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''[[ Outrage!]]'' by Rich Morris
* Recommended by skrcha, Tropers/DynamiteXI
* Fancomic crossover between ''Series/DoctorWho'' and ''JemAndTheHolograms''.
* Now has a trope list on the page for RichsComixBlog.
* ''Synopsis:'' Set after the last episode of ''Jem'', the Sixth Doctor takes his companion Mel to see a Holograms concert. While the Doctor and Mel investigate Jerrica Benton and her hologram technology, Eric Raymond and Techrat set their sights on the Doctor and his TARDIS...and Synergy's power source. [[spoiler:This fic is also an unofficial FullyAbsorbedFinale for ''Jem'']].
* ''Pairing(s):'' Some slight Stormer/Kimber (but it's not the focus)
* ''Comments:'' I haven't actually read the entire comic, but it looks interesting, well-written, and the art is quite good. I placed the link here to get it off the main page.
** Tropers/DynamiteXI: It's written by the same guy who wrote ''Webcomic/The10Doctors'', so you ''know'' it has to be good. It helps to know a bit about ''Jem'' and its characters before reading, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable--''Jem'' fans will enjoy seeing these characters off, and Whovians will enjoy the good writing that Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford deserved during their tenures.

''[[ How Stormer Got Her Groove Back]]'' by LJC
* Recommended by Mandichaos
* ''Synopsis:'' When Kimber finds out Eric is using a clause in Stormer's contract to allow other bands to record her music without her knowledge, she and Stormer hatch a plan to get Riot to amend Stormer's contract.
* ''Pairing(s):'' Stormer/Riot in the end, but it's not the primary focus
* ''Comments:'' I always adored Stormer on the original show, especially her friendship with Kimber, so the initial plan they hatched to outwit Eric is a delight. But the real surprise of this fic was their unlikely ally. I don't have fond memories of Riot from the original show, but his characterization here changed my mind and got me curious to review Season 3 again. His flirtation with Stormer - and his refusal to sugar-coat things while still pushing her to fight for herself - is fascinating and made me buy into a potential pairing that I would never have come up with on my own. The ending is great fun to read and this is a fic I find myself coming back to every so often to reread. There's an unfinished sequel, ''Painted Blind'' which is equally good so far, although more focused on Stormer and Riot's relationship.

''[[ Starlight is for always]]'' by Kidscomixs
* recommended by sayla0079
* ''Synopsis:'' Sixteen years have passed since The Holograms have disbanded. Rebellious sixteen year old Pilar Jacqui Pacheco lives with her mother Jerrica in New York City. Sent to live with her father Rio in L.A., Pilar attends a performing arts school where her peers do not accept her. That all changes when she enters a music contest in disguise as pop singer Jax and fronts her own band Starlight.
* 'Ccomments:'' A great fic that introduces new characters as well as featuring most of the original characters from the series for good or bad.

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