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[[WMG:[[GenFic General Fics]]]]
''Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.''

''[[ The No Life King's Daughter]]'' by ''[[ GirlWhoLovesFanfiction]]''
* Recommended by Qrow
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Synopsis'': A new set of troubles arises for the Hellsing organization when Alucard mysteriously disappears and Integra is placed in a coma. When it comes down to Alucard to return to his master, he has to do it alone... or so he thought. A new group arises to cause chaos to London, and once again it is up to our protagonists to defend their home, their friends... and their family.

''[[ Breaking the Beast]]'' by [[ Woof]]
* Recommended by Gemmifer
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Synopsis'': For every tale a beginning. Ten years after a fateful cold November evening in Transylvania, Abraham Van Helsing copes with the dangerous prisoner in his basement...

''[[ The Price of Playing Ilona]] by [[ Hellsingfan101]]
* Recommended by: Tropers/GenmanoOu
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': After being sent back in time by a Wiccan-vampire, Integra must find a way back but gets taken in by a certain Romanian Prince. After she gets to know him, will she want to go back or stay in the past?

''[[ Hellsing: Section Eight]]'' by [[ Nightsmoke]]
* Recommended by [=TheDopplerEffect=]
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': It didn't take Islands long to realize that Arthur had gone insane. Pre-Dawn and Dawn era.

''[[ Walpurgisnacht Eternal]]'' by [[ [=PenNameSmith=]]]
* Recommended by [=TheDopplerEffect=]
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': A tale of Hellsing's missing 30 years, as our heroes are beset by Undead Monsters, Mysterious Conspirators, and, um... Gonzo Journalism? And just what does "der schlanke Mann" have to do with all of this?

''[[ I, Alucard]]'' by [[ Degan]]
* Recommended by Muzozavr
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Synopsis'': Reflections from Alucard's POV during various times in his life. Scenes from both the TV series and manga plus some additional ones from the viewpoint of Alucard. It is a great in-depth look at most of the Hellsing characters.
* ''Tags'': The fic is not finished and hasn't had an update for years.

''[[ Hellsing Ultimate: The Millennium Campaign]]'' by [[ OKH Halder]]
* Recommended by Sweece
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Synopsis'': A description of the events before and during the Hellsing series exclusively from the perspective of members of the Millenium Organization.

''[[ Awaken, Cold and Lonely]]'' by [[ maroongrad]]
* Recommended by Merytsetesh
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': In Dracula, his head was cut off and his heart stabbed. In Hellsing, Alucard is back, and more than a bit insane. This is my link-up between the stories; how Abraham and Alucard were joined.
* ''Comments'': Part 1 of a series, all highly recommended. Anything by this author is good. Great characterization, the evolution of Dracula to Alucard is perfect.

''[[ Oblivion]] by [[ Fireheart1001]]
* Recommended by undead2814
* ''Status'': Ongoing
* ''Synopsis'': A, as of this posting, still-ongoing fan comic on Website/DeviantArt that asks the question "What if the characters created for the first anime formed their OWN organization?"
* ''Comments'': Be warned, this series runs on RuleOfFunny and RuleOfCool. But when it runs, it charges. Downright hilarious in parts with fight scenes that invoke the CoolVersusAwesome spirit of Canon!Hellsing. Exposition and some fights can go on a bit long sometimes but that's a minor price to pay for the yuks and yays the rest will give you.

''Webcomic/HellsingExcidium by [[ RobertFiddler]]
* Recomended by Dreamerghost
* ''Status'': Ongoing
* ''Synopsis'': Ongoing comic on Website/DeviantArt. Alucard had to "spit out" Shrodinger to revive, Shrodinger joins Hellsing, HilarityEnsues. New supernatural threats apear, and trio rise to meet them.


[[WMG:[[{{Shipping}} Shipping Fics]]]]
''Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.''

''[[ A Drop of Blood for Your Thoughts]]'' by The-Other-Ghostwriter
* Recommended by Edokage
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairing(s)'': The Major/Seras
* ''Synopsis'': Alternate Storyline: The battle is over and the Major is dead. Seras, in an act of foreclosure for everything, drinks of his blood. But if blood is the currency of the soul, then Seras just recieved a huge, burdensome deposit.. (official synopsis).

''[[ Civilities]]'' by Della-Avril
* Recommended by trigg3red
* ''Status'': Dead; last updated November 2016
* ''Pairing(s)'': Alucard/Seras
* ''Synopsis'': Alternate Universe: Seras Victoria is the unmarried eldest daughter of a social-climbing London family. By what seems a stroke of good luck, Seras attracts the attention of a foreign nobleman. Seras and her family soon find themselves to be the pawns of both sides of a war between the undead and humanity's defenders.

[[WMG:[[{{Crossover}} Crossover fanfic]]]]

''[[ Silver Bullets]]'' by Ellen Stolfa
* Recommended by fas.
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairing(s''): Goliath/Elisa, Alucard/Integra.
* ''Synopsis'': WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}/Hellsing crossover. Vampires turn up in Manhattan and prove to be more than even the gargoyles can handle. Reinforcements arrive -- and the Wyvern clan and their allies find themselves wondering which is worse, the disease or the cure. It also has its own ''[[ Webcomic adaptation]]'' that is woefully unfinished (fortunately, the fic was complete).
* ''Tags'': Profanity, sex, violence

''[[ The Variant and The Vampire]]'' by Largo
* Recommended by Tikigod784
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Synopsis'': Hellsing[=/=]WebAnimation/{{Xombie}} Crossover. Revised. In a zombie infested world, Seras finds a young girl washed up on the beach and soon meets a very strnge creature in her attempt to return her home.

''[[ Death's Visage]]'' by Black-Raven3
* Recommended by Navllyk, feral
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Synopsis'': Crossover with ''Franchise/HarryPotter''. After Harry's 5th birthday, his true powers are unleashed, powers so dark that Dumbledore felt the need to bind them. Fleeing the Dursleys just before his 11th birthday, he seeks refuge with his family's ancestral allies, the Hellsings. [[DarkFic DARK]].

[[ Blood Moon]] by [[ Quetzalcoatls]]
* Recommended by Gemini24
* Crossover with {{Manga/Bleach}}
* Status: Dormant
* Synopsis: when she is force to flee hellsing by Integra, Seras supposed she should have taken into account that her cousins family was beyond weird as it was before adding a vampire to the mix.
* Warning: Violence.