five Nights At Freddys}}. At less than 2 thousand words, it's short, sweet, and hilarious.
* Pairing(s): Slight mention of Gamagoori/Mako
* Tags: Comedy (that borders on crack), oneshot, language.

''[[ Shinnen:New Year]]'' by ''[[ Ford1114]]'' and ''[[ Kanius]]''
* Recommended by tikum31
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Years have pass since he wielded the Guilty Crown. The young man, his wife, and their other friend meet new people to have a New Year Nightfest, alongside many sub-plots in a playground that is Manhattan. However, when an ancient conspiracy makes its reemergence, the heroes and villains put aside their differences to stop them, while the young man must reunite his Guilty World.
* Crossover with: Anime/GuiltyCrown, Fanfic/GuiltyCrownTheLostKingdoms, Fanfic/YuYuGiDigiMoon, FanFic/DigimonFusionKai, Fanfic/KaniusProductionAbridged, various anime and fictional works in popular culture
* ''Comments'': This is a mega crossover taking place after Guilty Crown. At times itís hard to follow with so many characters, but the plot and concepts are interesting enough for readers to keep going, and focuses on Shuís main perspective in getting involved to confront his past demons. Ryuko and Satsuki appear with guest roles in helping their allies to fight the main enemies.

[[WMG: Other]]

''Roleplay Blogs'' by Various
* Recommended by {{@/Mcnickel}}
* Status: Ongoing
* Masterlist found [[ here.]]
* "Synopsis": The Tumblr community has some of these for every fandom, and ''Anime/KillLaKill'' is no exception. These are fans roleplaying as specific characters from the show, in character, out of character, Alternate Universing, Alternate Timelining, Romancing, Angsting, you name it. Isshin Matoi, alive and well in Cuba? Ryuko Kiryuin, queen of Honnouji Academy? Junketsu, firstborn daughter of Ryuko Matoi? All that, and more.
* Not fanfiction in the strictest sense, but they deserve a mention.

''Cut, Paste, and Kill'' by various artists
* Recomended by {{Tropers/Kingofsouls}}
* Status: Complete
* Masterlist found [[ here]]
* "Synopsis": A Kill la kill music mashup collaboration featuring 47+ tracks done by 20+ collaborators.